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  1. Leaving Brilliance today. Abe Hughes is leaving, replaced by Mike. Last name way too difficult... Cindy
  2. For me, changing my gender didn’t work. But changing my birthday did the trick. Thanks for the tip Cindy
  3. Wow, I am pre-gold again. Logged out and in again, but that didn’t help. All past cruise show up.... This is really getting old and boring.... Cindy
  4. If that were their solution, I think TPTB would all have to go into hiding [emoji33][emoji6] Cindy
  5. Thanks for the answer, but I did that weeks ago when my login wasn’t working anymore. They really need to get their act together. Luckily I made screenshots of my cruise history... Cindy
  6. I just got an email asking me to enroll in the C&A society to receive benefits on my next cruise. It shows my correct points and status. I am confused. IT at work or should I enroll again? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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