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  1. I've just seen an interesting glitch in the thread listing on a forum. One of my Activity Streams notified new posts in two threads on the Asia forum. The thread can be read, showing that the Activity Stream's notification of the newest post is accurate (I have done this through another browser so as not to reset the read/unread flag on my main browser). But the thread is not listed in the Asia forum itself, under the time of any of the three posts (the most recent two being three hours ago and about 20-ish minutes ago). I have looked at the Asia forum using the other (not logged-in) browser, with the same result (other than the absence of unread flags due to not being logged in). I don't have any particular interest in the thread itself, but clearly there has been some software glitch which needs investigating. We don't need any more magical disappearing threads like the vanished roll call threads that have caused grief. Activity Stream:- Thread:- Asia forum using main (logged-in) browser:- Asia forum using another (not logged-in) browser:-
  2. If the departure time is good for you, then personally I would do this connection and not worry about it. If you misconnect, there's another KLM flight AMS-BCN at 1645-1855, so only 2½ hours later. Depending on the day of the week, you might even get onto a later Transavia flight if things were to go very wrong. I should say that the departure time would be a good one for me because it would maximise the chances of sleep on the flight - get some dinner before you board, and ignore all of the on-board service and simply aim to sleep for as much as you can of the ~7 hours from takeoff to landing. There's no advantage to picking a route that connects in the US simply because it puts you back in the US. You're still half a thousand miles from home, which is too far to walk, and misconnecting at JFK is no better than misconnecting at CDG - indeed, arguably it could be worse given the dreadful standard of hotel accommodation around JFK. In addition, connecting international-to-domestic in the US is almost always more hassle than connecting at a European hub because of the amount of time that you have to allow at the US connecting point for the highly variable process of clearing immigration, collecting your bag, clearing customs, and then dropping or re-checking your bags for the second flight. If you're prepared to give the shorter JFK connection (1:50) a go, then you have the backup of the later flight with the 3:54 connection. That would be a strong argument in favour of JFK - there's no backup flight if you connect at CDG. But if you are stuck overnight at CDG, you can get the non-stop CDG-DTW at 1015-1308 the next day. You'd simply clear at DTW and be on your way. And you'd have the consolation of an afternoon and evening in Paris, at the airline's expense.
  3. Globaliser

    Celebrity Air Lax-Ams

    Indeed. I frequently make use of fares from Amsterdam to Johannesburg. This is almost exactly the same distance as London to Johannesburg, but the Amsterdam-Johannesburg fares I pay are about one-third of the London-Johannesburg fares that I would pay if I were prepared to buy them, which I am not. This is why Seattle-Rome fares bear as much relationship to Los Angeles-Amsterdam fares as apples do to oranges; yes, they are both fruits, but that's about it.
  4. Globaliser


    And if you need more help, if you can post some more specific information then we can help a bit more than suggesting that you use the search function for anything which Aulanis' suggestion doesn't immediately bring up.
  5. Globaliser

    Link to website ????

    This doesn't sound like it's anything to do with the problem reported by the OP, which concerns URLs contained within posts on the forum. Your problem is what happens when you receive an email from CC and you click on the link to go to the post. In some cases, you are clicking a link that takes you either to a roll call thread or a similar thread that requires you to be logged in even to read it. But the login system may not log you in immediately. You may have lost the automatic login cookie for some reason, or you may have chosen not to log in automatically when you come to CC. If you do have an automatic login cookie, it may still require a second page call before you are logged in - hence the first page that you call returns the result you should get if you are not logged in. Sometimes the first CC page will automatically refresh after a second or two, in which you but that process doesn't always work with some browsers or the way that some people have their browsers set up. Nevertheless, a manual second page call (like coming to the Help forum) will then do the same job, hence you find that you are logged in on the second page call. And then you will be logged in when navigating to any other forum pages.
  6. Globaliser

    United 777ER Configuration Change

    Isn't the key question whether it's likely that United will start selling premium economy on this route on the OP's travel dates? If it will, then I agree that the OP may get unceremoniously reallocated into economy - subject to the wrinkle below. However, United is not yet selling premium economy. Instead, it seems that aircraft with premium economy seats are having those seats allocated to those who have paid for, or otherwise qualify for, Economy Plus. If that remains the situation for the OP's travel dates, then I would have thought that they would be well advised to keep the seats that they have (assuming that they are currently in one of rows 19-21). This is because they must already have paid for, or otherwise qualify for, Economy Plus as it looks like the old configuration has Economy Plus in rows 19-27 (and some of 28 and 29). The wrinkle about being reallocated into economy is that if the OP has already paid for, or otherwise qualifies for, Economy Plus, then I would have thought it likely that they would be reallocated into other Economy Plus seats rather than plain economy. FWIW, are the current seat maps for the Economy Plus section:-
  7. Globaliser

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    I've actually set up an Activity Stream which will only pick up this thread (because it's the only thread I'm following in the Floataway Lounge). So far, if I ask it to show every post, it seems to show every post - I have checked back through the last couple of dozen. So when you are back we may need to see whether your other Activity Stream settings need tweaking.
  8. I've done some research on this and found there are strong opinions on both sides. That's all the more reason to have the feature optional as it was before. ... I agree that having the option would be good, and other IBB software I use usually does have such an option. But every IBB software I've used has a default that the earliest post is first and the latest post is last. So the current set-up simply reflects what every other IBB software I've seen does out of the box.
  9. Globaliser

    United 777ER Configuration Change

    I am not a United expert, and I don't know any of the detail of what is going on. But I believe that United is introducing premium economy, and a quick search suggests that this is configured 2-4-2 on a 777. I have looked at the seat map for your flight, which matches what you have described seeing. The elimination of row 22, and the change from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 in rows 19-21, strongly suggest to me that these three rows are planned to be premium economy seats (albeit sold as economy). You don't say where you are sitting, but if you are in one of these three rows, my advice would consequently be to stay put. You should try to confirm from other sources (the relevant part of FlyerTalk would probably be a reasonably authoritative place) that what you are seeing matches my guess as to what's happening. There will be no gap between A and C, or between J and L. The lettering is used by United to denote what kind of seat it is: A is a window, and C is a window-side aisle. In a 3-4-3, there is a B middle seat between them, but because there is no middle seat in a 2-4-2 configuration, United designates the window and the adjacent aisle seats as A and C.
  10. Globaliser


    If the member is logged in to .co.uk, then any links that they post will probably cite the .co.uk format. However, subject to any log-in requirement, you will always be able to read the thread using a .com URL. No, if you are logged in to .com and you open a thread using a .co.uk or .com.au URL, then:- You will not be logged in when you read the thread. If the thread is one which requires you to be logged in to read (eg roll call threads), then the thread will return an error message which basically says "You're not logged in, but you need to be logged in to read this". There has been no recent change; this was like this even before the software change.
  11. Globaliser

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    Thanks. I've added it to one of my Activity Streams so I will see how it behaves with me. Rather more importantly, enjoy your cruise and forget about the techie issues on CC for the duration!
  12. Globaliser

    Removing a post under Events

    Do you mean a listing under "Events" on the roll call landing page - https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/marina-december-14-2018/ - or do you mean a post within the roll call thread itself - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2469980-marina-december-14-2018-south-america-celebrations/?
  13. Globaliser

    Link to website ????

    If you can point to the posts that contain links that don't work for you, then maybe we could see whether the problem is with that specific post, or whether it might lie elsewhere?
  14. Globaliser


    So what is the issue at the moment? Both of the links in your most recent post open the correct posts for me, although the .co.uk URL obviously gives me a page to which I am not logged in because I am logged in to .com.
  15. Globaliser

    Bugs & glitches all fixed?

    Thanks for the update, CC Help Jenn.