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  1. I have a terrific TA. Very efficient and easy to communicate with. Far easier than holding on line for Saga to pick up!
  2. Hi, There's a lovely coffee shop on deck 9 where you can get decent hot chocolate, lattes etc which are charged to your card. They also have cakes and pastries for sale. Linda
  3. If anyone has Magellan related questions or itinerary ones (Amazon, West Indies and the Azores) am happy to answer them here or on social media.
  4. According to the FB page of the cruise port at Rotterdam our 1700 departure has been delayed until 1900. There's been no PSA and when I enquired of reception at 1650 they insisted we were leaving at 1700. It's now 1715 and our engines are still. Great that FB knows something before the rest of us!! Lol.
  5. I've found out it's the winch area for the aft ropes. Going to be a noisy ride I guess. My room above the 'LA' in 'Magellan'.
  6. I have been allocated a room below the blank space. Just wondering.
  7. Hat, gloves etc. Will be very cold and wet. Lined boots, thermal socks.
  8. Noro is brought on board. It spreads rapidly. If you're sick don't travel.
  9. Am hoping, as with car parking, they'll have special rates 🤞
  10. Had a nightmare finding a luggage courier service to a cruise ship so have decided to drive down and park at the pier. Spending the night before at Stifford Hall. Linda
  11. Hi, If you've embarked / disembarked Tilbury please can you share your parking info, one night pre cruise accommodation, and if you've any experience of using a home to ship luggage transfer facility. Coming from the North East for a 42 night cruise and failed the course on packing light! Cheers. Linda
  12. Are you taking your luggage with you or using a luggage service? Am not able to use the train and take a large case as well. I don't travel light at the best of times but this is the longest cruise I have undertaken....... My TA has sent me an excursion brochure of their own but that only contains ports of call where I'll be doing my own thing..... Rotterdam, Funchal, Barbados, St Lucia and St Johns.
  13. Another recommendation for Alla Tours here. Handled visas and all communications really efficiently. I was there for 3 days and they got us to Moscow and back on day 2. Fantastic experience.
  14. There's also a small roll call in the 'Other Cruise Lines' bit. Can't link to it from my phone .
  15. Hi, Am also on this cruise....... @Wombat wills how are you getting to Tilbury? I'm in Teesside...... Linda
  16. Hi! Gosh I really should finish writing this up!! So much has happened!! Tender tickets were given outside the Some Enchanted Evening Lounge. First come first served. Enjoy.
  17. Am booked on this. Friends have done this itinerary and their experience prompted me to book. Have sailed on Magellan before and enjoyed that experience too.
  18. Soooo want to sign up for this. Will have to see. Would only afford solo inside and that's beyond my reach right now 😭
  19. I do hope you get to go ashore at Stanley. Was such a special day there. Bought good quality logo sweatshirts in the souvenir shop on the pier. Wish I'd bought more!
  20. @newport dave Hi. Gosh this thread still getting read! I've had a look through my notes but can't find any reference to currency exchanging. I tend to take US dollars in cash and a US dollar currency card with me when travelling. M&S appear to have Argentine Pesos available. Linda
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