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  1. Hi, my sister and I are booked on the 11/28 Meraviglia sailing out of Miami, in the YC, and we are keeping our fingers crossed. If sailings begin, we are getting on that ship. :) I just noticed today that excursions are now available. Exactly 4 in each port...perhaps these are the limited excursion bubbles MSC is creating?!? It gives me hope.
  2. Hi, we received a cruise fare refund in late April via our travel insurance due to a family medical situation in late Feb (unrelated to COVID). Our cruise was to depart on 3/1. Now we're seeking a refund from MSC directly on the prepaid items and it's been a very painful process.
  3. Hi, for those of you still looking for a 'pre-paid' items refund, here's our experience so far. It's a lot of detail to get to the latest status, just beware. We cancelled our 3/1 Meraviglia cruise due to a medical issue with a family member on 2/28. It was completely unrelated to Coronavirus and prior to MSC halting cruises. We had purchased cruise insurance and was able to obtain a 'cruise fare' refund in late April. I have been calling and emailing MSC directly since the 1st week of March to obtain a refund (or a status on) on our prepaid items (OBC, excursions, gratuities, internet, and show costs), which was around 2K. We are also trying to get back the port fees/taxes. I called on 3/8, then again on 3/9, and then emailed mscexistingreservations@msccruisesusa.com on 3/10 to request statuses. On the first call (3/8), I apparently called 'Reservations', but needed to speak with 'Customer Service' which is only available M-F, thus the 3/9 call. They asked to me to sum up everything in an email, which I did on 3/10. I didn't receive any response to that email until I did a follow-up to the original email on 3/29. On 3/29 I received a relatively generic response back saying it would take 60 days for refunds to be processed. I also noticed they put a 13 digit SR # (service request, I guess) in the subject line of my email. I sent another email follow-up on 5/5 to ask the refund status. Calling MSC to get a status had not yielded any success, but much frustration, so I was trying the email route, but enough was enough so I called today, 5/13, to see what was up. I hadn't received any response to my 5/5 email, BUT apparently someone looked at it and submitted my pre-paid refund request to 'Finance' on 5/8. The representative I spoke with today said they would pay the port fees/taxes first and then the rest of the refund would be paid out in 60 days from 5/8 (truly 130 days from cancellation, though). She acknowledged that my initial refund request was just dropped. Had I not emailed/called again, the refund would never have made it into the right hands, which I guess is finance. So...my lesson learned, just because you have a SR #, or were told 60 days, that doesn't mean anything apparently. I am an American for those that are interested how I booked. Hopefully everyone has better luck than we did so far. I am trying to be patient because these are unprecedented times. It would help if I felt confident that MSC was doing what they actually said they were going to do, i.e. 60 day refunds, as opposed to requests just going into a black hole. On the plus side, I was able to connect right away to a representative today so that was nice. I haven't let this experience deter me as we have another MSC cruise booked for Nov, which we are eagerly awaiting.
  4. Hi, we are from the U.S. so I had called prior to the cruise and pre-paid the gratuities, internet, etc. The gratuities were not part of the original fare. It seems odd to me that we're having an issue getting our pre-paid items refunded.
  5. Hi, unfortunately due to an emergency medical event with our son last week we were unable to board the Meraviglia on Sunday, 3/1. Fortunately, he is doing better now and we had purchased travel insurance. I submitted the trip cancellation claim through the insurance last week and hopefully that will be processed successfully. I called MSC today to check on the status of our 'prepaids' refund, such as onboard credit (that we bought ourselves), gratuities, internet, tours in each port, and was told that insurance is responsible for that. I don't think that is true and wanted to check in this forum if others had experience with getting refunds for their prepaid items directly from MSC. Ultimately, at the end of today's call, I was told I would have to call back tomorrow and talk to 'Customer Service' to see whether a refund is possible. What has been your experience and do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much.
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