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  1. We did that on my very first cruise in 1974 on a now defunct cruise line.. First excursion I ever took. I got sick on the ferry; only time I ever got sick in 45+ years of cruising on 100+ cruises. Sadly, my cruising days are over but lots of great memories.
  2. For non-refundable air fare, what happens with RCCL insurance? Will costs of change be covered by insurance? If cancelled, will entire fee be covered by insurance? Thanks
  3. I have a question for travelers who have this situation. This April cruise will be my first time flying and cruising since I became wheelchair bound. I cannot stand. This is a delicate question. I know airlines have an aisle chair to get you to the restroom but how do you get to the toilet once you are at the restroom door? There's not room for my caregiver to assist me. I really appreciate any guidance you can provide. Judy
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. I finally got it to work on my IPAD. BUT, Vision of the Seas is not listed. I will have to check with cruiseline. I can order from room service or any bar once I get on the ship. Price through Royal Gifts is $28.00 for 12 pack. It will work out; just one more thing to take care of before embarkation. Judy
  5. I am booked on the Vision of the Seas sailing April 4, 2020. I am trying to purchase diet coke for my cabin through Royal Gifts on the website. Does anyone know if the functionality is only available closer to sailing or should I be able to do it now? Thanks Judy
  6. Am considering ziplining in this port on our April 2020 cruise on the Vision of the Seas Looking at Pelican Peak through Royal Caribbean and Flying Dutchman Rainforest. Have anyone done either or both of these excursions? Comments please. Regarding transportation --how did you get to/from the zipline? If taxi, were they readily available and reasonably priced? Pelican Peak info says tour is one and one half hours long--is this enough time to do tour? Thanks in advance
  7. Friend has booked cruise with Air2Sea; final payment was January 5. If she decides not to go on the cruise and changes passenger name so that someone else can go, will the name change also apply to air. I know there are usually no name changes on any airline ticket. If one else goes, she will lose 25% of the cruise fare (has refundable deposit). Is any part of the air fare refundable? Thanks in advance.
  8. Is anyone else having problem accessing online checkin for April 4, 2020 on Vision of the Seas? I can get to it on the app but not on Windows 10 desktop. Thanks
  9. Does Royal Caribbean have a special location for muster drill for handicapped passengers? This would be inside versus an outside deck. I may have to ask once I get onboard. Thanks Judy
  10. I am in Vision junior suite 8542 which is handicapped accessible. According to app,. muster station is 9. Does anyone know where that is located? Thanks Judy
  11. Does anyone know if Vision of the Seas has automatic doors on accessible junior suite? Thanks Judy
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