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  1. $25.99 per day for 4 device surf only on April 4, 2020 Vision. Was $41.57 at first; then $36.00; now $25.99
  2. Don't leave your child alone in a cabin or where you can't see him. Too many things can happen on a cruise ship: many people who work on the ship have pass keys and do frequently access the cabin; fire or other emergency; child may figure out how to open door and leave the room, other passengers, etc. Also, I you have a balcony, do not allow the child to be on the balcony by himself. Remember a ship is a small contained city, anything that can happen on land can happen on a ship. Exercise due caution as you would at home. Judy
  3. Vision of the Seas April 2020 Royal Caribbean has current sales on dining packages, internet,.etc. If I put items in the cart at the sale price, will that price be protected so that I can buy the items later at the sale price? Thanks Judy
  4. Cruise planner shows that the St Thomas accessible tour has to be booked onboard not online for the April 4, 2020 Vision of the Seas. Don't know if this is true for your cruise.
  5. I have been cruising for over 40 years with 100+ cruises. This is my first time in a wheelchair. I have an accessible balcony cabin. Will I be able to get out on the balcony in my chair? Anything else I should know about cruising on this ship? Thanks Judy
  6. I am booked in an accessible cabin on this ship. Two questions please: 1. What is charge for Chops for lunch and dinner? 2. I have a balcony. Will I be able to get my wheelchair out there. (I will post this on disabled board also) Thanks Judy
  7. Glad to know that about her itinerary; always wondered where she was when not in Aruba. Sure had good times on her as Boheme in 1979 and 1980.
  8. Ship is the Freewinds owned by Church of Scientology. She is the former Boheme. Normally, she is docked in Aruba. She's the tiny old ship next to the newer ships.
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