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  1. Tipping in advance is no different than a sign on bonus...
  2. Do try for a ( sideways type ) inside cabin.
  3. In St. George you can get a stamp @ the custom building by the pilot boat.
  4. Do not wear CAMO any time! Camo is for military Only in Bermuda. .
  5. 18+ only is a big selling point to me. No kids seals the deal for us. .
  6. I’m like you! Most of our 28 cruises, have been inside GTY’s. Not much to see @ sea after dark anyways. .
  7. I would book 27 days on NCL Gem for D.W.and I. The Gem 14 day cruise Oct.25 = IX $1374.66 AND The 13 Day Gem Cruise Nov. 8th = IX $1613.58 + Prepay Tips. .
  8. Dawn has consistently had sewage problems. And what irks me, is after numerous makeovers there are still dirty pop out ashtrays in the deck 4 corridors. I do believe smoking in the halls stopped a decade ago.
  9. I like deck 4 ! Smoothest ride on the ship. Deck 8 on Gem zig zags and has more foot traffic. .
  10. Looks like no Halifax today. .
  11. Your wright! Gem is safe in Portland.
  12. Gem is underway. 20’ + following seas offshore should make for a memorable ride.😐
  13. Captain Martin and G.M. Alain are serving on Dawn me thinks.😉
  14. I bought a Cruise on Thursday night when I noticed a large price drop and sailed the next day. .
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