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  1. They have it in the computer so it's easy to know.
  2. Here is a link to my MSC Meraviglia review: https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=586592 I can mentioned a few things I liked better with the Yacht Club compared to the Haven: 1. MSC has a tent outside the terminal where the documents are checked and the luggage is collected. 2. In their waitingarea they serve Prosecco while waiting to board. 3. Everyone in the Yacht Club has drinks included so no need to show the card in the Yacht Club lounge or restaurant. 4. Roomservice drinks are included in the yacht Club. 5. The minibar is included in the Yacht Club. 6. Spa access is included in the Yacht Club. 7. New menu everyday in the Yacht Club restaurant. 8. No lines to get back on the ship after a portday. Staff with Yacht Club signs wait outside the ship and with them you can pass all lines. Sometimes there is a Yacht Club entrance to get back on the ship. I'm sure there are more things which I forgot now!
  3. I will be back with that the next time I use my computer. I compared them in my review after my first MSC cruise. I don't know how to link to that, or copy from it, from my tablet.
  4. MSCs Yacht Club is better than NCLs Haven, I think. The Haven needs to cost less than the Yacht Club for a similar cruise for me to think it's worth it. Normally the Haven still cost much more than the Yacht Club. If I ever shall cruise on NCL again it will be in the Haven. For me it's Haven or no cruise. If I think that the Haven cost too much for a cruise I'm interested in I'm out.
  5. As you know, there are many more countries in Europe than that so it depends on where you are.
  6. But that is in the US. Most cruiseships can't be considered to be the US.
  7. I agree with you. But I have no idea what the "tipping protocol" is for tipping butlers and concierges because I never use one when I'm not on a cruise.
  8. I agree with you. But I have no idea what the "tipping protocol" is for tipping butlers and concierges because I never use one when I'm not on a cruise.
  9. A few years ago the Haven cards were platinum. Purple seems like a big step down!
  10. I really like what you wrote. Thanks! I feel blessed too and will tip more than I usually do on our next cruise. Me and my wife have rather "safe" job so we have not been worried at all and we have been able to save more than we normally do since the pandemi started. The stock market has also been very good since March last year so my investments are worth much more now than when the pandemi started. As I said, I'm bleesed and will tip more because I can do it.
  11. For me the sail away time is much more important than the all aboard time. The all aboard time is irrelevant for me because we are always back on the ship long before that time. Sail away time is important because then we want to be on deck with a drink or at a table by the window in a restaurant if it's a late departure.
  12. Do we know for sure that the butlers and concierge don't have a salary based on them not getting tips? I don't know. If they need the tips to get a decent salary they should be included in the DSC, I think.
  13. As a Champagnedrinker I agree with you that the "free" sparkling wine isn't memorable but I do think that it's drinkable and nice to drink on the balcony.
  14. Interesting that in the menu from a cruise in the Mediterranean ( post #2 ) a Champagne is listed. The rules are stricter in Europe and that may be the reason for that. In the US it seems like they can get away with calling anything with bubbles Champagne but they can't do that in Europe.
  15. For me the changes in the minibar is more good than bad. I really don't need the snacks because the snacks they have ( or had?) in the lounge is much better, I think. Minibottles of liquor is not interesting for me if I can get drinks from the bar instead. If they really mean that we can get a bottle of Champagne instead that's much better. The only thing we take from the mini bar is beers and no change there as I understand it.
  16. Interesting that they call Asti Martini Champagne. That is a new thing, right?
  17. If I understand you correct this is the strangest question I have ever seen on cruise critic! Are you asking if you shall change to a better cabin and also save $1,750? If yes, do you really need to ask what to do?
  18. They have asked for our card a few times in the MDR but I don't know why. Absolutely no problem to eat dinner twice if someone wants too. We have never eaten dinner twice the same night but we often eat breakfast twice when on NCL. First a small breakfast in the cabin and later breakfast in the Haven restaurant. On MSC they start serving roomservice breakfast later so then we only eat in the YC restaurant!
  19. I guess that if nurses are tipped policemen, firefighters and teachers can be tipped too. Maybe I shall have a tip jar in the cloakroom when the parents are allowed to enter the building again! I know that they appreciate the job I do with their children so maybe they are willing to tip me!
  20. I'm not really sure about it but I assume that it's not allowed to accept gifts from patients here. I know that nurses working in home care are not allowed to accept gifts.
  21. As for tipping in restaurants and bars. That is 100% based on service here. If the service isn't excellent I see no reason to tip anything. They are paid to do their job so no reason to give them anything more unless the service is very good.
  22. Interesting that you first say that tips are very common in Europe and at the end you say that there are huge differences between countries! It may be common in some countries and rare in other. I have never, ever heared about tipping the hairdresser or nurses at hospital! In which country is that?
  23. Do you tip the taxi driver? I did the last time in Barcelona and he was very surprised so obviously he wasn't used to it.
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