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  1. No dice. That's a survey -- I assume they get back to you when they have time. No direct cancellation interface on the website as far as I can tell. Also, if you booked through an agent and you are calling to cancel using the Cruise with Confidence program, you have to call your agent. Not sure what to do if you're agent is closed and you're close to the 48 hour deadline.l
  2. I am a big fan of the Scrubba bag. Available on Amazon and directly from the website. Designed by a couple of Australians as a nifty way to do laundry while on travel. It is a waterproof bag that allows you to do laundry and get your stuff pretty clean in about 3 minutes. Does a full day worth of clothing at a time. Afterwards, hang to dry. Give it a shot.
  3. When I sailed Mariner, those activities opened up 90 days out.
  4. Had exactly the same issue. It does not mean anything. You're good to go.
  5. Loved the suite for the elbow room and the perks. The Suite Lounge and embark / show / debark "hop to the front of the line" stuff was really, really nice. I would suggest a suite if it does not cut back on your shore plans. Cutting the "annoyance / inconvenience" factor on a vacation is something I don't mind paying for.
  6. We got a cabana in Thrill Water Park. Great with our two teenagers. Had a great time. Nassau is... well.... Nassau. We largely stayed on the ship.
  7. I had a similar experience recently on RCI where I forgot to put in my DWs full, hyphenated name. We were taken to a port rep with a computer who, after about 90 seconds, fixed the issue and we were on my way. However, I'll avoid doing that in the future and put her name in as it appears on her passport.
  8. B I G push to purchase speciality dining on board. Especially the first night.
  9. On Mariner in early July. Can make reservations on board. We made laser tag and SkyPad reservations on day 1. SkyPad is open and jumping.
  10. All activities were open when we were in Nassau on the Mariner. We loved the low crowds and ship board activities.
  11. A few weeks ago, on the advice of the suite concierge, we went to the excursions desk and chose our cabana. They handed us a letter with our cabana number and that was that. However, he emphasized we had to do it on day 1. If we waited, they would assign it randomly. (Coco Cay was on day 3)
  12. You have to scan your card to get in. The age is on the card.
  13. I know several folks who doctor aboard cruise ships. Many of them are semi-retired from practice and move from ship to ship so they can see the world. I think it unlikely that the doctor will be on the ship.
  14. Coco Cay Thrill Water Park Cabana: For SIX people. Other cabanas outside Thrill Water Park at Coco Cay have up to 8 people. INCLUDES admission ticket for six to Thrill Water Park No need to bring beach towels from the ship -- they are provided for you at your cabana Cabana attendant can bring drinks, food, etc from a set menu. There is a locker at each cabana -- a lockable compartment in each table at the cabana can hold a medium sized backpack without difficulty.
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