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  1. carosou

    A 10:45 Flight Out Of Barcelona

    Last May we had an 11:45 flight out of Barcelona. We left the ship at 8:00 am and made the flight with plenty of time to spare. I think you can make a 10:45 if you leave earlier than 8:00 am. It is a short cab ride to the airport.
  2. carosou

    Help! Pre-Cruise: What do I need to have?

    I've rarely needed anything from the "blue book" except the luggage tags. I've begun to tear out only the pages about cabin # and flights, etc. The rest is just fluff and not necessary once on board.
  3. carosou

    R- Ship Seasickness

    I love the r-ships and take meclizine religiously when on any ship. It works for me with very few side effects. I agree with others that mid-ship around deck 4 is the best place to be in rough seas. Also get some ginger candy. It helps if you feel queasy.
  4. carosou

    Scuba diving in FP.

    My husband used Top Dive several years ago when we visited several of the islands. The package was well worth it. He absolutely loved the service and the diving.
  5. carosou

    black friday

    I took advantage of the sale, also, with the same result as the OP. Luckily got it at the last minute as it is expiring today.
  6. carosou

    Motion Sickness Meds - What do you Recommend

    I take 25 mg of meclizine (prescription Bonine, I think) prescribed by my doctor every morning while on a cruise. I also have ginger candy if the sea is really rough. I have a little drowsiness and some dry mouth, but that is preferable to being seasick.
  7. carosou

    Global vs. Mobile Entry

    No, not for one trip. We currently have deposits on five trips that we can use the GE for. The one in August is just the closest.
  8. carosou

    Global vs. Mobile Entry

    I called the local office (SLC) yesterday and was told that there was nothing they could do. They are understaffed and there is a LONG list of people trying to get Mobile Entry. They only process them for two hours a day Monday through Friday. Oh well.
  9. carosou

    Global vs. Mobile Entry

    We applied an paid for our Global Entry on May 1 and received authorization two weeks later. The earliest appointment for an interview is in December. We thought we were well ahead of the game and would have the pass for our trip in August, but it doesn't look like it. We check several times a day for cancellations, but our airport is too small to have lots of appointments and we live too far away to just go there on the odd chance we can get it done. We did try one day when we were close to the airport, but they weren't even doing interviews on that day (Saturday).
  10. carosou

    April 21, 2018 Canary Island Connoisseur

    There is a roll call for this cruise. There are not many signed on yet, but I hope there will be more of us. We also are looking for someone to share excursions with. Look at the roll call.
  11. carosou

    Too many brochures!!!

    I agree. Both my husband and I get copies of the same brochure. We tried to get one stopped, but with no success. Guess we'll try again.
  12. carosou

    Easter island

    We were on Oceania in January 2014 and were able to go ashore on Easter Island the two days we were there. The second day, however, we were late getting to shore because the sea was rough and tendering in was slow and difficult. We booked the two day tour with a company called Easter Island Spirit. It was really good and reasonably priced with smaller groups. They easily adapted to the delay on the second day.
  13. Thank you for this post. I have had the same problem for quite a while now. I hope someone from Cruise Critic can get this straightened out. It is annoying to have to log in each time I look at something. :(
  14. Hi Nina - I hope we will be doing some snorkeling in some of the ports. We won't be doing any intensive research on shore excursions until late September. Hopefully by then the ship's shore excursions will be posted and we can see if we want to do any of them, although we have done several in the ports we have visited last year. I know we will probably snorkel in Cabo San Lucas. Last year the people who did so said snorkeling was wonderful. Please email me directly at dcsoutherlin@msn.com so that we can stay in touch. I will keep you informed about private tours at the ports. We would prefer to do private tours as they are less expensive (although the EV tours are fairly reasonable). Let me know if you have any other questions you would like answered. Carolyn (and Dave)
  15. Yes, we are booked on this voyage. This will be our third trip with Enrichment Voyages, so you can tell we really like them. Last winter was a similar itinerary. We are going to Nassau a few days early so that my husband can do some scuba diving - and he hopes to do more in some of the other ports.