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  1. It was a desperate life and death situation. The ships were turned away, not by the CDC. This is more current: Key West, Florida, voters opt to ban large cruise ships from visiting (usatoday.com)
  2. Coronavirus Update: Gov. DeSantis Doesn’t Want Holland America’s Zaandam To Dock In Florida (msn.com)
  3. Cunard Cancels Summer Cruise Season in Favor of UK Short Cruise Program - Cruise Industry News | Cruise News
  4. I am probably the only huge fan of the Port of Nassau out here, but you have to admire the government there for stepping up. The data on vaccine effectiveness continues to look promising. So the idea is (hiding under my desk from a wall of flames) - you sail UK to Nassau. You need to vaccinate the entire crew and passengers need a card also. The whole indoor close air-swapping thing is very 2019. If everyone is careful it just might work. Crystal Cruises Launches New Close-to-Home Bahamas Escapes from Nassau and Bimini Beginning July 2021 – For Immediate Release | Official
  5. If I was BPCL I would take a look at this model. The data around vaccine effectiveness continues to look good. This is positive for the Bahamas economy as you have business for ports, shipping interests, airports, boarding staff etc. I think they would need to find a way to get the crew 100% vaccinated and require proof from every passenger. This has a downside- if there is an outbreak the Bahamas has limited to no surge medical capacity. You want to discourage air-swapping indoors- the bars need to move outdoors. The buffet moves outdoors. This virus is not done with us yet.
  6. Back to a possibly silly technical question. So if an NCL ship leaves Seattle and stops say near Roberts Bank Port near Boundary Bay. They anchor and go whale watching. The ship would be a mile from the US boundary. And even two miles from the US mainland. I think maybe the lines want a "wink and nod" PSVA exemption - so they went to Canada but did not get off the ship and endanger the Canadian public health or ask to fill up their hospitals. Or if the anchor was on the US side and the ship happened to innocently swing over to the Canadian side of the line. Any PVSA exception would be t
  7. Where? When? Staterooms have 100% outside airflow. And are not the problem.
  8. The (2020) pre-vaccine discussions of how to make the normal/required aspects of cruising safer- sitting mask-less at the bar, tables for eight, ballroom dancing and health clubs remain. Do the vaccines (for those who choose to take them) protect against the short range person to person droplet transmission of new variants? Probably? I just opened the newspaper "Now is not the time to relax restrictions" - Dr Rochelle Walensky from the CDC.
  9. I got out a map of Canada and noticed a little bay right next to the US border. So like Wales Island. You pull in, drop anchor, build a tender-pier and some bathrooms. Or buy a resort in a bay. Have a ship catered picnic. Sign a letter with Canada- no calling your Coast Guard for COVID cases. Does this meet the letter of the PVSA as a foreign visit?
  10. My Mom lives in a large, 6+ building senior complex with various levels of care, ranging from apartments to a mini hospital, memory unit, etc. They have struggled with periodic and sad outbreaks in several units, particularly the nursing home and "transitional care" hospital section. They started vaccinating everyone (including staff) about two month ago and finished recently. We just got a letter from them- no COVID-19 cases in the last 30 days. They have even re-opened the restaurants and pub, being careful of course. I think this is a large enough sample size to say the vaccine pro
  11. Nobody wants the now familiar Coast Guard radio call: "Err yea somehow we have 150 COVID-19 cases aboard. Can you send your helicopters to rescue them? And a lot of them need ventilators? We are clearly in distress here..."
  12. Nope. (Chengkp is of course the expert here). P&O has a winter base in Barbados. They are not on the phone with US authorities over every decision. You can escape US rules but we have proved not COVID-19, deaths or lawsuits if you get an outbreak aboard.
  13. Years ago I would charter sailboats in the BVIs and St Martin. The refrigerators in those days were dodgy. So you had to rely on things that did not require ice or spoil. Rum, limes and red wine. You could open cans of tomato sauce and boil pasta or dine on fish on shore. Nutmeg for Painkillers was safe. Of course in Mexican waters you need to adapt.
  14. Limes are actually more important, yes, to prevent scurvy. We were in Key West and there was a rumor the ship was low on limes. They could not run out and buy some, the story went, due to food safety and sanitation regulations.
  15. You do not have to provide any fuel or provisions at your starting port. A cruise ship needs several containers of frozen and dry goods delivered every week or so. And fuel on about the same schedule. And you need fresh lettuce, fruit, etc. So any day long stop at a port with a dock and access to containers on the route is all you need and of course lettuce is available down there. Most islands and mainland Mexico have container ports and or rail/truck access so you are good.
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