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  1. Ok the muffins are next. After three recent voyages I have no memory of them. We always ate breakfast at a large table in Steerage and never saw them. I would have remembered. Were they a Grills selection? We also stray (shh) I prefer PG Tips to Twinings English breakfast by a tiny margin.
  2. If I was Simon I'd cancel the project and pay the fees. Most of the business case assumptions behind it are out the window. There is no longer 6% annual growth in cruising. The design is pre-COVID. And over time more potential passengers will care about environmental issues. If you look at Viking etc. there is a subtle shift in attitudes. Even an army of social media interns can't greenwash the barges of heavy fuel oil burned every week.
  3. I was feeling nostalgic for Cunard and we made up a batch of the official scones. We had some difficulty with measurements of flour in ounces vs. cups but they turned out perfectly. The service was sadly without a sliver tray, harp music, white gloves or clotted cream. But we found some home-made jelly which got the job done. https://www.cunard.com/en-us/inspiration/life-on-board/how-did-afternoon-tea-begin-#cunard-scone-recipe On a related topic, I do wish Simon could be persuaded to restart cruises to nowhere at least. A fair number of the Cunard elements could be retained. I was just researching the Battle of Britain, and a proper British cruise line would not fold in the face of adversity. Having to wear a mask or take swab tests is not the same as having your house bombed or sleeping in a tube station underground.
  4. Could a major line "piece together" a single test crew (mostly hotel department) from those on all the anchored ships, including any trapped aboard by restrictions? Or are nearly all of the waiters, stewards, etc. home already? It sounds like the restrictions on crew travel are still quite strict to the point of being hopeless. There seemed to be a hint in one of the CDC documents about cooperation on a hospital ship etc.
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/cunard-return-cruise-uk-british-isles-2021-first-time-in-history/
  6. It looks like they are trying again for November 4th. If I was in charge I would be very heavy handed on limiting capacity, rules and testing. This seems to be working in Europe for MSC. I would cordon off a beach or two and a resort and shopping area. If passengers take off their masks and crowd into a random bar ashore bad things could happen as was demonstrated recently in Florida and Arizona and at some weddings. The idea is to stay open vs. getting shut down for an outbreak. They have a series of restrictions in place and a pre-trip health visa and testing procedure. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/florida-to-bahamas-cruise-line-now-aims-for-november-return-to-sailing/ar-BB18Hzag https://www.bahamasparadisecruise.com/bahamas-tourismreopening-faq.php
  7. I'm changing my vote - masks are improving my on the water experience as I want to be social but also don't want to be dead. Any re-opening will have to be a mask branded charter. This eliminates the "oh I didn't know" issue, and also the "oh we are outside US waters and the CDC can't find us" issue. A public example will have to be made of those who refuse to follow the rules. The lines can have a ship (or jet ferry) anchored offshore that can shuttle non-mask people (and any who test positive) back to port. I'm not sure a bus tour works where there is not much to see. I think the private islands will need to be used. But beaches can be roped off and under-full resorts utilized. I think the Bahamas as an example can organize a safe beach event. The idea is an elite tourism operation with special training. Private beach cabanas would work. Two of my favorite beachfront hotels already have the thatched beach shade umbrellas ten feet apart. Ships with lots of outdoor spaces will be at a premium. Outdoor dining under a tent seems ok. Onboard bars need to be re-thought. Each can be a themed experience. But no elbow to elbow.
  8. Here is a semi related question. If both QM and QV are perfectly good, why was not a third one built when they needed another ship? I guess the idea of "more cabins" comes to mind. I really like the layout of both ships.
  9. This is fascinating. It says on the web site they are looking at three ships. The idea seems to be to remodel the balcony decks to put in the large suites. The more of the ship you leave alone the lower the price of the shipyard work. If they are doing the designs now you spread out the crew/staff in the remaining inside/outside cabins. They can probably buy the ships for just over scrap value so they save a fortune vs brand new. As ChengKP has taught us though they have a lot of inspections and refurbishing ahead for 25 more years and run the risk of new regulations being imposed.
  10. With just over 20 million cases globally, if we have not seen any proven cases of surface transmission by now there are none. It is commonly felt that viruses are similar- they are really not. Noro is not readily spread by breathing or talking as an example.
  11. This article is more up to date than mine. I read it. " SARS-CoV-2 has been shown to contaminate and survive on certain surfaces, but currently, no reports have directly demonstrated fomite to human transmission"
  12. There is just not recent data here supporting surface transmission. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32648899/
  13. Hogs are wily and determined. But not being able to enter their rooms, text, gamble or order beverages all day would drive them crazy I think.
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