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  1. You can book for two additional couples. http://www.royalonboardsales.com
  2. I used the form and got this very prompt reply. Good day, Thank you for your inquiry regarding your CPAP. We will provide you with the distilled water and an extension cord, at no extra cost. These items will be placed in your stateroom on the day of sailing. Please carry your CPAP machine onboard with your carry-on luggage. Please do not check it in with the porters. We have noted your reservation accordingly. Have a great cruise! 😊 Best regards, Michele Peterson Access Advocate
  3. I just joined the CPAP club. Valuable information on this thread.
  4. I remember on one Anthem cruise we took out of Cape Liberty there were so many self assist they split them into three groups with luggage tags.
  5. Wow, passengers are going to have to start lining up for self assist at 4AM? 😁
  6. If you are using a credit card to purchase OBC, just wait until one day after your statement cycle before your cruise. That way you won't pay any money until you return.
  7. Booked long before the current 'issues', but I was a little nervous even before we committed. Actually this cruise replaced the Jewel Rome to San Juan transatlantic that was canceled on us.
  8. We are on the repositioning November 30th. Bought insurance, hopefully we don't need it!
  9. Any rule can change including federal law.
  10. Imagine how long the line would be if no one printed their set sail pass?
  11. Oh, I agree. Why take a chance? But if you just board, and want to cancel an excursion the next day, it's worth asking. You may meet someone and decide to change. Lots of reasons. Not likely you'll be able to cancel that morning, but go to the excursions desk and cancel, don't just not show up.
  12. It's supposed to be 48 hours before the excursion to get onboard credit. Ask If there is a waiting list, they have allowed us to cancel the day before.
  13. Just point out what I said that was untrue. Sounds like you need to Google what I posted. Reporters on this subject are almost always wrong. Sensational negativity gets them readers true or not. I'll wait.
  14. So many say RCI excursions are twice as expensive as those you can book on your own. This is especially true in Alaska.
  15. Not true, All banks must follow Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover Debit rules. Gives you more protection regardless of what the law says and gives you ZERO liability. RCI will not accept a Debit card unless it is branded by a major credit card network. When you sign your name using a Visa Debit card it's a different situation. All disputes are sent through the same system at Visa for Debit and Credit. Visa has everything to do with working with the merchant. Say you use your debit card to purchase something from Amazon and it's not delivered. You call your bank and they create a non-delivery dispute with Visa. Exactly the same as a credit card. This thread was originally started about RCI. RCI does not accept a pin POS transaction. Yes, it is different if you use your PIN, but almost all transactions are signature for purchases. ATM transactions are disputed thru networks and are different. But Visa owns the PLUS ATM network and Mastercard owns the Cirrus network. I'm done with this. So many people are misinformed by idiot reporters that have not kept up with Debit network rules. Yes, you are covered by those laws, but they are secondary to network consumer protection rules which are much stronger. Have a great future cruise.
  16. Nope. lots of people like me, use their credit card to automatically pay; phone bill, internet bill, cell phone bill, satellite TV bill, Car insurance bill, homeowners insurance. etc... I get my miles, or cash back or something, and it's free to me. If it's available you are missing out. If you go over your credit line, they will be declined and all the same bad things will happen. Plus it's unlikely a CC company will pay any late fee incurred by you. Part of your credit score is balance vs. % of credit lines, so a significant breach could impact your credit score. Not advocating you use either card. Just saying you need to know your rights, and what Visa and Mastercard will do when you dispute a transaction, they treat Debit and Credit the same. Consumers believe having to show ID is somehow going to protect them. Visa doesn't allow it, and it's probably THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO. The merchant now has all your credit card information AND your billing address. Everything they need to place an Internet order. Think about it.
  17. It's shampoo, not sure about conditioner, but it is not Body Wash. They supply bars of soap.
  18. We travelled twice, Anchorage - Denali with another couple and luggage. I definitely agree a car would be fine for one couple. But... Not to try to scare anyone, there are a few Moose and Caribou collisions where a big SUV would offer some protection. We stayed at the Grand Denali, went to Wonder Lake on the bus, and got to eat at restaurants we choose and at the times we wanted. All for less than half the cost of RCI. Just make sure you reserve early!
  19. They roll carts of Windjammer dishes and food over your cabin starting at 3AM until midnight. It's literally like trying to sleep under an airport!
  20. This is the real Alaska. Rent an SUV and see Denali at your own pace. Roll-your-own is less than half the price. Ovation and Serenade spend half their time in Canadian waters.
  21. Some concierge will not allow children in the Diamond Club during Happy Hour.
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