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  1. My first cruise was shortly after 9/11. So many people cancelled cruises that Carnival bumped us up to a bigger boat, better itinerary, and compensated us for the different travel costs. They just combined sailings across the board.
  2. I just got off the Glory and I could've sworn that he said that this was his ship for the next few years. That he had just signed on for another 3 or something. Maybe your cruise is his break?
  3. In our last room, (spa balcony on Glory) we actually didn't have either. We didn't notice it until a couple days in after remarking how much more room we seemed to have than usual and wondered if the rooms were bigger. The table was missing! We did not miss it and if it is possible I would prefer not to have one anyway. The only downside is not being able to sit and have our cereal there, but by the end of the week the table turns into a big stack of junk anyway.
  4. Sorry! Me and my 13 year old will be on the boat with you! 🙂
  5. My kid is about to turn platinum, has always cruised without dad, never had a letter. Never been asked for a letter. At customs they ask her, "Is this your mom? DId you have fun?" and that is it. There is a lot of fear mongering here, and a good bit of bad information as well. You cannot be denied reentry to the US for starters. Unless you are specifically waging war against the US or engaging in espionage, you cannot be denied reentry to the US. Taking your own child out of the country is NOT kidnapping and a noncustodial father raising a stink at the port could find themselves in much more trouble than the mother for making false claims, filing false reports, etc. If mom is not violating a court order, and is not denying the visitation of the child then it would be about impossible to even make a kidnapping claim. That being said, if she wants the peace of mind have her get the letter. But it isn't my ex husbands business what I do with my money, how we spend it, and what we do as long as it isn't violating his parental rights of visitation.
  6. It is not for me. I am a heavy soda drinker but have been very disappointed with the bb program. They are pouring hot cans of soda over a cup of ice, instantly watering them down and flattening them. I bring my Yeti and it already has ice in it but even the best insulated cup can't perform miracles against a soda can that has been sitting out on the lido deck all day. Yes, you can go down to the main deck lobby and get a fountain soda, and I Have when I have the bb program, but then if I am trekking across the ship to get a decent soda I really may as well just go half the distance and get a cold can of soda from my room. There are 3 of us who travel so we bring on 3 cases. 2 for me and 1 for the other two to share. Then we supplement with coffees, juice, koolaid, water, etc. In port, if we are running low we will grab another case or two.
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