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  1. Nothing? Not even if you had the flu like symptoms?! That is a little unsettling. I mean, I know anyone who feels ill would lie on it anyway but they didn't even ask?
  2. Thank you, that is exactly the info I was looking for. I assumed since they were duty free they may be a steep discount but if it's pretty much all the same we will just get one here 🙂
  3. Whenever my kid was in the camp carnival, their menu always had chicken nuggets, mac, etc I think just about every day.
  4. Years ago I decided to buy those $20 watch sets for everyone for Christmas. Turns out they aren't waterproof at all and once you even sweat, half of them stop working. They are now just mostly pretty bracelets. My mistake, you get what you pay for. My question now is, My kid wants to get us either necklaces or bracelets for my birthday. I was looking at the mall and thought the Pandora charm bracelets might be our best bet. But I think they sell them on board? Are they real? A good price? I also have several "gold by the inch" necklaces and bracelets that are about as fragile as can be from back before I knew that just because they look shiny doesn't mean they are a good quality. Anyone have any tips or has cruised recently enough and checked on the jewelry? We go again in January so if it is worth it to wait, we will. Thanks!
  5. We have been on 8 different ships and while we loved all the amenities of the Sunshine, the only downside were the crowds. Which everyone complains about on every ship on every line so we always read the complaints with a grain of salt. But on all 7 days we walked around in circles holding our food at lunch looking for a table, ANY table, at any location. We ended up eating in random spots throughout the ship, after giving up on the tables on Lido. We tried eating earlier, later, purposefully slowing down the line a little bit in hopes that more people will eat and move on and empty up some tables before we got our food. We either ate at a random spot on the ship or by literally begging people to let us sit with them while they played cards or ate with an empty chair at their table. Other than that, we really liked the ship. Spa was missing a bit of the perks that the other ships have. But the food was good (but cold by the time we ate it:(. The itinerary was good. The ship was VERY rocky. Everyone was sick every day. But it was likely the weather and not the ship since it was VERY rough waters almost our entire trip. I would sail on her again if the itinerary and home port was convenient, but if it was side by side to another ship with the same upgrades and amenities I would choose a larger ship in hopes of eating food at a real table.
  6. Except that is exactly what they do with the spa day passes and the people who stay in the spa rooms that pay an upcharge for the weeklong access.
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