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  1. Oh goodness! they keep pushing it off...although I can't say I don't blame them....there is so much uncertainty going on right now!
  2. Unfortunately its too late....I canceled on Wed. and then I heard, on Thursday, there was an announcement coming today! Yes, I'm upset with myself.....of course I go and cancel then they finally say they have an announcement. UGH!! I'm having trouble getting in my booking...it keeps wanting me to put in my booking # and last name and when I do, that same page keeps coming up....I guess I will call my Carnival Personal planner...after the announcement. Thanks! I will also try what was suggested to see if its there once I can get on.
  3. Hello everyone! I haven't cruised in a few years..was supposed to be cruising this May on the Horizon, but with my hubby working in the Health field, we are not going to be able to go....although they may end up canceling the cruise for May 2, anyway. This waiting game was killing me. There was just no update, on what they were going to do...just we had until March 31. to cancel without penalty, and I didn't want to not be able to get through because of a flood of calls, because of the March 31 deadline. If my sailing does get canceled, does anyone know if we canceled before the ship cancels, would we be eligible for the OBC they offer? Also, I should have some OBC that got transferred and a little from the difference of the cruise that I just rebooked for next April....but I can't find the OBC on my booking. I don't know where to look? I've tried looking at " make a payment"...but its paid in full, and its not showing any OBC? Thanks in advance!
  4. OK, thanks for confirming that there won't be a line of cars. So when you get off the ship, there are numbered pillars to meet your Uber Driver? Is that found at every terminal that a ship docks at?
  5. Thank you all for your replies! As usual, you are all very helpful!
  6. I'm sure this topic has been discussed, so I do apologize in advance, but I haven't been on Cruise Critic for quite some time and am trying to get used to the new changes. First of all, how do you do searches for keywords, now? I wanted to do a search for Uber so I could read all the Uber posts, and typed it in the search box, top right, but it did not work? So now for my question We are sailing on the Carnival Horizon next May....so yes, I am starting my research early. Is it easy for Uber to get into the port area? I had read a post, the other day, where they said there was so much traffic trying to get in the terminal, that their Uber driver couldn't get in...(can't remember if he canceled). Then I thought I read someone else saying there was a line of Ubers outside the port terminal, that they just picked an Uber size that fit their needs, and off they went. So for those of you who have used an Uber from POM to FLL airport, how did you do it? Did you grab one that was in a line of Ubers outside the Port terminal? or Did you call for one and how long did it take for them to get to you? Where do you go to meet your Uber Driver? I know airports have designated areas where does the POM have theirs? I believe I have read that it cost about $35-$40 for a regular uber. (Its just me and my husband). If we decided to take a cab, how much would that cost to get to the FLL airport? Thank you in advance!
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