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  1. Just bid what you're willing to part with. Every sailing is different and you may get lucky!
  2. Go to Vacation Summary scroll down to print booked items. That's how I got at mine.
  3. I did the very same. We leave Wednesday and booked the cruise about 5 weeks ago. It dropped again and we upgraded to a suite. However if you have specific location and cabin type wants it may not be a good idea. Lots of GTY bookings last minute. We do this pretty often when we just need to get away. About a month out I saw prices climb. With Spring break being your desired date I imagine ship will book up quicker and prices go up sooner, but you never know! Good Luck!
  4. If Veuve Clicquot, is your only reason to upgrade I would do exactly what you suggested. When we don't upgrade we bring on a nice bottle of white, red, and champagne x2. bUt if you like the waters, fresh fruit juices, starbucks drinks and upgraded liquors it's worth the upgrade for some.
  5. I also wanted to add - express pass prices vary. Often times its cheaper to purchase a room at one of the 3 onsite hotels that includes this perk. That would allow you 5 passes included with room purchase.
  6. Depending on your date. IOA and USO have closing times as early as 6P.
  7. Very welcome! We sail Wednesday and Cozumel is on our itinerary too! Will be paying a visit to Bobbie. Hope you have a wonderful trip.
  8. I've seen crazy inconsistencies in recent posts regarding PPBP. I'm sailing Wednesday and will update what I find. The above post of someone speaking directly to a ship bartender clarifies this mess perfectly. Its all fluid. I'll wait to upgrade on the ship.
  9. I'm so sorry to see this end. It was terrific to follow along! You covered it all and I am even more excited to board her next week. Now plan another so we have something to look forward to. 🙂
  10. cozumel drugstore . com Bobbie is the owner. she has the best prices, Bobbie is Canadian so no need to speak spanish and bonus, she keeps her A/C on at night when many other pharmacies do not. Heat is bad for meds and creams. She is very helpful and stocks 3 strengths of Retin-A at very reasonable prices.
  11. I like them both also. Is 1 itinerary better or the same? I did the Sun in May and again next week and The Pearl years ago. The feel on the Sun is a good one. A very happy ship. Maybe more options on the Pearl for entertainment at night but I'm not positive. Have a look and good luck, let us know what ya pick!
  12. Still following and completely enjoying your review. Did the seas calm down last night? Are you in port today? Hows the weather? What did you eat after the soup course last night? Overall Le Bistro opinion for last night? Carry on - sorry you got booted last night - our loss! Thanks again, this is great.
  13. Thanks for the great read and pictures. We sailed on The Sun this past May to Cuba and really enjoyed the ship and its people. Happy, happy ship! Like you we have sailed mostly in the away class ships but the Sun was a pleasant surprise! So we booked her again sailing in 2 weeks. I'm sorry about your cabin but you seem to be making lemonade outta lemons - awesome! One thing that really stood out was the MDR food, it was excellent on this ship. Away class we only do specialty dining. We'll see if that stands true again with the next sailing. Cant wait to keep reading your review and
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