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  1. Hi, we are on the same cruise. Our paperwork says boarding will begin ar 1pm and departure at 10pm.
  2. Yes there is a taxi rank in the car park out the front of the complex . Heaps of taxi's , were offered a fixed rate of 30 MR from cable car to underwater world area! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. We visited there last week. Had planned on buying express tickets but didn't as lines were short. Maybe better to wait and see! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing blog! It's so good to read up to date info on the ship and the ports. We board on the 27th December and can't wait!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. We are also leaving from Singapore, Is there somewhere to leave your bags early and then go look around the city? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. After reading the story about the 5km run I have a question. Does anyone know what time the "Onboard jogging track record attempt" will be held on December 14. My son wants to have a go but we have booked waverider lessons. Lets hope they don't clash!!:)
  7. Oops. I forgot it was also your key!!! Guess it's important to have with us then!! Can I please ask what a Wristlet is?
  8. Just wanted to know the best way to carrry around your seapass card? Do people wear lanyards with them on? Do you need it with you at all times? :)
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I will go and do that now!!
  10. Thanks for the info. For some reason I thought you had to book in advance (maybe that's just for everything else on board!!). Just realised I need to update signature to show new cruise. Can't remember how I did that before:(
  11. Going on Allure 12 December!!! Have read that you need to book to go on the zipline. How and when do you do that? Is it true that you can only go on the zipline once or can you book again? thanks.:)
  12. I am the teenage daughter of simply4fun and we came home yesterday from our 12 day new years cruise. I loved the 'teen lounge' and found it the best 2 weeks of my life!! Being 13 I was one of the youngest of the teens, but there were many other girls and guys my age, as well as many older. I also found that it really didnt matter the age- everyone just hung-out. As for the 17 year old-there were many other guys that age, so it would be fine and yes there was plenty of entertainment, usually only the older guys stayed up till 3am watching movies though. All the guys were obsesed with gutair hero during the day, while the chicks watched movies or 'made stuff' with beads (until we got band for having a bead fight HAHA;)) Anyway teen lounge was awesome and I loved it to bits!!
  13. We have just returned from the Pac. Sun. It was the best new years we have ever had!! Fantastic atmosphere and a great time.:) Everyone had party hats and whistles given to them at dinner which added to the party atmosphere. There were celebrations in 3 different locations and the kids and teen lounges had their own celebrations( though kids were welcome at the countdown) We did not see or experience any bad behaviour.We were actually surpised how well behaved everybody was. Security was very good at controlling everything. Don't worry, go and have a great time.It was our first cruise and our teen daughter has said "it was the best two weeks of her life" I don't think you can ask for more than that!:)
  14. Thanks to everyone for the info. We are finally packed and nearly ready to go:) (have dosed everyone up on phenergan!!) Hubby is now trying to put suitpack in a suitcase. Thanks Andrea
  15. Ok, starting to pack for tomorrow(!!!) and hubbie wants to know if he can carry his suitpack on as carry on luggage or do they treat it the same as the suitcases?. Not sure if he is better to pack the suit in the suitcase instead? Thanks Andrea:)
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