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  1. For what it's worth, I had the same thing happen (mysterious "purchased" OBC show up on my Vacation Summary), and mine is, in fact, OBC from my travel agent. So.... there's that.
  2. No Dailies yet - we're the first cruise on this particular itinerary out of New Orleans. You should join our Roll Call here - We're doing a meetup, a poker run, a cabin crawl.. some of us have talked about meeting up to do trivia, the escape game, and other stuff!
  3. Less than 48 hours. That was Breakaway though. You used the email address in the post from this board - groupeventjade@ncl.com? I’d try again and put “2nd attempt” or something in the subject line.
  4. I got a response just about a week ago. Which ship?
  5. The events / group coordinator takes care of that for you! Of course, if you happen to run into any of them on the ship, it doesn't hurt to reinforce the invite!
  6. It's supposedly only while the Four Seasons is being constructed, so - yes, should be temporary.
  7. If you are going before next summer, the Julia Street terminal is closed. There will be a shuttle of some sort, but the streetcar will not run to Julia Street.
  8. No, it won't, unfortunately. The Julia Street terminal closed in July of 2018 for approximately one year while they're building a new hotel.
  9. If you're going sometime before July of 2019, this won't be an option: https://wgno.com/2018/07/30/two-stops-on-riverfront-streetcar-line-suspended-for-four-seasons-hotel-construction/
  10. Rock of Ages is a Broadway musical..... not something any Australian company came up with :) It seems that all they're trying to do is modernize some of the entertainment, since I suspect that a fair number of the younger demographic cruising these days finds the Vegas-style theatre outdated and boring. RoA might not be the best choice - perhaps something like Movin' On, Motown (oh wait, that's largely based on African American history, so that's probably out too ) or Beautiful would be better suited as a bridge between demographics. But if I see one more crappy revue-style show (like Swing!) on a cruise I'll lose my mind. And "too homosexuality in your face" is telling that it was even mentioned, frankly.
  11. I love the show - saw a touring production in Chicago a few years ago. I'm taking my mom to see it on the Breakaway, and I think she'll love it. That said, if I were going solo... I would leave if I didn't think the cast was up to par. I find NCL's entertainment to be very hit or miss. I've left productions in the past because I just didn't care for the quality.
  12. There's a thread trying to track it here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2594030-confirmed-ncl-cruise-ships-that-have-straws-october-2018/
  13. I mostly agree... I would add two caveats... 1) Teppanyaki is impossible. If that's a "must" for you, I'd keep the reservation. 2) If you are traveling alone or as a couple, then doing things "whenever" works. If you've got a group of 6+ - then you may not have that luxury. That's just what I've seen in person and on the boards.
  14. I'm on the 11/11/2018 sailing of the Breakaway out of New Orleans. I got the offer to upgrade on 8/23. I was booked in an Oceanview, category OB. The offer was for either a mini suite, minimum bid $50pp, or a balcony, minimum bid $25pp. I put in a bid of $95pp for a mini, and $75 for a balcony. On Thursday, October 22th, I got the notice that we were awarded the balcony upgrade, and with the confirmation, moved to a forward BC on deck 13.
  15. I've done cash deposits twice. I'm always on board before noon, and always been able to go straight to guest services and put down the deposit. I've never tried to "spend" before I put the cash on, though, but honestly, a difference of ten minutes probably won't mean having reservations vs. not. :)
  16. On my Alaskan trip on the Pearl, I think there was some form of trivia at least three times a day - sometimes in a bar, sometimes in Bliss, sometimes themed, sometimes not. I always went solo, and after the first day, had two "regular" groups that I joined. Folks were super friendly and once they realized I was solo, and especially after the first round when they realized I was kinda good at it, were super willing to let me join them. We only won a couple games, and some games were easier than others - I tore up the tri-bond round, and the Michael Jackson round was super fun too. Others... well..... that's another story :)
  17. I just want to make a clarification point - there is no charge for a Cruise Critic Meet & greeg. For a private event for a special group of 70, there may well be a charge for a special event. I'm unfamiliar with that, but from the sound of the original post in this case, it didn't sound like a CC meetup, but rather a private group.
  18. We were probably on the same cruise, 'cause this was my exact situation. No word from NCL - found out about the change on the roll call. I definitely don't blame my TA for the lack of communication on that - clearly NCL wasn't interested in discussing it either lol
  19. I used Vistaprint to print off some reminder cards this time around. With the discount codes that cloat around, it cost me about $10 (which included shipping) - well worth the headache, IMO, and I left the back blank to remind about any other activities we decide on (cabin crawl, slot pull, etc). I usually like to do a walkaround of the ship anyway, and since Breakaway is completely new to me, finding cabins to leave reminders will be a fun way to get used to the ship!
  20. This isn't really true. The solo coordinator has, at least in past instances, acted as a solo cruise director. I've had them organize bowling tournaments, trivia teams. dinners, shows, heck, even a shore excursion once. I don't know what their directives are from the cruise line, nor have I always had that happen. But there are definitely expectations in place based on past, and others' experiences. I've had one good and one great solo hosts. Unfortunately, I can't remember either of their names, because I'm awful with names. One was on the Pearl in Alaska in 2015, and the other was on the Jade to the Western Caribbean in 2016.
  21. I booked five directly with NCL and was always pleased with both the rate I paid and the 'perks' I had, if any. My best example? My 2015 Pearl trip to Alaska... I originally booked a 7-day in September in an inside, and was perfectly OK with the price. Then I opted to switch to a 10-day May trip, also in an inside, which was almost $1000 less - and since I had already made a sizeable payment (spare me the lectures), they ended up refunding me about $800 of that. Then, they offered a promo for the drinks package and free gratuities... I spent about 30 minutes on hold, but ended up with an upgrade to a balcony AND both the drinks package and gratuities - and apparently gratuities on the drink package, because I didn't ever send any more $$. Just after final payment due date, the price dropped again, and I was bumped up to a mini suite - all I had to do was call. Not bad, eh? For my upcoming sixth trip, I used a TA. The rate was a little better, but more importantly, the TA offer was to cover the drinks package gratuities on top of the NCL offer of the "two free" things. We haven't seen a price drop - just increases. Though with a ship change by NCL, I was a little disappointed that somehow our rate went up a bit - which, really, should not have happened. We were not offered the option to stay on our original ship and change itineraries - just unceremoniously dumped onto the Breakaway. My TA is super nice and great when I can get her on the phone, but hard to catch or get a response by email. Considering that email is my primary and preferred means of communication, this has been very frustrating for me. All that to say - having done it both ways, unless it's a truly spectacular deal, I'm not sure I'd use a TA again. And if I do, I'd probably look for a recommendation from someone to use a different one. I was pretty content to book and handle my reservation on my own.
  22. Huh. I never thought about taking the bigger ones. I'd found some of the smaller, rectangular ones mentioned at the dollar store that saved my sanity on my Alaska trip - and I was traveling solo! But it was so helpful for all my little stuff. With my next trip being my mom and I in an Oceanview... I really like this idea! Thanks for bringing it up :)
  23. I was surprised by this, too. It shows up for my November Breakaway sailing.
  24. Or..... you book through a TA when they're running the special that pays the gratuities on the drink package as one of the perks. Tada - problem solved! I booked my cruise months ago with a free UBP, gratuities on UBP paid, and ship gratuities paid as my perks. The same booking today would cost me almost $1000 more. Sometimes you come out ahead, sometimes you don't!
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