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  1. I no longer drink, so a non issue for me. And yes, I followed you on the t/a. No illness to report but a medevac off Land's End en route to Zeebrugge. On a previous long cruise on the Regal, I ate every afternoon in Alfredos. This time, just twice in 15 days after a woeful first pizza. I opted for late sitting in Allegro. Best move ever. Go to dinner anytime from 7.45 pm - 9.15 pm, though usually at the earlier time. Romanian maitre d' Robert had my back at all times. My son and I liked the old internet plan (250 free minutes each) but love the new one. Upgrade to unlimited always on for 1 person and use the 250 minutes and 4G as back up. Log in can be shared between devices.
  2. Why are people so reluctant to say? Transatlantic, large group? My money is on Mainland Chinese. It's largely an incentive market with the factories paying an all in cruise price for workers 20 years removed from sleeping with swine. Thank NCL marketing. I always bring my own maple syrup on board. The Gem first confiscated my jug on a recent Canal voyage then after its liberation, it was stolen. They offered me Smuckers as compensation! The only near mass market line to offer the real stuff is Cunard. Not Princess, not HAL. Yet on the low rent overnight ferry between Stockholm and Tallinn, they were serving it in the deluxe breakfast buffet.
  3. I had thought Errol was one of the good guys. I stand corrected. Was Roger Gustavsen still on board as Master? If so, that would be 2 years in a row he was stitched up by Operations. Let's face it, a rogue culture has taken over at NCL. Platinum Plus twice over, definitely not making it to Ambassador.
  4. This year I suspect a late Easter is responsible for the lower prices with most lines holding ships in the Caribbean a wee bit longer. Ironically, cruises out of Florida ports during the Spring Break period are also deeply discounted this year. In 2018, March was very expensive in Florida and for FL originating cruises. I paid extra to leave on Cunard's Queen Victoria in March rather than wait until April. This year, I am on Regal Princess but I would have gladly opted for Zuiderdam, arriving Copenhagen a week later.
  5. 1. I was on for 40 days recently. I don't remember tastings but that isn't my balliwick. 2. Having seen the first generation Cirque show on the Epic and similar in Las Vegas, the show on Breakaway is absolutely top class, beautifully staged and performed, even the dinner was good. 3. Belize City. A ship with 4000+ passengers is too big for Harvest Caye. Still Wifi and for most 3G/4G issues there. Ocho Rios has a Margaritaville with pool but Breakaway usually berths at the more distant jetty. Cozumel is a lottery, depending on which jetty. Roatan is my personal favorite western Caribbean port. Saving a slot : inconsistent service is the hallmark of NCL. There are top, top professionals on board, you just have to find them. La Cucina was a revelation this time. I also started eating at Ocean Blue once each cruise. King Crab Legs @ $8.99 is unbelievable for NCL with free sides. Listed as an appetiser, portion was generous. Unfortunately, on my 37th day on board I had a Vuk'd experience with Hotel Director Vuk. But that's how it goes on NCL. At least Vuk made sure there were stirrers for the iced tea in the restaurants unlike the Gem. Yes, bring your own straws or swizzle sticks!
  6. Ditto. 25 days and still waiting on our refund check sent to US address. Next time, I'll take the possible hit and convert via casino play. But I really don't want to gamble!
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