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  1. Hello! I thought I'd share my story and see if I can get any pointers from anyone. And if anything, a little support! First I'll introduce myself. I'm Becky! Hi :) I'm a 19yr-old college sophomore, and I'll be going on my very first cruise in mid-December of this year. I am totally pumped... I have always wanted to cruise, and now I've been given the opportunity - and at almost no cost! One of my best friends graduated high school this past year and the cruise, and me for the week, is her gradution gift from her parents! The only thing I have to pay for is the fee ($10 per exam) to take my finals early (missing finals week... DARN! :rolleyes: ) and shopping money! It's good to be a grad present, lol. Now the hard part to be so open about - I need to lose weight. At only an even 5' and somewherearound180lbs, a size 16 just isn't cutting it. I started gaining in 8th grade after I went into a temporary depression that had me out of school for 4 months and in and out of the hospital for dehydrating myself... I refused to drink or eat much at all. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not a depressive person. At that time, my (divorced) father went into what I refer to as his mid-life crisis, and a whole lot of what happened with that sunk me into depression. These days, I still have some father-issues but... and I apologize in advance for going preachy... I've got the love of a greater Father and I walk in peace and joy every day! Not that everyone wanted to know my autobiography, but yeah... it kind of affects my weight problems. After I lost too much weight in my depression, I was told over and over again about how I needed to gain. Well, I did - too much. Four years of high school left me 80lbs heavier. Last summer, my mom and I joined WW together and I lost about 16lbs in three months, but as I started college we quit the program because it was too expensive for us, and WAY TO DIFFICULT to follow the program with the food I'm served in our college dining commons. And of course, the dreaded freshman-15 is not a myth at all, so right now I am back where I started. I'm in a stage in my life where relationships are becoming important to me. I know I have plenty of time, and I am not even looking to date right now (so much to do with my life! study abroad, internship abroad, etc) but every woman knows it is just nice to have someone interested in you. This is especially difficult for me... without trying to sound big-headed, I do think I'm pretty and I do think I'm a sweet and caring, fun-loving girl. Because of this, I feel I have everything going for me and I really COULD be the girl that men are interested in, EXCEPT for that one thing that is holding me back: my weight. I know its more about health and I know I need to lose for health, but the biggest thing for me at this point is how its emotionally affecting me. I really do feel that people in general would be more drawn to me if only I were thinner. I'm so sorry that this turned out to me more a vent than anything else. I intended this to be much shorter, heh. What I am asking for is advice for college eating. Last year, the only tasty things were the ones that are terrible for me... burgers, grilled ruebens, pizza. I tried sticking to the make-your-own-deli and salads but to be honest... many days, I found a little mold in the meat or the vegetables were frozen together. We are starting a new food service this year, so maybe that will be better - I go back on Monday, so if anyone is interested I'll keep this updated. My roommate and I already made a pact to AT LEAST walk around campus once everyday. So, how can I eat healthier? I can't afford to buy a lot of my own food... so are there any suggestions on how I can improve my college caf' diet? Has anyone been there? Sorry again about the length - I bet nobody really wanted to know all of that. I've never really told anyone my whole story before :o
  2. Splendorific

    Chair Hogs

    Hmm I am totally going to make a "BRB" towel for my cruise! rofl
  3. Splendorific

    Can we start a "Picture" menu

    This might be a silly question, forgive me... I am a first time cruiser. The late night buffets... I understand the photo time and then serving time for the grand buffet, but my question is this: does anyone get served a slice with those shmancy toppings? Like the glass-like candy standing on the cakes, and the fruit toppings in the center; the standing paper-thin chocolate pieces? Or do they get taken off? Also... is it basically a free-for-all or are people actually served? Do they replace a cake when all 10 slices are taken? If any of that made sense. :rolleyes:
  4. Splendorific

    Splendor insights available

    This is what I'm afraid of. On my December Splendor cruise, I'll be 20 and the friend whose family I am going with will be 18. We want to be able to socialize we people our age and avoid smoke and drunkenness... and I feel like our only options are the clubs and lounges that will be filled with 30-50something drinkers and smokers. Forgive me for asking what may be a silly question, this will be my first cruise... but if we ask, would we be able to have an 18-20 meet and greet set up? At least it would be something...
  5. Well, this will be my first and maybe even ONLY cruise, so that whole "starving kids in third world countries" bit is going to be out the window for me! I am going to taste everything! Most of that stuff is rare here in poortown, DUTCH country. Y'all are making me feel awful, everyone who only orders one of each and thinks four entrees is ridiculous (that said, thanks for the stories of the muititides of lobster tail! That is awesome lol). Looking at the menus, one night I am sure I will order 3 appetizers (lobster bisque and mango cream on one evening!) and two entrees. Another night will be two appetizers and three entrees. Two desserts one night or two! Sorry but there is no line to be drawn here! I am going on an all-expenses paid cruise, and I am going to take FULL advantage of it! Plus other nights when not as much looks appealing, I may just get appetizer and desert. It depends on the menu! And I will make room, believe you me. Of course my friend and I will spilt a lot (she won't lay a hand on my lobster), so that'll cut everything in half and we can try more. Either way... I am getting to try everything I want and eat amazing food. Here, here!
  6. Splendorific

    Turning 18 on Ship

    This is my problem, too. When we cruise in December for my first time, I'll be 20 and my friend will be 18. We want to meet people our age and avoid the drinkers. Our age group is kind of left hanging. :(
  7. Splendorific

    New to cruising - a few questions!

    You're right! As much as I love to go all out in a formal gown, I would rather save the money as a college student and go for something simpler... and easier to pack. What had crossed my mind was a simple jersey-cotton summer halter dress, and snazzing it up a little with jewelry and heels. That's so sweet that your son met someone on a cruise... I imagine it can be a pretty romantic setting. I'm in no hurry to find my prince charming, but it is really good to hear that it is easy to make connections with people! Thanks for your encouragement! Thanks for all the answers so far... I am sure I'll have many more! Less than 5 months to go! :D
  8. Splendorific

    New to cruising - a few questions!

    Bumping up with yet another question about FOOD... what else? LOL I know they mass-produce these meals... are special requests taken well? For example... I'd like this shrimp and scallop dish you have on the menu, but no scallops please.
  9. Splendorific

    What is your favorite Carnival menu item?

    I am going on my first cruise ever on the Splendor in December... so I don't know anything about food on different cruiselines... but one thing I am completely sure of, is that Carnival food tastes better than the caf' food at my college. I 100% guarantee. And after a semester of that "food" I am willing to bet anything will taste like the most gourmet in the world. :p I'm so looking forward to all of this... I was looking at recent Splendor menu's and I am already putting together my plan of attack! That bagel with salmon sounds AMAZING! Good morning, glorious! rofl Now, someone tell me, the room service BLT - what is so great about it? I have read people raving about it in several different places. To me, I just think... BLT... it's pretty general. What makes this one so special?
  10. Splendorific

    New to cruising - a few questions!

    Yep! Splendor it is! I was looking at pictures from last week and it looks INCREDIBLE! I am so psyched. That is so good to hear... I am all about making new friends! It really is one of my top priorities for the cruise. I definitely plan on this... does Carnival usually serve escargot at some point? I am looking to be adventurous and feel classy. :D Thanks so much for all the responses! I already feel at home here. Another question... for the formal nights, exactly how formal is it? I mean are we talking prom gown, homecoming dress, or a breezy summer dress?
  11. Well, for starters I should introduce myself! I'm brand new to the CC boards, and brand new to cruising! I am a member at an extremely large Disney vBulliten discussion board, so I'm hoping this board is an easy adjustment for me and praying that you are all as friendly as they are there. ;) I have a friend who recently graduated from high school, and her graduation gift was a cruise and the best friend, me, for the week, hehe. And so here I am... lucky as pie with an all-expenses paid 7-day Eastern Caribbean Carnival cruise on the way! Woot! We're sailing on Dec. 13th on the Splendor. Naturally, I have a few questions. My biggest concern right now (although it probably isn't a big deal in the long run) is this: At the time of the cruise, I will be 20 years old. My friend will be 18. We are non-drinkers, and by that I mean even if we were of legal age we would not be drinkers and we do not have the desire to be in a drunken atmosphere. Our dilemma is that the teen alcohol-free club is only ages 15-17, and then drinking age starts at 21. We are out here in limbo with the 18-20 crowd. We fear that the rest of the clubs and lounges will be filled with honeymooners and 25-60 year olds... not that there is anything wrong with this age group, I love you guys to death... but we want to meet and connect with people our age. Does anyone have any suggestions for us? Will it still be easy to make those connections? - Are any of the decks open round-the-clock? - How easy is it to find an open chair on a deck, or space in the pool/whirlpools? - Are there any no food/drink areas? - Can I really order as much food as I want? Maybe I want three appetizers and two entrees at dinner... (I am not eating for a whole two weeks before I cruise LOL) Also, are there any good tips for a first time cruiser? :)