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  1. Hello all! My husband and I just returned over the weekend from our wedding/honeymoon onboard the Carnival Vista. I wanted to share some opinions/thoughts, and try to answer questions for any future Carnival Vista brides. First, the back story: My now-husband and I met in 2013, and were pretty much set on each other right off the bat. We got engaged in May 2015, and decided on a cruise wedding shortly thereafter. We booked in late December 2015, when the May 2017 cruises went live for booking. We chose the Time to Celebrate Big package, which has since been discontinued - this included my bouquet, his boutonniere, a nondenominational officiant, basic decorations (white columns, simple flowers), 1 1/2 hour reception (including hor d'ouerves and open bar), signature cocktail, 2-tier wedding cake, a champagne toast, ice carving and the use of a photographer. We planned and paid for most of the wedding ourselves. The "extras" we paid for were some premium fillings in the cake, and the use of the DJ - who made everything special. We got married on embarkation day, onboard the ship while still in Miami. Our ceremony was in the Limelight Lounge, and our reception was in the Liquid Lounge. The onboard coordinator and officiant met us in the terminal, and walked us through everything. When we were cleared for boarding (shortly after 11 am), the bridal party, my mother and I were escorted to our suite (we booked under an ocean suite, and got a call a week before offering an upgrade to a spa suite for about $250 - we jumped at it!), and my husband and the guys went to my parents' cabin, which had been promised to be ready for us. The photographer came to our suite to get a few photos of my girls and I as we got ready. They then had a short rehearsal, and I was escorted to the venue. My father met me outside the ceremony venue, and away we went. The ceremony was short and sweet, and we then hurried off to the reception. Our reception flew by so fast. We got there, did our first dance, the father/bride dance, the mother/groom dance, cut the cake and maybe had a couple songs and a few bites to eat before we had to make our way to muster drill. After muster, we met up with our photographer back at the reception site, and he escorted us around the ship for another hour and a half taking more photos.We met up with him later in the cruise, and selected which photo package we wanted (the premier package - it's what we had the budget for, though I wish I could have paid for everything). Since we were the only wedding that day, our photographer also took video - it looked amazing, but we didn't budget for it since we knew it would be short and have no audio of the vows. It still looked amazing, and I wish we had budgeted for it. A few key things: ***A sweet thing: My father gave us two excellent surprises. The first, my husband and I are large Doctor Who fans - my father dressed in a Doctor Who-inspired suit, which was so touching. Secondly, while we were walking down the aisle, he paused and said "Oh, I think I need a drink first!" and grabbed a drink he'd positioned at a table along the side. It was very "him" and did a great job of making me laugh when I had been crying. ***Our photographer, Florian, was AMAZING. He was so kind and his work was incredible. If you're lucky enough to have him, you'll be very happy with his work. ***Our coordinator and officiant were also wonderful. They explained everything, and were very patient and helpful. I could not have hoped for a better team! My tips: 1) Eat a substantial breakfast, and try and ask someone to pack you a plate from the reception. We had so many canapes, and I think I had two sushi rolls, a glass of champagne and half of a specialty cocktail! 2) Everyone says it flies by fast. Don't underestimate this like I did! It was a beautiful, magical blur. 3) Enjoy it. There will be things that don't go perfectly, there will be stress, and if your family is involved, there's always a chance for tension/drama. Remember that you're doing everything for your love, and keep the love (for each other, for your families, for your friends) at the forefront at all times. Learn some stress-prevention and management tips early and use them often! I will try and figure out how to get some photos posted, but if anyone has any questions, please let me know!
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