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  1. Normally, it takes time for a vaccine to become fully effective (or even partially effective). The Flu vaccine takes 2 weeks. It seems highly likely that getting the vaccine at the terminal will not afford any protection.
  2. I agree. Their policy seems to be to maintain they are sailing on a month by month basis so that people who have final payments due will either make them or cancel. If customers cancel while Royal is still--according to the news releases--sailing, Royal keeps the downpayment. If customers make the final payment, they can postpone having to do anything about that money until later. They are definitely, IMO, playing their customers for everything they can squeeze out of them. It's a policy I don't like, and we'll start looking for a line that is, at least, up front about its plans. Being dia
  3. I believe I know which travel agency this email refers to. In the original contract, when the deposit is made, it does clearly state that the final payment WILL be charged to the credit card used for the deposit. In addition, if it is the agency I believe it is, there is a $50.00 per person cancellation fee which they exact no matter what the reason is for the cancellation. Obviously, I have, many times, used that agency (and have since vowed I never would again). However, I currently have a reservation that will require final payment soon. I believe there is absolut
  4. Why do you say that's a rude statement? The Windjammer isn't a person; it can't be offended. If you're offended on behalf of the people who load plates to the point where food actually falls off as they walk, there's no reason to be offended on their behalf: all they have to do is change the huge portions they get to normal amounts of food; the choice is theirs. Serving in a more "restaurant-like way" does not eliminate choices; it probably does make it more embarrassing to order portions that are huge. If having huge meals is the only reason for cruising, it's possible to stay home and g
  5. I think you've called that one. They can't sail: they have no place to sail to. They have no money. How can they not be looking at bankruptcy?
  6. I suspect we aren't looking a company that truly expects to be in business long term. I suspect their corporate offices, and definitely their phone answering banks, are as turbulent as a ship in a storm. The only calls they are getting are for refunds, credit, rescheduling; and Management is, apparently, saying, "Hang on to every dime; just say no." They can't sail; there's no place to sail to. However, if they wait to cancel until after final payment, they continue taking in cash--and cash is something they simply don't have at the moment. It is, I think, difficult to believe they are go
  7. I called, too. Literally hours on the phone: 8 by the time it was concluded with the final no. Our travel agent's supervisor called them: the answer was no. Later, our travel agent called them himself: the answer was no. The solution to the problem does not lie in making a phone call versus not making one. The opening poster spent even more hours on the phone with them than I did. I'll wager the opening poster understands credit card disputes better than anyone else posting on this thread. It hasn't done him any good, at least so far. Because it went well for you,
  8. The "emotion" wouldn't be here if everyone had received the treatment you did; the "emotion" is because at least two of us received nothing like the treatment you did. Royal is not meeting what would be considered by most to be "normal business practices." People tend to get "emotional" when they are being bilked out of money--especially, by a company that, until now, had been trusted. It's like having a friend steal money from you; that tends to make for hostility and causes an end to what had been a friendship.
  9. I sympathize. We, too, are involved in a conflict with Royal. They are violating the terms of their own contract--we are not. We have spoken to Royal, and our Travel Agent, who agrees that Royal is violating their own contract, has spoken to Royal. In essence, their answer to us and our Travel agent was Too Bad; We're doing what we're doing--take it or leave it and leave your money with us, too. They, obviously, have absolutely no concern for their customers. When we choose to cruise again, it certainly doesn't have to be with Royal. They won't miss us, but if they keep treating custome
  10. Cruise Critic did a piece on likely changes--seems like they may have some insights the rest of us don't: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5354/?et_cid=3332264&et_rid=267422827&et_referrer=newsletterPopup
  11. Duct Tape is kinder and would probably be more efficient.
  12. We, too, were on this sailing. As we sailed, the news on the virus, of course, got worse and worse. We limited our dining to smaller, more restaurant sized venues, and were pleased with service, food, etc. However, for us, and the people we interacted with in the lounge, the virus was an ever-present influence on everything. We don't usually disinfect our cabins, but for this cruise, we took disinfectant wipes and masks (we wiped down the cabin, but never wore the masks). When we arrived at Barcelona on the 13th, we took a cab to our hotel, which I had changed on board. We wer
  13. News item on cruiselines slowing down, or cancelling, orders of new ships at one shipyard. Definitely food for thought: https://cruisefever.net/cruise-lines-tell-shipyard-they-wont-need-some-of-the-new-cruise-ships-they-ordered/
  14. We, too, were on that trans-Atlantic, but we left Spain, not without difficulty, the day after the Allure docked. The plane was delayed an hour in Barcelona, so we arrived at Heathrow about 15 minutes too late to catch our plane to Dallas. So, we spent the next 6 hours going between two terminals at Heathrow trying to get a plane--any plane, going anywhere in the U.S.--so we would not wind up trapped in the U.K. with their health system. We had to spend that night in the hotel inside Heathrow, but we did make it onto a plane the next day to LAX. We were one of the first planes to land at
  15. We're on that sailing, also. We're looking forward to it, but still a bit concerned about Corona Virus.
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