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  1. Lots of hotels are converting to the big bottles now. Our last few stays have not had the little travel sizes.
  2. The crew truly loves him, and that means they love their jobs--that has an impact every day in everything you do. We've had lots of crew members tell us what a difference he makes in their lives, and they, of course, make a difference in ours. The fact that he's fun and interacts with the passengers makes it more fun, also. I would always choose his ship over another if it's possible to do so.
  3. I know, of course, that all Oasis class ships and Quantam class ships have Coastal Kitchen--are there any other ships that do?
  4. I'd skip Giovanni's--for us, it was simply "too heavy" for lunch. Additionally, there was only one other couple eating there when we were there, and we prefer a more "lively" atmosphere.
  5. We've easily changed white to red, so I imagine the opposite is true also. If asking your housekeeper doesn't work, ask (and take the bottle with you) at the Royal Caribbean representative's desk.
  6. Many thanks for the information--both ship and spelling. 🙂
  7. What ship is Captain Merrick commanding now?
  8. The O.P. said "no judgment," however, people do judge. The fact that more and more people are going to the main dining room in what they consider to be "nice casual," doesn't mean the other diners aren't judging those who wear shorts. The fact that Royal doesn't enforce a dress code by refusing the shorts wearers entry doesn't make wearing shorts an O.K. thing to do. In my opinion, deciding to "wear what is comfortable for you and ignore the guidelines that have been set down" is, yet another, example of selfishness.
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