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  1. Just returned from explorer. My 18 year old and his new 18 yr old friends he met on the ship went to the teen club most nights. I think one night they were turned away. They had a great time. I don't know if it was because my son just turned 18 a few months ago or not.
  2. I was on that cruise. We were supposed to be in Bermuda on Monday and Tuesday, but since Bertha decided to be a very slow moving hurricane we were not able to get to bermuda on Monday. We stayed out at sea on Monday, (beautifull, sunny day), and then went into Bermuda on Tuesday. Heading into Bermuda Tuesday night was windy, rainy, 14-17ft waves. But, in Bermuda on Tuesday it was hot and sunny. No evidence of Bertha that I could see and we heard Bermuda had been hit hard on Monday from the Tropical storm.
  3. I just found this great site! We are traveling on Explorer this Saturday out of NJ on 5 night to Bermuda. Naturally, that is where the hurricane is heading, as well. Any experienced cruisers want to give advice about heading out to a hurricane? Do they cancel? We did not get the insurance. thanks
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