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  1. That is/was my issue to. Thanks for the answer Ourusualbeach. Correct me if i am wrong. If i use a Sept 2020 sailing FCC to apply to a March 2021 Odyssey booking and Odyssey gets canceled, my understanding is he FCC I applied to the Odyssey cruise would be give back as a FCC, and the rest on terms of Odyssey cancellation.
  2. So 175 points ,We could get Water, a Beer and a bottle of wine. If both are Diamond Pluse,does that mean we will get two of each If both select same gift.
  3. Thanks island 284. My wife has been wanting the New Beach Towel listed in Gifts and Gear. It has also been on display on the pool deck,was hoping it was that one. This one looks nice. Just made Diamond Plus and was looking at the options. We will get the towel the switch back to the Champagne. We usually get drink package so Champagne not a priority. P.S Just gonna break down and buy the other beach towel.
  4. Does anyone happen to have a photo of the Logo Gear Beach Towel they received, if they selected that option. Thanks in advance.
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