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  1. madelinerose

    Opinions please - best cruise line for Bermuda

    7 days from NY in 2020 - NCL Encore
  2. madelinerose


    Don't recall seeing that, but will check at a later date. Thanks
  3. madelinerose


    Attempting to research Norwegian Bliss. Clicked Norwegian Cruise Lines, then Norwegian Bliss and the page was filled with every NCL ship's roll calls no Bliss info.
  4. The 2018 Amtrak is NOT the 2009 Amtrak. We use the Northeast Regional to NY Penn Station and there's usually at least a minor delay somewhere between Baltimore and Manhattan.
  5. madelinerose

    Bliss Bermuda from NY

    OK. I forgot about Escape. Have not sailed NCL & interested in Bliss since I like new ships and have read how smoking is much more contained on Bliss. Also, I probably should have worded my question differently and not asked why. :rolleyes:
  6. madelinerose

    Bliss Bermuda from NY

    Why is there no Bermuda itinerary on Bliss from NY?
  7. Basso56 Becco Patsy's (just be sure the waiter doesn't put his fingers in your glass while carrying it to the table) Trattoria Dell'Arte
  8. madelinerose

    Top of the Rock????

    https://www.topoftherocknyc.com/ Go to Plan Your Visit Go to FAQ
  9. madelinerose


    Sounds as though you may have a Baltimore (212..) zip code. I hate potholes as much as everyone else, but they're also prevalent in suburbia and rural Maryland areas also.
  10. madelinerose


    The Baltimore where I live and play is clean and certainly not run down. :confused:
  11. madelinerose

    Anthem of the Seas - Junior Suites difference

    SPA Junior Suite - YouTube
  12. madelinerose

    Anthem or Grandeur?

    Simple for me...Grandeur built in 1995, Anthem built in 2013. No contest and I live very close to the Baltimore port. Sailed on Grandeur once.
  13. madelinerose

    Baltimore Restaurants.

    If you mean Mama's on the Half Shell, it's great. If you mean Nacho Mama's, it's great. ;);););)
  14. madelinerose

    Marriott Hotels near port in Baltimore

    I second the B&O Brasserie, Meg. ;):)
  15. madelinerose

    Marriott Hotels near port in Baltimore

    Harbor East is very safe for strolling the night life. Not much to do in the Delta area. HarborPLACE is about 4 blocks away.