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  1. Um, Ikaros is in a very "iffy" area, much more so than Locust Point.
  2. Gramercy Tavern is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Manhattan! Love!
  3. Celebrity has glass shower doors. Princess still has shower curtains. Celebrity smoking is restricted to designated outdoor areas only. Princess allows smoking in the casino.
  4. I assume this is referring to the "formal night" mention?
  5. Thank you for this. I have not sailed Princess and came here recently to form my opinion about the demographic, rules and comments. To my surprise there was still, in 2019, a brouhaha regarding "formal night" attire, behavior, etc. IIRC, there was even a reply suggesting that if you haven't done at least 2 Princess cruises you shouldn't even be here. I left feeling as you do. What a shame. 😮
  6. My thought exactly and it's closer to 5 miles with luggage??
  7. Although I don't agree with the word "lousy", I'm with Charles4515 and I'm 20 MINUTES from the Baltimore port. I love my city, the port is easy, but the ships leave much to be desired IMO. Our next cruise may be Canada/New England and will be from Manhattan, possibly Bayonne. Amtrak is an easy ride to either port. 😎
  8. This is too bad, Hank. I live and play in Baltimore, worked at the Inner Harbor for many years.
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