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  1. Look for the North American Home ports board. It has a section on Gulf Coast Departures.
  2. You are in an 8D. By the deck plans the cabin is 185 square feet with a balcony of 35 square feet for a total of 220 square feet. A cove is 185 square feet with a balcony of 45 square feet For a total of 230 square feet.
  3. The TA has to agree to release the booking to Carnival.
  4. Go to the East Coast departures board and you will find all kinds of information.
  5. DW and I did the Everglades tour our Vista cruise in April. We enjoyed it a lot. We had a 3:55 PM flight and they got us to the airport in plenty of time to make our flight. The bonus was that the security line was very short.
  6. I read the document in the link, I cannot found anything in it about pregnancy.
  7. I only drink unsweetened iced tea. Grew up that way. I have lived in eastern NC most of my life. I want to taste the tea, not sugar. With that said the tea on board a Carnival ship is terrible. I find that I have to drink beer for the whole cruise. I guess that thinks could be worse.
  8. FTTF is no longer worth it for me. I will not buy anymore. I have enjoyed when it was a price point that I felt was right, but now it has passed the point that I will pay for.
  9. It is a little more than 30 days out. Yes it common that Carnival would charter a ship. The offer is good and I would jump on it.
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