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  1. We have done the 7 day out of Barcelona, loved it. Stayed 3 days before and 1 day after. Barcelona is a great place to spend time and we had the time to spend We are now booked for the 11 day cruise out of Rome to the Greek Islands but not until 2021 and are really looking forward to it. We will go into Rome a few days before and most likely make it a full two weeks but because it is still a year away we can plan and prepare for it I think our flight from NY to Barcelona was about 8 hours, not bad seeing as getting to Las Vegas is 7 hours for us so even if you can only go for one week it is worth it! We just recently did 5 days in London and the flight was worth it!
  2. Been on The Epic twice, once in the Caribbean and once in The Med out of Barcelona. Great time both times. Do spend a few extra days in Barcelona! Amazing city In my opinion no need to spend big bucks for The Haven as this is a very port intensive cruise so you spend very little time on board. We only saw one show as we were always so exhausted from our excursions and had to get up early each day we would have a nice dinner than a night cap in one of the many bars listening to the singer or guitar player then go crash for the night! But on our Caribbean cruise we did experience nightlife every night and enjoyed it all! Howl at the Moon was great We had a balcony cabin which was just fine, gave us plenty of room and the opportunity to have our balcony for sail aways or sailing into port. Really enjoy the included adult only H2O, yes sea day was crowded but it was nice to have this option and not have to pay for the Vibe.
  3. We walked to John Watling's Distillery, nice walk, pleasant free tour, free samples, and then a lovely walk back to the port. Area was clean and felt very safe but some areas did not have sidewalks so be careful when walking in the road! Some fast drivers!
  4. Yes, many great Latitude offers happening! I was able to call NCL directly to receive all of the new offers, just make sure you are logged into your Latitude's account when searching cruises. Enjoy!
  5. My booking price was the same but she changed my reservation to give me the double points, an additional $50 per port excursion which now gives me $100 per port and she told me $50 OBC but my documents states $100 OBC! First time I called I was told no, second time I called she said yes!
  6. Yesterday I said yes to the short survey after my call and was on hold for 90 seconds! Then I forgot and hung up after I was done with my changes and never completed the survey!
  7. Just got off the phone with NCL, on hold for 2 minutes and she redid my reservation to receive the extra $50 excursion per port, the double Latitudes points plus once I printed my confirmation it also has a $50 non refundable on board credit!
  8. They are good for 5 years and once I was missed the expiration date and I called NCL and it was extended! All was good! If you like NCL and do the promo on the ship for your next cruise make sure to join the Latitudes Program, it is free and you earn points with each cruise and as you earn points you move up in levels of perks! They have special deals monthly where members receive special discounts, I saved $1000 on my next cruise because of the August promo for Latitudes members
  9. Water bottles can be refilled for free at the water dispenser at the buffet!
  10. Welcome! The first thing is most people over pack, not necessary. You only need causal comfortable clothes. I typically only pack two outfits for dinner as I am careful to not spill on myself and if someone sees me in the same outfit twice Oh Well! I never bring heals or stockings! And no jacket for my husband! I bring refillable water bottle for the room and off ship, I also pack a power strip to keep all chargeable's plugged into one spot so I don't forget one there! Zip lock bags for wet items The ship will provide beach towels but bringing a beach bag can be handy for off ship The ship has lots of free sea sickness pills on board, so no need to bring them Carry on board swim suit and your must haves as sometimes your luggage doesn't show up till 7 or 8 at night depending on how things are going Once on board we check out the lay of the land and have a late lunch in the buffet. For sail away we like to sit in the outside portion of the buffet at the back of the boat and watch the port disappear! Join your "Roll Call" go to the "Meet and Greet" Have fun!
  11. On board experiences, in Europe it felt more "grown up" and sophisticated. Very few kids, we were traveling mid Sept. Everyone was exhausted from long port days so it was pretty quiet at night. I think people dressed up more and the bars were always busy with people relaxing with their before dinner drinks. Dinning was relaxed and like I said grown up We only did one night show as we were so exhausted Our at sea day was spent in H2O and a lot of relaxing fun getting to know people The Epic in the Caribbean was a constant loud bunch of people and tons of kids, everyone seemed in a hurry to get somewhere and not relaxing and enjoying the cruise. Rude behavior at the buffet and rude towards the poor bartenders who couldn't keep up with the unlimited beverage drunks. We did a lot more shows and enjoyed them all We did find some quiet spots but we also enjoy stupid people watching and there was a lot of it on our Caribbean cruise. We have sailed The Epic twice and really liked her both times, now looking forward to The Getaway!
  12. I love unpacking once but waking up in a new place each morning! For me not much to dislike, maybe the smoke in the casino but it doesn't stop me from going there :)
  13. For all travel, land or cruise I bring power strip with USB ports to plug all of our electronics in one place so we don't forget one of them when we leave zip lock bags in several sizes for wet clothes, or snacks to take on tours, or for my sea shell collections! metal dry cleaner hangers so I have enough hanging spaces small medical and medicine kit binoculars extra SD cards clothe pins for hanging stuff to dry and to keep beach towels from blowing off the lounge chairs by the pool small games, typically dice type games that are easy to travel with and easy to play on small cocktail tables or pool bar tables. LCR, Tenzi, Pig and Greed are our favorites and all small and easy to pack Powder Creamora as there never is enough in our cabin or hotel room for my morning coffee, I also bring small breakfast cookies to munch on with my coffee to hold me over till we are ready to go out to breakfast typically I bring only two outfits for dinner, I really don't care if someone sees me in the same outfit! I do bring two just encase I spill on myself! It has happened! refillable water bottles, to have water in our rooms and when we go on tours
  14. Thank you! Just saved $1000 on my upcoming cruise!
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