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  1. We typically have to fly to our port before we sail so we always go in the night before, I am always stressed out that I have forgotten something and I have to unpack in the hotel room, double check everything than repack before heading to the cruise ship the next morning! I remember wandering around Manhattan on foot looking for a few things I forgot! I remember having to find an all night drug store in Honolulu for things I forgot! Than there was Barcelona! Thank goodness my husband can read and speak some Spanish! Every year my husband tells me to make a spread sheet, how boring! I like the random shopping experiences we have had because I forgot something!
  2. The Itinerary first, than the dates, than the ship and we always book a balcony! We don't mind flying to our port of call as we always spend an extra day or two there prior to sailing so we can explore more!
  3. To replace our cancelled cruise from San Juan we did book a land trip to Cozumel but decided to cancel that one also. First time in 25 years I'm not traveling in February to get out of Rochester snow and cold 😞 But I do have a cruise booked for Oct of 2022!
  4. We would have been leaving tomorrow for San Juan and our 7 day cruise but instead home dealing with snow 😞 It is pretty but not as pretty as seeing sand on the beach!
  5. Spring Rolls at The Noodle Bar on The Epic, great late night snack when hanging out in or near The Casino!
  6. The cruise I already have booked for Oct of 2022 cost more on the Black Friday deal, yes I get two more perks but the perks don't add up to the increase in prices. So my earlier deal was better than the Black Friday deal! And my deposit was only my cruise next certificate, no cash
  7. I'm booked for October 2022, I need something on my countdown timer to give me a smile daily even if I never get to go on this cruise I at least have something to dream about! Same with my February 2021 land trip to Mexico, I know it isn't going to happen but I can dream can't I? I have insurance and 100% refund for Mexico and my cruise, I am not making any payments towards my cruise till late 2021 and if things aren't better by than I will cancel
  8. We just did exactly what is posted here with no problems! Took about 2 days and my 2 CND's were applied to my reservation!
  9. I cancelled on May 18th, had paid $1950 towards my cruise. Was told 90 days, received all of my money back on my credit card this morning!
  10. Thank you for such a fun video and a positive thing to dream about!
  11. For Europe we went thru NCL and had the PCC pick our cabin and he picked 9085, close to elevators and quiet location. For the Caribbean we booked ourselves on line and were traveling with another couple so wanted to be next to each other and we chose cabin 12152 which was more center for the other couple who were worried about getting sea sick. I was worried that there would be a lot of hallway noise being in the center but there wasn't This upcoming one we chose deck 11 due to availability and again we are traveling with another couple and want our cabin next to each other. This time more center again in a BB category. We have enjoyed The Epic, we have not booked her 3 times because of the ship but because of the itinerary works for us. The pool area is crowded but what I like is the H2O adult only area that has no up charge.
  12. Yes, I guess I do remember that about deck 9 and I think that the decks above can see you on your deck. Not covered. But that was 8 or 9 years ago so my memory isn't as good as it used to be!
  13. We are booked for the same one you are looking at! Have been on the Epic twice before. Once in Europe and once in The Caribbean. First time Deck 9 which was a mini suite and second time Deck 12 and this time Deck 11, all balcony cabins. I don't remember any negatives from previous locations, quiet and comfy. And I don't remember any differences between mini suite and regular cabin. Maybe a little bigger but that was it Not sure if you have heard or read about the bathrooms, no bother to us but the glass walls aren't too private!
  14. We have been on The Epic twice and are currently booked on her again for San Juan in Feb/2021 and can't wait!
  15. No, we booked last night with deposit only
  16. We booked last night, today the deal increased to $200 on-board credit so I called and I got it!
  17. We have done the 7 day out of Barcelona, loved it. Stayed 3 days before and 1 day after. Barcelona is a great place to spend time and we had the time to spend We are now booked for the 11 day cruise out of Rome to the Greek Islands but not until 2021 and are really looking forward to it. We will go into Rome a few days before and most likely make it a full two weeks but because it is still a year away we can plan and prepare for it I think our flight from NY to Barcelona was about 8 hours, not bad seeing as getting to Las Vegas is 7 hours for us so even if you can only go for one week it is worth it! We just recently did 5 days in London and the flight was worth it!
  18. Been on The Epic twice, once in the Caribbean and once in The Med out of Barcelona. Great time both times. Do spend a few extra days in Barcelona! Amazing city In my opinion no need to spend big bucks for The Haven as this is a very port intensive cruise so you spend very little time on board. We only saw one show as we were always so exhausted from our excursions and had to get up early each day we would have a nice dinner than a night cap in one of the many bars listening to the singer or guitar player then go crash for the night! But on our Caribbean cruise we did experience nightlife every night and enjoyed it all! Howl at the Moon was great We had a balcony cabin which was just fine, gave us plenty of room and the opportunity to have our balcony for sail aways or sailing into port. Really enjoy the included adult only H2O, yes sea day was crowded but it was nice to have this option and not have to pay for the Vibe.
  19. We walked to John Watling's Distillery, nice walk, pleasant free tour, free samples, and then a lovely walk back to the port. Area was clean and felt very safe but some areas did not have sidewalks so be careful when walking in the road! Some fast drivers!
  20. Yes, many great Latitude offers happening! I was able to call NCL directly to receive all of the new offers, just make sure you are logged into your Latitude's account when searching cruises. Enjoy!
  21. My booking price was the same but she changed my reservation to give me the double points, an additional $50 per port excursion which now gives me $100 per port and she told me $50 OBC but my documents states $100 OBC! First time I called I was told no, second time I called she said yes!
  22. Yesterday I said yes to the short survey after my call and was on hold for 90 seconds! Then I forgot and hung up after I was done with my changes and never completed the survey!
  23. Just got off the phone with NCL, on hold for 2 minutes and she redid my reservation to receive the extra $50 excursion per port, the double Latitudes points plus once I printed my confirmation it also has a $50 non refundable on board credit!
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