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  1. I tip the bartenders dailey and tip the concierge if he provides a service for me.
  2. I have used the medical services on the ships many times. Being a senior citizen with health issues I have always found on cruise ships first rate.Lorelle
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows which ship will take Monarch of The Seas spot in Port Cananiveral when it leaves this spring.
  4. There were 3 formal nights one on the second night one in the middle and one on the next to last night. Lorelle
  5. We sailed on the R.c.c. Mariner 46 day repo from Port Can to LosAngles it was the best cruise.
  6. Royal Caribbean needs to up date their caribbean sailings sameo sameo
  7. Just got off the phone with Celebrity rep. who, in answer to my question, indicated that changes are coming to their loyalty program. Has anyone heard anything?
  8. waste of there time what don't you understand
  9. I knew that there would be kids. My real problem was with the my time dining, just didn't work very well on this cruise.
  10. Just back from the March 31 7 day western iteneray. I want to write while it is still fresh in my mind. The anytime dining really was a mess, the food was medeicore and trying to find a table to share, we like a table to of eight so we meet new people, happened for the first few nights but then it got away from them. The last night we were put at a table for 14 and they said they would fill it up, we left. They seem to be trying do do more with less our waiter seemed to be working alone I do think the cut backs are showing. We won't be sailing on the mega ships anytime soon it will be the smaller ships for us. Also there were 2,000 kids many running about with no supervision. Lorelle
  11. We always take the ships tour that drops you at the airport, we have done it in many citys, and always been pleased. Lorelle
  12. I would never buy so far from hom did so many years ago Europe I bought a clock never avle to repair it after it broke 6 mos later. lesson learned
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