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  1. norn iron


    There are numerous threads on CC about swollen feet whilst on a cruise. On the evidence I have read there is no proof or medical evidence as to what causes it. I don't subscribe to the salt theory. I add salt to virtually everything I cook (at the pre cooking stage), I would then add a limited amount of salt to taste. In my opinion Azamara's seasoning is well balanced, bordering on under seasoned. I have never suffered swollen feet in the Baltic, Norway or Iceland, yet anywhere in the heat I have balloons for feet, which makes me rationalise heat is the cause. I have tried the hydration theory and drunk bottles of water every day with no success. Last year whilst cruising from Sydney to Singapore in considerable heat, I drank 5ml for Organic Cider Vinegar every day and had the most comfortable feet in years.
  2. Fantastic story. I'm so glad it had a happy ending. It's a good rational to convince passengers to carry photocopies of their passports when ashore. This thread would not be out of place on the Azamara v Oceania thread. Whilst I do not know how Oceania crew would react, it is a great story to show the extra mile the Azamara crew go, and what sets them apart.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I have seen the other videos produced by that couple, that one is definitely the best of the bunch.
  4. I often wish the waiting staff were as quick at offering another drink or a top up of a wine glass, as they are at offering to clear tables.
  5. The Silent Pool has been on board for a while. Nobody would buy it at the risk of having it ruined by Royal Club.
  6. This might make me upgrade to the Ultimate Drinks Package. Maybe not for a Hendricks (although the Advisor is very partial), but for a Tanqueray 10
  7. I thought it tasteless! (the beer, not the joke!!)
  8. Maybe Richard Twynham need a memory jogger about his promise of last year. (That whilst the ships are in Europe, they will serve Schweppes). I read on another thread were Gymfreak was weighing the option of buying the Ultimate Indulgence package. I am considering the same purchase, however, I won't waste the money if there a risk of a poor quality Tonic water.
  9. Do you have a recipe for a Butter tart you can share? Who knows we could have a cookery thread.
  10. I eagerly opened this new thread expecting to read the breaking news of Azamara (following the trend of most cruise lines and) endorsing Fever Tree as their preferred pouring choice. I can still live in hope.
  11. Based on the OP's original attachment, has any one checked the survey at http://*****/azamarabath ?? They are not digging too deep with their questions.
  12. Ann, try ASDA. They have discontinued Scapegrace. Probably a bit too expensive at £40. It is being cleared at £30 and well worth it.
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