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  1. I phoned Azamara this morning and spoke with a team member in Kansas. The support and information shared was excellent. I hope what I summarise helps others on this forum. Lift and Shift from May 21 to April 22 is not an issue, Az will honour the price, OBC and 6 free nights and we can have the same stateroom. We can transfer the booking back to Azamara for re-allocation to a different TA We can transfer the booking (or call it Lift and Shift) to any other cruise of our choice and of any duration. In this case we would pay the difference if there was one, and keep all of our benefits, free nights OBC etc.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I will be ringing Azamara tomorrow. I will post the outcome.
  3. I posted on another thread Azamara have given us adequate advice that our cruise May 21 ex Tokyo has been cancelled. The email advised of the various option 'lift and shift', 125% fcc etc. To take advantage of lift and shift we have to make a decision by September 28th, so 48 hours after receiving the Azamara email I contacted ****** my TA and spoke to one of their agents, who knew nothing about the Azamara cancelation and could offer no advice. I was informed they had a dedicated team looking after rebookings and they would be in contact in due course. After a week I have heard nothing and am now getting slightly concerned. If we choose Lift and Shift can we do that direct with Azamara and effectively take the booking back from the TA? This is the second the TA has messed us around and its maybe time to move elsewhere even though it will affect our OBC.
  4. norn iron

    For sale?

    QPS list the ships and boats for sale on their website in chronological order. The R ship under debate is S2140, the most recent listing S2553, so I would suggest S2140 is a very old listing, and most probably Adonia. If you examine their site further S2164 and S2355 are also R Ships, only they are hidden from view. I would suggest they are Pacific Princess (which is available for sale on other websites) and what was Ocean Princess which is now Sirena.
  5. norn iron

    For sale?

    What you have posted here is from QPS website. The download brochure says United States twice. So if you were interested in buying the ship you wouldn't know where to look for it.
  6. norn iron

    For sale?

    Phil, I agree. I think Riocca summed it it pretty well, its an old posting which I saw months back.
  7. norn iron

    For sale?

    It states twice, location of ship "United States of America"
  8. It could also be Miami not knowing the difference between the UK leaving the EU and still actually being in Europe.
  9. Pursuit is having a Dry Dock in March, this may well have been scheduled for Singapore as she was cruising in Asia at that time. Could she be making the journey to Singapore and then returning to Europe? It certainly appears the dry dock is outside of Europe, alternatively in the Caribbean? This is a quote from the email I received today from Azamara. "Following the ship's scheduled drydock at the end of March, we will bring the ship directly back to Europe for a series of new 7-night Greece Intensive voyages".
  10. You were correct Laurie, the full itineraries are published tomorrow.
  11. We have a cruise booked for 11th May 2021 on Pursuit leaving starting in Tokyo and ending in Singapore. Azamara have today confirmed the cancelation of the cruise and all of the other Pursuit cruises in Asia between March and May. So at least they have supplied adequate notice, unlike for others whom have been posting on these boards. I am now reading the small print of what the options are to re book etc. The new itineraries for the remainder of 2022 and 2023 are published tomorrow
  12. My first cruise was June 1972. SS Canberra ex Southampton calling at Palma, Naples, Istanbul and Alicante.
  13. Laurieb, have you heard any updates?
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