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  1. I agree, it's great to be thinking about the challenges of travel. I'm looking to book flights to Birmingham for July and I discovered on Sunday that Stobart Air went into administration on Saturday. Guess what happened the subsequent prices, they quadrupled.
  2. I admire anybody who can go on a cruise with only a carry on. I pride myself on business trips where a carry on is more than enough, cruising isn't so easy. I will always remember the inaugral season of Celebrity Eclipse ex Southampton. We disembarked to get a coach to Heathrow, and two fellow CC members from Kansas where waiting to board the coach with us. Whilst chatting to them I discovered that they had spent two weeks in the UK before the cruise, then 16 nights onboard, and they only had a rucksack each that wouldn't hold what we send to the boarding kennels with the
  3. Hopefully mine is simple and a bit local. I live in Belfast Northern Ireland, and we have a bad habit at times of speaking too quickly. If you say Northern Ireland really quickly omitting the 'th' and the 'la' you should get norn iron.
  4. I notice I've been rumbled in post #48. I very rarely comment on cruise line food because the subject is so subjective. Like Riocca in post #45 we appreciate good food well cooked, and we get that onboard Azamara.
  5. So have I, I've had it 30 years, and whilst the wood is a bit worn the grinder is like the day it was bought.
  6. I got a racing bike instead of the chopper, I can't remember the make though.
  7. Many years ago as a wee un growing up I wanted the must have accessory, a chopper bike. I remember my mothers words, "just because all the kids at school have a chopper doesn't mean you have to have one" Just because other cruise have announced sail dates and impending cruises doesn't mean Azamara have to. They will do it when they deem the time is right. Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting. Ps I never got the chopper
  8. I think your approach to this is bordering on naive. Many years ago I was new to the board of directors of a business, and having a conversation with the CEO one morning he expressed to me how much he respected the wisdom of one board member, who only only spoke when necessary, but when he spoke it was impactful and meaningful. In this current crisis Azamara are playing the the same game as that board member.
  9. Did the vote count for anything? Seems to be a bit predetermined.
  10. Thanks for the comments. First time in the Fat Duck wasn't too difficult, as they hadn't put timeframes on the bookings. Second time around was more difficult, booking opened 60 days in advance and we had five phones trying at the same time, one of them got through. That wasn't as hard as a booking (made in December) we have for Eipic in Belfast for late June (2021) when they are serving the Great British Menu by Alex Greene. That took three phones over an hour, and there wasn't a lot availability left.
  11. First instinct was Forth, but I've settled on Discovery.
  12. I'll probably be accused of being a foodie or food snob, ( at least thats what my sister calls me), not true. We just happen to love great restaurants which serve nice food. We have developed a habit of visiting Michelin Starred restaurants, although we equally enjoy the Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants ( good food at moderate prices). All in all we get as much pleasure eating in Hawker stalls in Singapore which have Michelin status as we do in 3* restaurants. I have complied a list of our restaurants visits to the Michelin * restaurants, my memory can't stretch to the Bib Gou
  13. Elro is a star. It's been great to watch his career progression from our first Az cruise on Quest in 2013 (when we first met him in Windows Cafe), right up to meeting him in Belfast when transferring his Butlers role from Journey to Pursuit.
  14. This where we may have to agree to differ, Belleek does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. It is produced in the most picturesque village, however that is a far it goes. I do like the idea of asking for the black mark Belleek as a delaying tactic. I do agree with you about the limitations of tours when cruise ships come into Belfast. There is museum in Co Tyrone that Americans would love, and yet it is never on the itineraries. It is called the Ulster American Folk Park and was originally funded by the Mellon family who hail from that area. It tells the story of
  15. I think the Queen Mother was very partial to a G&T, and Princess Margaret probably even more so 🙈 Lets hope we meet onboard soon, alongside Host Jazzbeau and I'll be well sorted for G&T's
  16. Alas Gin is not for everyone. It's a genuine case of one mans gin being another's poison. We are really lucky, there are presently over 60 craft gins being produced across the whole of Ireland, so we are working our way through them gradually! Wish me luck.
  17. Host Jazzbeau and I have a lot in common, a love of gin and fever tree (he's buying me a Silent Pool when we meet!), Mac's and not doing Windows!! The easiest method for accents etc on any iOS device (I've just double checked iPhone iPad and Mac) is to simply hold down the key and a small pop up appears with all of the available options for that letter then scroll across to the accent you want and touch it with the curser, or hold and slide your finger across on the mobile device and let go, hey presto, job done. Here is a selection ã ç ë ì ł ñ ô p
  18. We both had the Pfizer vaccine, no side effects except for the ubiquitous sore arm for 36 hours.
  19. Thanks Grandma Cruising, it's been a revelation. I start self administration on Monday🙈🙈
  20. Thanks Phil, sound advice as always. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be packing a fridge thermometer for a cruise!!
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