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  1. 21 minutes ago, excitedofharpenden said:

    That's what I'd do too. I have always found the fridges on Azamara to be pretty cool, but whether they'd chill to below 4° I'm not sure.


    I've got a cheap digi thermometer in my own home fridge that I bought on Amazon and you could always check the temperature in your fridge on the ship with it. 




    The other thing. If you don't manage to contact special services I'd go straight to the Hotel Director on the ship. This is exactly what they will be pleased to help you with. 



    Thanks Phil, sound advice as always.

    Never thought I'd see the day I'd be packing a fridge thermometer for a cruise!!

  2. 11 minutes ago, uktog said:

    I would contact Special Services (possibly via Sandra as they will the splitting from RC Special Services).  I am pretty sure they will be able to make arrangements via the ships medical team,  I have heard of them keep things for guests before.  The attendant can give you a container for sharps disposal like they do for diabetics

    Great advice. Thank you. I'll contact Sandra this week.

  3. Apologies for hijacking this thread, it is along the lines of healthcare as per the original.


    The Advisor had her first vaccine in early January, mainly because she still works ten hours a week for a large healthcare charity in a patient facing role.

    I got my first vaccine three weeks ago primarily due the fact that I have recently completed a clinical trial for an asthma drug which I am lucky enough to be using successfully for the foreseeable future.


    The prescribed product is a once a month IM injection, from a pre-filed auto injector which needs kept refrigerated at 4ºC or below. It is a self administration device.

    I have also done the forward planning for our next two cruises and the injection is due twelve and ten days into the cruise respectively.


    Now here is where I would appreciate advice.

    I know all the cabins and suites on AZ have fridges, however, they are never as cold a required.

    I read some time back that the reason the fridges don’t chill to the required temperature is the fact that they are in an enclosed cupboard/closet with the door shut, meaning that the recycled air used by the fridge is never cool enough to chill the fridge properly.


    As I see it I have a few options, persevere with the fridge (not ideal unless the outer door stays open the whole time), or ask the room steward to keep topping up the ice in the travel pack.

    Alternatively can pharmaceuticals of this nature be kept in the ships hospital?

    Is the room steward permitted to remove the used device for disposal, or should that go to the hospital?


    All thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.


    As a post script, I have learnt that travel pack must not contain ice packs of greater than 100ml

  4. 1 hour ago, rallydave said:

    Not really. According to people who have paid for the drinks package only takes about 4 drinks per day to break even because of the d we xtremely high drink prices plus the mandatory 18% tip added to individual drinks that is includedp in the package 

    $60 per day is an outrageous price for a drinks package. On our last Az cruise we had the Indulgence Package and it worked out at around $39 pp per day, that included tours, top shelf drinks, spa, three speciality meals etc


  5. 16 minutes ago, excitedofharpenden said:

    I heard from a very good source that they wouldn't use MJM again after the Pursuit contract. This surprised me because it all seemed to go well and the relationship between the parties appeared good.  



    There is a long standing relationship between MJKM and RCG and they refit ships around the world for RCG and have continued to do so since completing Pursuit.

     The only unique aspect of refitting Pursuit was it was done at home as far as MJM were concerned.

    The bit I had heard was that MJM wouldn't be used again in Belfast, purely for logistical reasons of bring a ship to Belfast during peak season cruising in Europe.
    That is obviously different right now, as is the ease of bring PP during this pause in cruising.

    Belfast did a refurb on three Viking ships last summer when they were laid up here.

  6. 11 hours ago, govanguy said:

    Be nice if the refit was performed in Belfast just like Pursuit.

    Absolutely. Let's hope PP is in better condition that Adonia was. Friends of mine who know the MJM management told me the Pursuit contract stretched them way beyond their expectation. 

    It has made me question are all P&O ships as badly maintained as Adonia was?


    In the short term I have wondered about Journey getting her update before cruising recommences in May, she could be in Belfast in around four hours!

  7. 16 hours ago, govanguy said:

    I priced it with Azamara on their website initially and thought the price was very good. I approached my T.A. and asked for a discount which I got . I then , before booking , had them price flights and hotel and was given a price not far off my target price booking air/ hotel / cruise on my own. Oh, and I forgot...I also had an upgrade to premium eco with B.A. included . I`d priced at coach.

     ABTA covered too, and as a complete package I`ll get a full refund if no sale or major change to itinerary.

    I`m confident I`ll be vaccinated by then.

    I ahem the slightest inclination that there may have been a price drop to make the sale of Azamara  more attractive to buyers by  having a higher customer demand. Mibees Aye/ Mibees no.

    We've got of bit of the Mibees. There are a number of options we have to consider before the end of the month as our deal expires 31st Jan.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Host Jazzbeau said:

    Just thought of one really positive implication of Azamara no longer being under RCG's purchasing mandates:  they have no excuse now for serving Royal Club tonic!!!  Since it's clear that @Azamara Team is reading this thread, repeat after me:  "FeverTree"

    Host Jazzbeau, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike.

    I have my email drafted for Sycamore Partners 😜

  9. 4 hours ago, govanguy said:

    This wouldn't`t happen to be the 14 night Caribbean on 26/11? We got an surprisingly amazing deal on this including flights and hotel at substantially less cost than a Celebrity per night cost. 

    We booked this also because Celebrity no longer have 14 night cruises in Caribbean.

    Perhaps this lower cost is linked to the news of Azamara`s sale to the private equity fund?

    That was the one. I don't think the pricing is relevant to the sale of AZ, I think it's TA's trying to generate forward bookings and some revenue.

    We are undecided. I'm more concerned about healthcare,  and the unknown of ports being closed etc 

  10. 17 minutes ago, Grandma Cruising said:

    Flights sound good, so no worries there (although you might want to check likely flight times). The only other thing to check is when does the balance become payable, if it’s similar to when you’d have to pay it directly to Az, then seems a good bet.

    Flight times are excellent and payment would be four months in advance, which as now know is the travel trade swinging the lead.

  11. 49 minutes ago, uktog said:

    Now that makes it very tempting for you.  If you book using a credit card, you hedge a lot of the risk.  The only challenge you have is your travel insurance especially for non Covid risks. There’s so many exclusions of cover now that are quite wide reaching if you book at present but some shopping around might reap a good partner to the deal if you remain tempted. 

    It is sounding more tempting, so careful consideration will ensue.

    I have had a letter from my travel insurance company prior to our annual renewal the only amendment was as follows.

    "This means we won't cover -

    Any new trips you book after your next renewal for cancelation claims caused by any Coronavirus (including COVID-19) or pandemic, eg due to travel restrictions imposed by the government, or cancelation by your airline or tour operator"

  12. I have contacted the TA and all flights are via Heathrow and with BA.

    The only surprising piece of additional information was that they couldn't offer me connecting flights to Heathrow from Dublin.

    Belfast City Airport is only six miles from home, but flying out of Dublin removes all UK passenger taxes and the price could have dropped further!!

  13. Thank you to both Grandma Cruising and Uktog, you have both helped with your greater knowledge of the travel trade.

    I do agree itineraries may well change as cruising recommences. 

    I am tempted to push the TA on the airline and the route to see if I can uncover any flaws in the routes.


    There is no doubt TA's are desperate to generate sales, and good luck to them, every business need a break in these difficult times.



  14. Like many others we have had major withdrawal symptoms from not cruising. Hopefully the opportunity will arise later in the year when we can take to the seas once again.

    I have been looking at a number of options for late in the year. I had compared prices for a number of cruises and the market was very stable with very little fluctuation in price.

    One Az cruise we looked at was coming in around £2650 pp from most TA's.

    Now I appreciate TA's have had a rough time and I have read all of the dubious practices they have been up to on these boards, which makes me suspicious of an offer I have just received (from a large mainstream TA). This is were I would appreciate the greater wisdom of those who understand how the travel trade works.


    The offer is, Az cruise, return long haul flights both ways, private transfers at both ends and an upgrade in the cabin for £2299. In my dismay I rang the TA and emphasised we live in Belfast and need additional flights on both legs of the journey, the price remained £2299.

    I then went back and checked all the other TA's and few more and their prices haven't changed.

    Am I right to be suspicious, or are there practices going on that I'm oblivious too.


  15. Part of the problem in the spike in numbers in Ireland is due to the fact that around 60000 people travelled to Ireland during the Christmas holidays. They travelled from around the world and the price is now being paid.

    One example, a friend of mine has two sons living in the greater Seattle area and they flew to Dublin on December 22nd, returning on 28th. At no point on either of their journeys were they tested or asked for evidence that they were Covid free. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Mackdogmolly said:

    Apparently, as the last cruise ship leaves Skagway, Alaska every year, the residents line up on the dock and moon the passengers. Anyone have a photo of that?!

    It is true. We witnessed it on Celebrity Century a good number of years back.

    I do have photographs (somewhere) however the light was so poor they probably would be hard to share.


    It was bizarre, the gates to the quayside were locked, and once the ship pulled away they were opened and around 30 locals ran to where the ship was berthed and mooned.

    On the deck (we were on) around 15-20 passengers who knew about the mooning waited with cameras at the ready.


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