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  1. Pursuit is having a Dry Dock in March, this may well have been scheduled for Singapore as she was cruising in Asia at that time. Could she be making the journey to Singapore and then returning to Europe? It certainly appears the dry dock is outside of Europe, alternatively in the Caribbean? This is a quote from the email I received today from Azamara. "Following the ship's scheduled drydock at the end of March, we will bring the ship directly back to Europe for a series of new 7-night Greece Intensive voyages".
  2. You were correct Laurie, the full itineraries are published tomorrow.
  3. We have a cruise booked for 11th May 2021 on Pursuit leaving starting in Tokyo and ending in Singapore. Azamara have today confirmed the cancelation of the cruise and all of the other Pursuit cruises in Asia between March and May. So at least they have supplied adequate notice, unlike for others whom have been posting on these boards. I am now reading the small print of what the options are to re book etc. The new itineraries for the remainder of 2022 and 2023 are published tomorrow
  4. My first cruise was June 1972. SS Canberra ex Southampton calling at Palma, Naples, Istanbul and Alicante.
  5. Laurieb, have you heard any updates?
  6. Professor Chris Witty, Chief Medical Officer for England and the UK Government's Chief Medical Adviser, has been quoted today saying it was unlikely there would be a vaccine in 2020 but there was a "reasonable chance" of a successful vaccine being ready for the following winter in 2021-22.
  7. I appreciate this is off thread, however, it is worth sharing as it is part of what makes the Azamara crew so special. We visited St Peters Port on Quest in 2013, it was the last port of call before Southampton. The weather was horrible. Upon disembarking one of the female Filipino security staff was standing at the gangway with her Azamara fleece on and she was still shivering with the cold, and I remarked to her "its a bit nippy" to which she asked what that meant. Upon returning to the ship several hours later she was repositioned inside and when I approached she asked "is it still nippy out there" to which all I could do was agree and laugh. Move forward three years to 2016 and Quest had received a refit and we got invited to see the ship in Belfast when she berthed. We got great welcome from Captain Carl on the quayside as he headed off on a tour. Anyway, we enjoyed the tour the ship and lunch on board, but as we headed for the gangway to depart a voice chirps up "Hello Mr Nippy" and to my amazement it was the same Filipino security team member, all I could do fist bump, smile and say hello goodbye as we departed.
  8. There was a feature tonight on BBC Radio Ulster on turn of phrase, Scunnnered was described as a classic 'Ulster Scots' word. Now if two or three of us were to write our posts in Ulster Scots, Host Jazzbeau would be having nightmares! 🙈🙈🙈
  9. Lurgan Park is a lovely park, and the lake is the highlight.
  10. I wanted to laugh when I read this post, only the whole thread is no laughing matter. This is a quote from Libraryireland.com Lurgan Spade When any person is in a serious mood or very depressed they are said to “have a face on them as long as a Lurgan spade.”
  11. All of the replies to date are in the Mediterranean, let's not forget the Baltic is in Europe. Stockholm is a fantastic sail way, and most of the Norwegian Fjords are spectacular. As far as ports of call, Venice and Seville are two of our favourites.
  12. Quick post script to this post, as the editing time has elapsed. The Azamazing evening in Bilbao was 2013 not 2003. I think it was the first year of Azamazing evenings. It should also read "the budget would have been blown apart"
  13. Denise, I remember it well. The logistics of organising such an event were exceptional. Every bar, taverna, and restaurant in the village was engaged with the Azamazing evening. They all had a food and drink offering and a friendly welcome. The weather did get nippy, although having stayed in the Troodos mountains before we came well prepared with jackets. Being from Northern climes I thought it was positively balmy, and it was only when I noticed a stampede for the coaches did I realise something was wrong. I think we were amongst the last to rejoin the coaches. If I remember it correctly Johannes apologised from the stage and announced an early departure. Our favourite Azamazing evening was in 2003 when we visited Bilbao. There were around 400 passengers onboard Quest and only around 200 came on the Azamazing evening. There was the usual song and dance show which paled into insignificance to the start of the evening. The location was a three star Michelin restaurant in rolling hills surrounding Bilbao called Azurmendi. It is currently ranked the fourteenth best restaurant in the world. Whilst the numbers were obviously too large for a sit down meal ( and the budget would have been apart) the food in the form of canapés and Pintxos were beyond azamazing. The food had the story of the evolution of Basque cuisine, when we arrived it was old style Spanish peasant food with pretty basic wines. We moved upstairs to the veranda of the restaurant and the story of the food continued to evolve to the haute cuisine of the Basque region today. To this day this was the best finger food we have ever eaten. The wines served on the veranda were all produced by the Azurmendi's own vineyards and were every bit as good as the food.
  14. Lift and Shift has been extended to September 30th. I have just had a phone call direct from Azamara confirming this.
  15. I did send Azamara web help a gentle reminder and to give them credit they did phone me 14 hours later to explain the extension to lift and shift.
  16. Can we try and keep positive thoughts for future of Azamara?
  17. Its great to hear The Broons and Oor Wullie are still going. They probably haven't aged a day in the past 30 years since I last picked up a copy of da Post.
  18. Has anyone used the webhelp@azamara.com email address and got a response in a timely manner?
  19. Perfectly written. There is no mention of the jobs at risk as staff from all around the world have no idea what tomorrow holds.
  20. Shop around. Every time I've booked onboard I've had extra OBC and discount from my TA. Having said that, the booking I presently have, the TA is insisting on payment four weeks before Azamara want it. That will lead very nicely to a conversation nearer the time of payment, which I look forward to, especially in light of the comments on these boards of TA's sitting on refund money etc.
  21. The Cairnryan ferry could even be more fun than a Ponant cruise. Stena offers a nice drivers lounge. 🙈
  22. Look what happened the Adonia with cruises booked. Passengers got £100 compensation for being dumped from their booked cruises.
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