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  1. Surely that means they can be on board for 4-5 days, show no symptoms whilst being infected/carriers and spread the virus during their time on the cruise and then get off, go home and develop symptoms having infected numerous people during the cruise.
  2. Denise, you have done a sterling job for the last three years. As a community we have been so lucky to have you as our host. Enjoy you retirement from Cruise Critic, you'll be a hard act to follow. Hopefully we can cruise with you and Nick again in the not too distant future.
  3. Surely the question should be, When will passengers resume cruising? I had a Zoom meeting this evening with some friends two of whom are Doctors and their advice to all on the Zoom meeting re foreign travel is wait for a vaccine. Ships may be sailing, however I think there may be surplus capacity.
  4. Great to hear he is on the mend. Sandra's sister is laid low with it, although in a lesser way than some. We are keeping contact with the outside world to an absolute minimum, to see if we can avoid it.
  5. Sorry to hear about your son-in-law Denise. Hopefully a speedy recovery ensues. I trust you and Nick are safe and well.
  6. One thing Azamara have not done, is communicate effectively. The same applies to the whole RCCL group. Take a look at the communication from Levi Strauss.
  7. I got the email too. It was a tad insensitive, badly timed and possibly in poor taste. I was in a 'Zoom' conference yesterday and everyone is sick to teeth of companies trying to sell at present time.
  8. Midwestchick, https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ is a good source of global data. It probably underestimates the global picture hugely, however if you like statistics it does show trends.
  9. Thanks for posting djkretired. I saw the news earlier on The BBC website. A sad day indeed. A culinary legend. His Waterside Inn restaurant (in Bray Berkshire) is to this day a fabulous experience in the hands of his son Alain. The food is fabulous, the location sensational. The food on Celebrity when he oversaw it, was the best at sea bar none. I had the misfortune of being on Infinity on the first cruise after Michel's food was dropped in favour of J Van Staden. There was near mutiny onboard.
  10. Desert Cruisers, There is good guidance on the link I've copied https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/londonderry-port-9043 The port in Londonderry does appear to be about six miles from the city centre by coach. Azamara normally has shuttles, and in Belfast every cruise ship gets a free shuttle courtesy of Visit Belfast, so I would expect something will be available. You can get to Donegal town from Killybegs by public bus, however they are infrequent. Ive added a link to the bus timetable, however this may change by the time your cruise comes around. https://www.buseireann
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    Azamara ships can navigate the Guadalquivir river to berth in Seville.
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