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  1. One thing Azamara have not done, is communicate effectively. The same applies to the whole RCCL group. Take a look at the communication from Levi Strauss.
  2. I got the email too. It was a tad insensitive, badly timed and possibly in poor taste. I was in a 'Zoom' conference yesterday and everyone is sick to teeth of companies trying to sell at present time.
  3. Midwestchick, https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ is a good source of global data. It probably underestimates the global picture hugely, however if you like statistics it does show trends.
  4. Thanks for posting djkretired. I saw the news earlier on The BBC website. A sad day indeed. A culinary legend. His Waterside Inn restaurant (in Bray Berkshire) is to this day a fabulous experience in the hands of his son Alain. The food is fabulous, the location sensational. The food on Celebrity when he oversaw it, was the best at sea bar none. I had the misfortune of being on Infinity on the first cruise after Michel's food was dropped in favour of J Van Staden. There was near mutiny onboard.
  5. Desert Cruisers, There is good guidance on the link I've copied https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/londonderry-port-9043 The port in Londonderry does appear to be about six miles from the city centre by coach. Azamara normally has shuttles, and in Belfast every cruise ship gets a free shuttle courtesy of Visit Belfast, so I would expect something will be available. You can get to Donegal town from Killybegs by public bus, however they are infrequent. Ive added a link to the bus timetable, however this may change by the time your cruise comes around. https://www.buseireann.ie/inner.php?id=406&form-view-timetables-from=Donegal+(Abbey+Hotel)&form-view-timetables-to=Glencolumbcille&form-view-timetables-route=&form-view-timetables-submit=1 Sorry, I can't help you with Waterford
  6. norn iron


    Azamara ships can navigate the Guadalquivir river to berth in Seville.
  7. There are numerous threads on CC about swollen feet whilst on a cruise. On the evidence I have read there is no proof or medical evidence as to what causes it. I don't subscribe to the salt theory. I add salt to virtually everything I cook (at the pre cooking stage), I would then add a limited amount of salt to taste. In my opinion Azamara's seasoning is well balanced, bordering on under seasoned. I have never suffered swollen feet in the Baltic, Norway or Iceland, yet anywhere in the heat I have balloons for feet, which makes me rationalise heat is the cause. I have tried the hydration theory and drunk bottles of water every day with no success. Last year whilst cruising from Sydney to Singapore in considerable heat, I drank 5ml for Organic Cider Vinegar every day and had the most comfortable feet in years.
  8. Fantastic story. I'm so glad it had a happy ending. It's a good rational to convince passengers to carry photocopies of their passports when ashore. This thread would not be out of place on the Azamara v Oceania thread. Whilst I do not know how Oceania crew would react, it is a great story to show the extra mile the Azamara crew go, and what sets them apart.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I have seen the other videos produced by that couple, that one is definitely the best of the bunch.
  10. I often wish the waiting staff were as quick at offering another drink or a top up of a wine glass, as they are at offering to clear tables.
  11. The Silent Pool has been on board for a while. Nobody would buy it at the risk of having it ruined by Royal Club.
  12. This might make me upgrade to the Ultimate Drinks Package. Maybe not for a Hendricks (although the Advisor is very partial), but for a Tanqueray 10
  13. I thought it tasteless! (the beer, not the joke!!)
  14. Maybe Richard Twynham need a memory jogger about his promise of last year. (That whilst the ships are in Europe, they will serve Schweppes). I read on another thread were Gymfreak was weighing the option of buying the Ultimate Indulgence package. I am considering the same purchase, however, I won't waste the money if there a risk of a poor quality Tonic water.
  15. Do you have a recipe for a Butter tart you can share? Who knows we could have a cookery thread.
  16. I eagerly opened this new thread expecting to read the breaking news of Azamara (following the trend of most cruise lines and) endorsing Fever Tree as their preferred pouring choice. I can still live in hope.
  17. Based on the OP's original attachment, has any one checked the survey at http://*****/azamarabath ?? They are not digging too deep with their questions.
  18. Ann, try ASDA. They have discontinued Scapegrace. Probably a bit too expensive at £40. It is being cleared at £30 and well worth it.
  19. I was recently talking to a friend who is as well travelled as I am. We had a challenge of how many countries around the world. It worked out I had visited 68 and my friend 62 so we have a great on going challenge. That got me thinking, yes I'm Irish and we are known to enjoy a drink. I must have visited bars in virtually every country I have visited with the exception of 'dry countries', and that would amount to bars in about 60 countries. Not once on my travels have I ever seen Royal Club served in a bar, anywhere, not even in the Netherlands where the parent company Heineken is based. I appreciate Schweppes is now being served in Europe, but how in name of a good gin and tonic are Azamara getting their eye wiped by a salesman with a brown envelope to stock what is a truly unacceptable product outside of Europe?
  20. Good luck, its a rare beast on Azamara. Try it shore side. A lot of cruise lines now serve Fever Tree it as standard, Azamara unfortunately not. Apparently it's too expensive for a premium line to serve.
  21. Host JazzBeau, thanks for posting. FeverTree have definitely taken the pleasure of Gin too new heights. Another great resource is www.theginguide.com which is great for experimenting with garnishes to match the gin Silent Pool is a wonderful Gin, however just this weekend we discovered yet another amazing tongue tantaliser, Scapegrace from New Zealand. Unfortunately I think its going to be hard to find aside from mail order. I would appreciate some feedback from CC contributors who have sailed this summer on either Journey or Pursuit. Last year Richard Twynam assured these forums (possibly via Bonnie) that Schweppes would be use whilst the ships are in Europe, is that the case this year? I'm hoping if it was the vile Royal Club we would have heard about it on these forums. If the ships do have Schweppes it will off set the need to bring my own tonic with me.
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