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  1. bookfairy

    Virus On Rhine

    We just returned Sunday from a Castles on the Rhine cruise with Uniworld. There was only one person on it that I know of that caught a cold. They had a disinfectant station for us to use when returning to the ship. They mentioned they were a sterile ship and the station was to keep it that way.
  2. Thank you for your help. That is what I thought, but things have relaxed a little since 9/11. I have my essentials and valuable things in the carry ons anyway.
  3. When we flew right after 9/11, our locks were broken when we got to Australia. Should I lock our check in bags?
  4. bookfairy

    Rhineland food off the ship

    Steamboats actually hit the nail on the head. I love sausage, bacon, pork chops, and roast, but there are parts of a hog that I can't get past. I am from central Illinois (pork country) and we do not make Saumagen here that I know of. It is not even in the international section of my Illinois Pride Pork Cookbook. Frommer's Germany talks about the Rhine being subject to good natured ridicule because of Saumagen and other dishes with questionable contents. That was making me a little worried. Thank you all for helping.
  5. bookfairy

    First time river cruise Rhine Uniworld tips?

    Thank you for your info. It is very helpful. This forum is great. We leave Saturday and get on the Ambassador Sunday. We are so excited. I will post again when we return and let you know how it was
  6. bookfairy

    Rhineland food off the ship

    We are taking the Castles Along the Rhine cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. We wanted to taste local specialties, but what I have read about them is turning me off. I want to make sure I am not eating things like pork belly and we don't know German. Any safe suggestions?
  7. I was wondering if dual voltage appliance actually work okay. Someone wrote in a post the almost fried their hair. Is a converter better? Do I need an adaptor for dual voltage appliances?
  8. bookfairy

    First time river cruise Rhine Uniworld tips?

    Thank all of you for your information it is helpful to talk to someone who has gone as a travelor. Karl, I went to your website. Your pictures are awsome.
  9. bookfairy

    First time river cruise Rhine Uniworld tips?

    Paula, Thanks for that information. We are flying into Frankfurt. The name comes from being a librarian at an elementary school at one time. One of the kids use to call me that. I have always liked it. What amenities should I expect? Is there shampoo and soap like hotels? Are both types of electrical plugs in the bathroom? Than you again.
  10. bookfairy

    First time river cruise Rhine Uniworld tips?

    Thank you. We are traveling from Amsterdam to Basel so I think we just have to worry about Euro's.
  11. bookfairy

    First time river cruise Rhine Uniworld tips?

    Thank all of you for your responses. I don't think either of our husbands will bother with jackets. Packing is at a premium these days anyway. Thank you Paula for the preview. It was great! I can't wait. I am wondering what length of sleeves I should take for when we are on the ship for myself. Sometimes I get cool. Should we try to get Euros at the airport or wait until we are in town? How much should we withdraw the first time? Suggestions? Thank you
  12. Hi, This is our first cruise and we have questions about what to pack. We are leaving August 16th, 2008. What should we expect in weather? My sister has questions about the captains dinner. Her husband normally wears long sleeve shirts, ties, d dress slacks to anything but weddings or funerals. Is that acceptable on a river cruise? We would love any tips anyone can give us since this is our first cruise trip. I can't wait to see castles and the Rhine. Thank you for your help!