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  1. As to masks being required, our group always had them at least around our ears if not over faces. outside in Athens. Lifted them up when in shops, museums, etc. I would say about half in Athens were not wearing. In Santorini today, I would say most were not wearing masks at all. We wore ours as some of the paths are a bit close person to person - but of course much less so than when we here five years ago. The public bus required everyone to keep them on.
  2. We checked with the tour stand right off the tender and were told that boar transfers to Oia were not available while the ship was in port. We took the public bus to get there - less than 20 minutes and €1.60 per person.
  3. That was NOT the case for our party of 6 during noon check-in. All of us were asked for proof of our vaccines and each card was photographed on the tablets that the check-in personal used to process all of our required documents. They first scanned our QR codes and then took the photo of the vaccine card. We were then sent to get our PCR tests. Once the test results came back (35 minutes later), we then were allowed to proceed to the ship, where before boarding they took pictures of our passports, again with the tablets, and cleared security That was the process for
  4. Wouldn't it be a blanket-wide policy on sailings regardless of where booked? I only say that because the values of OBC are quoted in Dollars ($) and not Pounds. We all know the failings of the IT department in regards to Cunard's hopeless website, which could possibly be attributed to the lack of notice of the new policy on the US site.
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