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  1. Do you happen to have an address for this hotel?
  2. Thank you! Did you cruise with Carnival? If so, which ship and what port did you leave from?
  3. What does TSA precheck mean if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. Just a FYI you can’t hang anything on the doors with tape (carnival policy). It has to be command hook brand. The doors on the outside don’t do so well with magnets either but inside they are great.
  5. We are booked for June 2020 so that’s good to know! Thanks!
  6. I do understand! I guess we are still pretty young (in my head at least) so we kind of wanted some people our age. We aren’t party people so that doesn’t bother me. I’m sure we will be fine! Thanks for all the responses! I truly appreciate it!
  7. What age group did you notice more of on the ship? Did you happen to do any excursions?
  8. If you’ve done an Alaskan cruise on carnival how did you like it? What age group would you say was more on the cruise? My husband and I are early 40s and are kind of scared of being bored out of our minds. Thanks!
  9. There still weren’t a lot of cars when we went but everyone that worked there was so nice. When we came back the line was short while other lines were long. Great service all the way around and will definitely be using them again!
  10. Thank you for posting this! We just booked an Alaskan cruise for June 2020. I truly hope we aren’t bored to death, but I think it will be fun!
  11. We are using Falstaff for our upcoming cruise this Saturday. I hope we like it as much as all of you.
  12. At first I was upset because I really wanted to go to Jamaica! We were looking forward to it, but there is always a next time and I am happy about the on board credit and the 25% off the next cruise. It's like free money.
  13. Our boys ages (18,16 and 15) along with our 8 year old (soon to be 9) little girl will be across the hall from us. She usually ends up in the room with us 98.9% of the time because the boys are always gone having fun. On our past cruises they have been next door to us.
  14. I was wondering if this was worth it. I think I will go ahead and book it for my husband and I. We really need to relax and have fun this cruise. Thanks!
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