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  1. Ummmm, I’m willing to hazard a guess that while you may not be taking it seriously, HAL is. This kind of exposure and free advertising, in a growing market, is valuable to the cruise line. Their 2020 itinerary was unique enough to result in the GWV being sold out in a really short period of time. However, being left out of the article suggests that they don’t have the “player” status they work so hard to promote to future world cruisers. We have done two full world cruises with HAL and can attest to the rapidly aging and in many cases declining health of their repeat guests. HAL knows the importance of wooing the market of newly retired with disposable income. An omission like this one does not work in their favour.
  2. Quite a few very traditional shows of singing and dancing and in our opinion they ranged from painful to barely tolerable. HAL, at least on the WORLD cruises, is doing the same kind of shows they did 20 years ago on their other ships. Four singers. Six dancers.
  3. Mmmmm, I think HAL has acquired a reputation of building less than exciting ships and sailing with a much older and less physically able demographic. I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with that assessment, but in the realm of world cruising, HAL seems to be losing its lustre.
  4. No, there appears to be a range including Princess and MSC.
  5. I was surprised to read that HAL was not on the fairly long list on CNN ‘s article titled “The Best Round-the-world Cruises for 2020” published today on their news feed. They seemed to list a range of price points and HAL’s absence from the list was notable to me, at least. 🤔
  6. Again it always depends on price, itinerary and what the ship has to offer. If I had to pick one line it might be RCCL.
  7. My husband and I wouldn’t dream of being loyal to a particular cruise line. It’s too restrictive and the so called perks are a drop in the corporate bucket. We look at the price, the itinerary and what the ship has to offer. That’s it. I hope you have a great time on whatever cruise you choose!
  8. I don’t blame you one little bit! Enjoy your future cruises!
  9. No, actually it’s called a cruise line’s worst nightmare and I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying it. To the poor passengers on this trip from hell - you have my full sympathy. However, know this - NCL will take a hit for this one in terms of reputation and I would suspect, future cancelled cruises.
  10. These kinds of refits circulate among the cruise line’s officers months before the work is done. They are big deals. NCL crosses its fingers and hopes for the best. Deeply discounting the fares for a voyage which would be marred by the kinds of construction we are talking about would never be an option. They throw a 25% future cruise discount at the passengers and think that it will cover them, knowing very few people will choose the path of litigation. What they didn’t count on was the press coverage that this story is getting. I love it.
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