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  1. Saab is correct you disembark using a floating pier and walk directly off the ship. The hop on hop off bus which takes you up the mountain if you want starts at the first building you come to. It’s right next to the pier
  2. My wife and I were on her in May this year and found her to be in fine fettle. Staff, food and facilities were great. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would board again in a heartbeat
  3. I agree with Lois, my wife and I were on it a few weeks ago and really didn’t see anything untoward. We didn’t look for anything untoward either. I guess if you want to find fault you can do that but we were there to enjoy ourselves and we did. The food was good, the staff brilliant and we had a fab cruise.
  4. I was on her a couple of weeks ago and it was as fab as usual. I didn’t even notice any real maintenance issues whatsoever and just concentrated on having a brilliant break. No point in being consumed by negativity. You pay a lot of money for a cruise so why not just enjoy it 😎😎😎
  5. Meant to ask if the explorer refit is definitely going to be carried out in March 2020.
  6. I’m just off Explorer last Friday and as already mentioned they do try to hard sell the dining packages. I prebooked the three night dining package at £52.13 per person. It was cheaper than booking it on board the ship if that’s any help. I booked it when it was on sale so not sure if £96 is a sales offer
  7. Has the refit work for next year been announced yet, does anyone know. We’re just off explorer on Friday and it is in need of someone TLC. Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise as always you can see areas where work needs done.
  8. Yes I believe so. Couldn’t find any drink package sellers today but will check again tonight. Looked at the price of the 3 night dining package and it’s $90 per person. I paid £52 odds online so I’m pleased with the deal I got. Asked a question on cc prior to my sailing regarding when the formal nights happen and unusually explorer’s first one is on the 3rd night not 2nd night. Going to Chops tonight on the 3 night package (this is my 2nd night on board) but will ask what options I have for the BOGO half being the D+ offer as it should be taken on the 1st or 2nd night. Hoping I’ll be able to use it further on in the cruise fingers crossed.
  9. Explorer has Heineken 00 on board. Had it last night in a couple of venues
  10. Now on board explorer and the price of the full drink package is $78 per person. Looks like they have a promotion on for buy one get one half price. Not sure if the D+ discount comes off the BOGO offer but will find out tonight. The refreshment package is $35 per person. I got my refreshment package for around $24 (£18.62 UK) so much cheaper online during the sale.
  11. I don’t drink alcohol but enjoy alcohol free beers. I’m on explorer tomorrow and had an email from the concierge who advised that they only had o’douls in stock on the ship. They’re hoping to get stocked up with Heineken 00 so hopefully it’ll be on board when I get there fingers crossed. My understanding is that they sometimes stock both but as host clarea has alluded to, they may not be on all ships.
  12. I’m on explorer on Tuesday so I’ll post what the prices are for both packages then.
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