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  1. Thanks for the information on the transit card. Makes sense I guess. Noticed that you have to have your birth certificate when supplying the B2B paperwork. It stated on the document you posted that you need your alien resident card or birth certificate. Never brought my birth certificate when doing a cruise before. Was that actually required please Radio
  2. Thanks for the updates Radio my wife and I have just booked a B2B on Oasis out of Miami so the information is really helpful. Looked at the procedure for COVID testing on a B2B but never heard of a transit card. Could you advise what that is please. I’m from the UK.
  3. Unless things have changed you do not get canned soda with the refreshment package. They supply you with a large ‘cup’ which you fill up yourself at a number of drinks stations on the ship. You can also get it filled up at the bars. I paid £17 UK per day (plus grats) last cruise. My next cruise in 2022 has it down as £27 per day so the price has jumped significantly
  4. Thanks for the responses which are really helpful and what I thought to be honest. It’s even written in the FAQ’s so thanks for that ourusualbeach. They’re trying to fob me off although my TA has now escalated it. I might try and escalate it as well
  5. Another amount was from a booking I made on board and they then cancelled the sailing
  6. Various cancellations from cruises where they pulled the ship and moved it somewhere else. Dubai was one
  7. I’ve posted previously about RCI cancelling my B2B cruise on Adventure later this year. Anyway I’ve still not had any official confirmation that it’s been cancelled but that seems to be par for the course. I asked my TA to try and get my future cruise credits of £2268 and on board credit of $1200 transferred to another cruise I’ve booked for September 2022. I’ve just been advised by my TA that RCI have transferred the FCC’s to this cruise but refuse to honour my on board credit. This was applied to my now cancelled 2021 cruise. I find this incredulous that they won’t honour something that I already had and was cancelled by Royal Caribbean themselves. Any views or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Oh now I understand and thanks ourusualbeach. As usual very informative and helpful.
  9. My TA also told me that it could take a few weeks to get Royal to approve the transfer of FCC to my cruise in Sept next year. Is that correct pls. Perhaps ourusualbeach would know
  10. Yes this new TA I’ve booked my sept 2022 cruise with doesn’t give me confidence that he cares. It’s a small company in the south of England with only two shops. I would have thought he would be pulling out all the stops to impress but I don’t see that. Before COVID wife and I cruised two to three times a year so it’ll be his loss that we will not use his company again. There’ll still be plenty of agents willing to go the extra mile. .
  11. Thanks Tex. An update today is that I’ve now requested a refund for the deposit for the cancelled cruise and my new TA has sent copies of my FCC’s to RCI (I furnished them to the TA). What concerns me is that he told me that I may have to go through Royal’s customer service to get my on board credit of $1200 transferred to my 2022 cruise. I provided my new TA with copies of proof that the OBC was applied to the cruise that got cancelled. Is my TA just not fighting my corner on this. What do you think pls
  12. Thanks. Just need to get my FCC certificate from Tui for my lost deposit then for cancelled 2021 cruise (presume it’s the £300 plus 25%) then get my new TA to transfer all the credits to the cruise in 2022. I’ve got the other certificates for £2268. How do they go about securing my $1200 on board credit to this cruise. I do have information that I have £990 in on board credit for the cancelled 2021cruise by means of a print out of my cruise planner (converts to $1200).
  13. Another complication is that my future cruise credits expire on 31st December 2021 and as I have a cruise booked for September 2022 can they be extended and transferred to this cruise does anyone know please
  14. All the other cruises that I’ve had cancelled I did receive an email from them and it didn’t come from my TA. Goodness knows whether TUI my travel agent will send me the information as the shop I used was in Glasgow (closed) and I’m in southern England. I phoned them today and got someone from Bristol who didn’t have a clue and weren’t really interested.
  15. I’m frustrated that RCI have not sent an email outlining what options I have for the cancellation of my Adventure of the Seas cruise out of Barcelona in September. This b2b cruise had future cruise credit worth £3k and on board credit going on to it. I heard about the cancellations on here and checked my cruise planner where it came up as voyage cancelled for the two cruises. Any views on what I should do as my travel agent is closed and as it was Tui it could be any member of staff UK wide that I would have to deal. It took a great deal of organising late last year to get all the ducks in a row. Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. My wife and I have a short break b2b out of Barcelona in September on Adventure of the Seas or should I say we used to. We’ve gone on to cruise planner and the two cruises are no longer there. Nice of RCI to notify us about the cancellation. Sums up their customer service for me. Didn’t really expect them to go ahead but removing them before advising that they are cancelled is poor. I await with bated breath to find out what they’re going to do for me as we have around £3000 in fcc going in to that cruise as well as $1200 on board credit
  17. Thought I’d check again in case I was seeing things with £4K for a four night cruise. Checked August and it’s an eye watering £5386 excluding tips
  18. Checked most of the cruises from June to Sept (both 4 night and 5 night) and there are no grand suites booked apart from mine in September. Doesn’t look promising. If that’s consistent with the other cabins I certainly can’t see them running them but time will tell. They’re also very expensive with a 4 night grand suite at £4K
  19. Wife and I are booked on a b2b in September out of Barca. The cruises are a mixture of 4 and 5 nights going to France, Italy and Majorca. However looking at the first cruise leaving in early June it appears that no grand suites have been booked. No way of telling at this stage but I do wonder if they’ll cancel the whole season if bookings are very poor throughout the season.
  20. Thanks Ken, do you think that would include the FCC and lost deposits (£3000) as well please.
  21. Just to apply some context to this, the b2b I have currently has just under £3000 and $1200 OBC going in to it. This is down to all the cancellations RCI have made over the last 18 months. I have a cruise booked for September 2022 and would want to apply this money to that. Does this mean I’ll lose all of that through no fault of mine please. It’s not happened yet but I fully expect the cancellation of Adventure out of Barcelona for the full season. I’ve checked the number of grand suites booked from May and there are none booked. The same applies to our cruise in September, mine is the only grand suite booked. Don’t know if this is indicative of the rest of the cabins but it doesn’t look great.
  22. If the sailings out of Barcelona are cancelled is it possible to transfer the FCC’s and deposits that I have going on to these September cruises, to a cruise in 2022 that I’ve already booked. Does ourusualbeach know please.
  23. I’ve got a b2b booked from Barcelona in September and I’m of the view the whole itinerary starting in May will be kicked in to touch. My full payment is due in June so hopefully this is announced soon so I can make alternative arrangements for 2022
  24. Yes I guess you’re right. It’s difficult though as it will be a virtually a half price cruise due to all of my previous deposits etc funnelling in to this cruise. Not sure if they would refund that money
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