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  1. I don’t drink alcohol but enjoy alcohol free beers. I’m on explorer tomorrow and had an email from the concierge who advised that they only had o’douls in stock on the ship. They’re hoping to get stocked up with Heineken 00 so hopefully it’ll be on board when I get there fingers crossed. My understanding is that they sometimes stock both but as host clarea has alluded to, they may not be on all ships.
  2. I’m on explorer on Tuesday so I’ll post what the prices are for both packages then.
  3. Got me wondering as I’m diamond plus, what the price of the drinks packages (both refresh and deluxe) would actually be on board. As I would get a discount of 30% I believe, would it be cheaper on board rather than the online sale
  4. Thanks. Watched a YouTube video from 2019 on one of the ships and they said red bull was included in the refreshment package. I don’t drink the stuff but my daughter does and she will be with us on one of our cruises. I’ll check when I’m aboard next week.
  5. As part of the refreshment and deluxe drinks packages, are cans of red bull included please?
  6. Found out that the Explorer permanent concierge Denzel Fernandes is on leave. Apparently Jorge Delgado is the replacement and he is struggling as the concierge and diamond lounges are heaving every night. On explorer in a week or so. Hope it’s not as busy as has been reported by a friend on the ship currently. Wonder how long Denzel is on leave. Anyone know?
  7. I’ve booked the three speciality restaurant package but wondered, as both my wife and I are D+, if it might be better waiting on the bogo benefit. Does anyone know what’s on offer with the bogo please? Do both my wife and I have the benefit so in theory we could have four meals for the price of two?
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