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  1. Thank you to everyone for the Daily community. Also watched the funeral for Prince Phillip this morning. It was a beautiful service and my heart broke for Queen Elizabeth II. I appreciate DH (and have for 44 years). We've had our share of medical issues for him but he just keeps going and will be 81 next month. I asked him if he had anything he wanted to do today and his response was "Survive and enjoy the Earth." I never know what is going to come out of him! We had a gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest with temps in the mid 70's, blue skies and no clouds - and it's on
  2. We're supposed to be having the first day of quite a sunny and warming stretch. I don't think the weather forecaster knows much as in the last 30 minutes we've had a deluge of hail which changed to rain with substance which became snow and then back to rain. It's done now but the road is slushy. So much for 40+F and sun! Such is the Pacific Northwest. Karen
  3. @ger_77 Happy Anniversary! It was a great weekend to be married, wasn't it? Our motivation for choosing the date was two-fold. My DH wanted to be married sooner than later and my birthday worked. Also, being Easter weekend it meant it was easier for out-of-town guests to travel. We got married in Coquitlam BC where I grew up. We're also doing Italian take-out from Olive Garden (same as last year at the start of the pandemic). Karen
  4. Good morning everyone, I've been meaning to post for several days but got sidetracked. Zoos - We went to the Anchorage Zoo in 2019 when we were on the Amsterdam. We did a ship's tour (we have a scooter for DH for mobility so it's easier ) and we did a behind-the-scenes tour. It was fun and the staff was great. We've been to the San Diego Zoo and Woodland Park Zoo multiple times. Stanley Park, in Vancouver BC, had a small zoo when I was growing up. Pool - our local Health Club opened up water aerobics this week so I've been there 3 times and loving it! I'v
  5. Good evening! Juneau - a port we have visited 17 times (yes, you read that right). 4 were on Princess and 13 on Holladn America. We also have 3 booked for this summer (1 on Princess and two on Holland) but we'll see if that works. We live north of Seattle so Alaska cruising is ideal. It's 90 minutes to the port and so easy for us with DH's mobility issues. In Juneua we've done almost everything. We've been to Mendenhall a couple of times, done the Tracy Arm excursion, I did the Mount Robert's Tram, and we did whale watching 2 years ago - it was a small group excursion and
  6. Another Washingtonian chiming in. We're up near the Canadian border (between Mount Vernon and Bellingham). We got our second shot on the 20th. I had a sore arm but DH (who has underlying conditions and is 80) had body weakness that was bad enough I had to call 911 and they took him in to be checked at our local ER. It took most of the week for him to get mostly back to normal. My 94-year-old mom in BC (who I haven't seen in a year) got her first shot last Monday and says her second is in 4 months. I've heard that they are separating the vaccine doses more than we are down here, bu
  7. We've been on the Eurodam and I don't think you have anything to worry about. For one you shouldn't have any tendering. Sitka and Icy Strait Point have docks now. Deck 6 is above the lifeboats and the sightlines should be just fine. Karen
  8. Another lurker here. I've thought of posting a few times but didn't. I love this thread and check it out daily - often several times! It was a windy day today in the Pacific Northwest but little rain. That's supposed to change tonight. Dinner was salmon, baked potato and green beans. DH and I love to cruise, are close to Seattle (90 minute drive) so have only cruised from there. Happy New Year! Karen
  9. Good morning, I do a Nanaimo Bar that has more of an "icing" filling. I'm with those that think it's too sweet. It's 1/2 cup butter (I use margarine), 4 tbsp. instant vanilla pudding mix, 4 tbsp milk, and 4 cups of icing (powdered) sugar. Cream the first ingredients together then add the icing sugar. This is for a 9x13 pan. Also, for the topping I use semi-sweet chocolate chips and it works great. I live in the US (Married an American) but am B.C. born. I take Nanaimo Bar to family gatherings and it's eaten, a lot, and many requests to take some home. My
  10. Good morning , Yes - 2021. We also have a Princess Hawaii and coastal in April but not as confident about them sailing (as much as I want to!). When it gets closer I'll have you add them if they work out. Saves you adding and deleting. Karen
  11. Hi Jacqui, We're booked on the following: July 4th - Oosterdam - Alaska Explorer Aug. 28 - Emerald Princess Alaska - 7 day Inside Passage Sept. 4 - Eurodam Alaska Explorer The last two are our version of a back-to-back! Thank you! Karen
  12. Hi Tampa Girl, If you look on the right hand side of Capt. Mercer's blog page you'll see "Archives" about 1/4 of the way down the page. If you go to January 2020 that will bring up his entries for January. At the bottom of that page, after his blog there are the numbers 1-9. Click on the #9 and it will take you to the first entry and then you can work from there. It's a bit cumbersome but very doable. Karen
  13. We sailed on the Amsterdam 5 times - all of them the 14 day Alaska Itinerary. The first was in 2010 and that one did the Inside Passage. Then it was 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2019. The first and last we were fortunate to be upgraded to a balcony. The others were in our favorite HA cabin - 3431. The Amsterdam is our favorite ship - just the right size and great staff. We loved the stops in the smaller ports and definitely in Anchorage. One year, in Anchorage, we got off with DH's scooter and all was good. We came back when they told us to and found the promenade deck so low that we had to duck und
  14. Good morning, We have only sailed out of Seattle for Alaska (and many times) so here's my take on the situation. If you leave out of Vancouver you get Skagway. If you like trains and want to ride the White Pass Yukon Railroad then this is the one for you. All the departures - Seattle or Vancouver - either do Hubbard Glacier or Glacier Bay. Both are worth seeing and, having seen both several times, there are pluses and minuses to both of them. Either way it's a great day of glacier viewing no matter what the weather. If you go out of Seattle you get to go to Sitka. This is
  15. Thanks for the Daily Rich! Happy 4th of July! Karen
  16. Good morning, It's also National Postal Worker Day in the US. Happy Canada Day! Loved the quote. Thanks for doing this Rich. It's the bright spot in my morning. Karen
  17. Happy Canada Day! To celebrate I finally get a haircut!!!!! It's been too long. I'll don my Canada shirt and socks (courtesy of Northern Reflections) and enjoy my Canadian self. After being in the US for 43 years (married an American) I still am proudly Canadian! Karen
  18. I'm with you Sue from Canada! I look at the webcam and dream! Then I go over and look at Ketchikan, Homer and Skagway. Oh well - have cruises booked for 2021 and they include Alaska so we'll see what happens. Karen
  19. Good morning! Thanks for the Daily Rich! You're one of the "must reads" every morning and I appreciate all your hard work. Happy Anniversary Jacqui and Jose! Great news on your foot as well. We're having nice weather in the Pacific Northwest and today is making brownies to take to the doctor's office for DH's lung check. We should be in cruising mode - but that's another story. Karen
  20. Here's the link for the Snow cloud webcam. http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com Enjoy! Karen
  21. Love the pictures Ann! It's so sad to see Ogden Point and Seattle ports so deserted. Karen
  22. We were scheduled to sail to Hawaii on the Eurodam on April 15th from Seattle. It was canceled at the end of March. So far we have our FCC, excursions and on-board orders refunded. Only thing left is port taxes. The excursions came in two batches - May 9 and May 12, the FCC was May 7, and the on-board spending was May 14. We had Alaska booked on the Eurodam for late August/early September as well as Princess the week before. Nothing on either of those yet but we're doing FCC's on both and will rebook for 2021. Thinking positive thoughts! Karen
  23. Hi Jacqui, We are just not destined to cruise in 2020. You can take us off Ruby Princess Aug. 29th and Eurodam Sept. 5th. We have a deposit on a Panama Canal repositioning next April (HAL) but Princess has a 16 day Hawaii out of Seattle at the same time. Decisions, decisions. Hope you are healing well. DH turns 80 tomorrow (I'm 13 years younger) and we're having temps in the low 80s this weekend to be followed by rain during the week. Love the Pacific Northwest! Karen
  24. I've been reading this thread avidly but haven't posted before. I got this birthday card and it may cause several of you to smile (maybe not Roy though). My hair is usually short and it's gotten so long and curling at the ends. It's driving me nuts! Thanks for doing this Rich. It's one of my first reads of the day. Karen Bangs card Front.pdf Bangs card Inside 1.pdf
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