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  1. Yep. We are scheduled to sail on Caribbean Princess on January 2nd. I'm just sitting back and watching this all unfold at this point. I'm sure that it will become clearer over time.
  2. Royal Caribbean just announced that vaccines will be required for all of their sailing for everyone 18+. Those under 18 who have not been vaccinated will be required to have a COVID test. I'm sure the other major lines will follow suit.
  3. We were supposed to sale on Regal on 3/29 and canceled two days ago. I’ve never been happier about canceling a cruise in my life.
  4. We will definitely be cancelling our March 29th Regal cruise now...just too risky at this time. This is such a relief, and I will gladly take future cruise credit. This was such a good move on Princess's part.
  5. I just got the email as well, and we will be cancelling our March 29th cruise and taking future cruise credit. This was such a good move on Princess's part. What a relief!
  6. We are in the exact same situation. We have a cruise planned on Regal set to sail on March 29th. We have until March 15th to cancel and get 25% back.
  7. Thanks for such a great (and fun) review! We will sail on the Regal Princess in late March and cannot wait. So glad that you like Lago Mar. That is our "go to" pre-cruise place, and it's spectacular.
  8. This is so good to hear. My daughter has tree nut allergies, and we sail on Brilliance of the Seas this coming Saturday. I've emailed the special needs department and have asked that they make a note on our reservation, but we will speak with the MDR and the head chef at Windjammer's as well.
  9. Thank you so much for such a detailed and great review! We board Brilliance on Saturday, and we cannot wait. 🙂
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