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  1. I appreciate your posting these links. The suite concierge is not the same as the diamond club concierge. Guess Ill know for sure when I get there.....:rolleyes:
  2. Wondering if anyone knows who the current Diamond concierge on Oasis is.:confused:
  3. I visited Maya Key in 2009 when it was still called "Fins and Flippers." It truly was a beautiful place - pretty beach, plenty of chairs, vast dense shade, clean bathrooms. At that time, we paid $23.00 for the day. Now with the name change and liason with the cruise lines, it is more costly and I would guess more crowded. Don't know if I would pay $63.00 to lay on a beach. Would also love to hear from someone who has visited more recently.
  4. JHealy28S

    Maya Key

    We were there in 2009 when it was still called "Fins and Flippers" and it was clearly the best day I ever spent in the Caribbean, it is truly a beautiful facility. That being said, on the home page of Maya Key, it says that you can ONLY go as part of a ship excursion. Its about $65.00 and apparently includes a lunch buffet. Two years ago, they were still developing it (the museum was under construction). We walked to the water taxi, taxied over and spent the day. It was not the least bit crowded and really a perfect day. I would also love to hear from someone who visited more recently.
  5. I would be very careful obtaining meds of any kind in Mexico.:confused:
  6. We have used Charlies car rental several times and have been pleased repeatedly. They pick you up at the airport, and take you to the port after you return the car.
  7. I have been loyal Royal cruiser. I am a Diamond member and am HAPPY to say that I am looking forward to my first, and probably not last, cruise on Carnival. Now I will truly seek out alternate cruise lines....my loyalty is GONE.:mad:
  8. Hey thank you to all for all the replies.......as well as the link to the other forum which I did not know about and will definitely check out. My husband & I are frequest cruisers, but our friends that are joining us this May, this will be their first cruise and being that she has celiacs, I just wanted to get SOME info which now that I have, I think she will feel assured that cruising will not compromise her diet. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the reply Bob. I figured that the cruise lines would be accomodating...but it helps hearing it from someone who has been there.
  10. Thank you very much and I will look forward to your reply. I hope that they will do everything possible to make sure your cruise dining experience is exceptional while adhering to the necessary dietary guidelines. Have fun!
  11. I will be cruising on a carnival cruise with a friend with Celiacs disease and I am wondering if anyone has any experience in this area...how able was the cruise line able to accomodate the dietary restrictions. Any info appreciated.:)
  12. I was on the cruise with Bill, OP. We bought the RCI transfer on board the ship the night before disembarkation from the port to Ft. Lauderdale Airport. NEVER AGAIN! We took advantage of the expeditied departure from the ship, carrying our own bags off. We were off by 7. We were put into a full sized bus, that did not leave until it was near full, which took a good 45 minutes. There were plenty of cabs there to be had which were cheaper than the RCI transfers were. We asked the driver of the bus when he thought we would be leaving when we first got on it....could not get a straight answer. Never again! The few people we talked to while waiting on the bus felt the same way. Also, we were dropped off in between the terminals, not AT them...hence a bit of a walk back or forward to the appropriate terminal......NEVER AGAIN. Otherwise, this was a fantastic ship, great time on board, really enjoyed the dining room, met great people from our Meet and Mingle as well as others. I will do a full review that will eventually appear on the website that Bill referred to, currently under construction.;)
  13. Well from the pictures I've seen from that beach....it looks beautiful...however DH really looking for snorkeling...will keep Accra on my next time we will definitely do list! Thanks for all input! Peg:)
  14. Thank you syndyj...appreciate the info!:)
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