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    Where to stay in NOLA

    I live in New Orleans, but have opted to stay at the Hotel Montleone for a fun weekend. I highly recommend this hotel..especially if you can get the incredible rate the other poster quoted. They have a lovely carousel bar that actually turns like a real carousel. I have never stayed in the Drury Suites but it does sound like a mighty good deal and I might just have to stay there one night. The plus about the Drury Suites is that parking package they offer. Worth looking into. If I can help anyone with other recommendations, such as restauarants, etc....please ask. I am happy to help.
  2. docmagic

    question about handicapped stateroom

    Thanks so much NCtribe and MontyCruiser. I pretty much figured it would be about the same.
  3. docmagic

    question about handicapped stateroom

    Thank you very much for your reply.
  4. Hi - I am about to leave next week on my 2nd cruise on the Fantasy. When I booked my vacation with my PVP, she told me there were only two staterooms available in the category I had selected on the Empress deck, One was at the very back of the ship and one was right in the middle. I chose the middle. She then preceded to tell me that it was a handicapped room. I told her that neither myself or my boyfriend were disabled and to give the room to someone who needed it...we would just take the back of the ship. She told me she would put me in the handicapped room unless someone needed it and she would change our stateroom if necessary. She said I might enjoy the extra space and if it was going to be unused anyway, just to take it. So, I am wondering...has anyone booked a handicapped cabin before? What were the advantages/disadvantages? I am a little worried because it is right next door to the information desk on the Empress deck and I'm not sure how noisy it will be. I will be fine if my PVP decides to place me in another cabin, especially if someone needs it. She assured me she would do this. I am a very able bodied 32 year old that can do without the extra space...I'm just trying to get some opinions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. docmagic

    Spices on the Fantasy???

    Ok..I couldn't help but crack up laughing when I found another Tony's addict online!!! I eat in on everything and being from New Orleans, it is hard to imagine going anywhere that doesn't have it. I am leaving for my 2nd cruise on the Fantasy on 8-9-08. Last year when I went, the food was fine. Not too bland. I like the other posters suggestion of the cajun sparkle from Popeyes. Yummy!!!
  6. docmagic

    Success of bringing on Alcohol?

    One cruise on the fantasy- 1 confiscation. They pulled me into a small room and searched my stuff and questioned me. I had it in a sprite bottle, but did not lie about it. I won't do this again in two weeks when I leave...too embarrassing.
  7. docmagic

    Just Off The Fantasy! A Review

    Thanks for both of the reviews. Glad you are home safely. We leave on the Fantasy 8/9. Are there still 4 dining times or has it changed to 2? Also, what did you all do in Progresso?