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  1. I appreciate all the responses. Clearly shipping home the souvenirs is the way to go. We will explore the options. Thank you. Paul
  2. Years ago on this board someone said apply the 80/20 rule. That means if 80% of the people who responded are in agreement on something take it to be true. You will never, ever get 100% agreement on anything. So...if 80% feel a certain way then you should consider that to be reliable. Hope this helps. Paul
  3. We have been on many cruises and usually pack our souvenirs carefully and bring them home in the luggage or carry ons. Our next cruise is a long one and I was wondering if anyone has shipped their souvenirs home via Fed Ex or any other shipper. We end our cruise in Venice and will be there for a few days. It would make packing so much simpler if we could ship the souvenirs home separately. Anyone ever done that? Paul
  4. Thank you for the advice. I will be contacting my TA to advise NCL of the disabilities. Paul
  5. Our family is going on the Spirit later this year and 2 of our sons are autistic. Do I notify NCL or should my travel agent do it. Having an expedited check in would be terrific. On our last cruise we flew on Lufstansa and they knew of the disabilities. They made check in wonderful. Paul
  6. Our family was on the Spirit last year and we had 2 inside cabins. They seemed no different than the inside cabins on Princess or RCCL. We are going on the Spirit again in October (with insides) and looking forward to it. A really nice ship IMO. Paul
  7. Never tie yourself to one cruise line. The more cruise lines you try the better. Paul
  8. And Nassau is one of the least liked ports for cruisers. If they were in Barcelona, then OK. 😎
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Spirit. Our family took out first NCL cruise last January and we were on the Spirit on a 10 day Canary Islands cruise. We have done many Princess cruises along with MSC, Costa and RCCL and we enjoyed NCL as much as any of the ones mentioned. I really like the Freestyle cruising. I got tired of the tux on formal nights on Princess and eventually stepped down to a suit and then just smart casual. There are no pretenses on NCL. Casual all the way and I love it. We went to Tangiers instead of Casablanca (because of the rough weather) and I am glad we did. Had a great time and tour in Tangiers. The Spirit is an older ship but we enjoyed it thoroughly. So much so that we are on the Spirit again this October. Our family is doing a 15 day cruise from Southampton, England to Venice. Every stop (Normandy, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Naples Athens Split, etc) is truly a highlight stop. And the UBP that NCL offers is the single best perk I have ever gotten on any cruise anywhere. Paul
  10. Tamie, Thank you for the reply. Hopefully we can all meet up on this cruise. We are coming in to London 5 days pre-cruise so let me know if we can meet for dinner in London. It looks like you are all set for Le Havre. We have been to Barcelona several times before so we are free lancing there as we have already seen the most important sites. In Italy we have booked Romeinlimo for Livinoro, Rome and Naples. We have used Romeinlimo before and they are nothing short of excellent. Let me know what you are doing in Santorino and Athens. In Split I think we are doing a Segway tour. Looking forward to hearing from you. Paul
  11. We actually did book this cruise. For the Le Havre stop we have contacted Overlord tours for a tour of Normandy. We are waitlisted on the 9B tour on October 12th. This tour is limited to 18 people and we are the first 5 to have signed up for this tour. It takes 8 reservations for the tour to officially “open.” This company comes highly recommended so if you are interested contact Rebecca at Overlord tours. Hopefully we will meet up on this cruise. We are also booking most tours through private companies. Paul
  12. Two years ago our family was in Rome and we did the Rome highlights tour with RomeinLimo. In short, they are fabulous. There are several threads on this board that go back years regarding this company and the thousands of reviews here and on TripAdvisor are nothing short of excellent. This October we are going on another Med cruise that stops in Livorno, Rome and Naples and yesterday I booked RomeinLimo for all 3 days. Have fun. Paul
  13. We have been in Barcelona twice in the past 2 years and we stayed at the Hotel Europark both times. A great hotel with a breakfast buffet. Close to everything. If you stay with them book directly with them to get the best rate. Don’t use a third party site. paul
  14. Our family (5 adults in 2 cabins) went on our first NCL cruise last year (Canary Islands cruise on the Spirit) and had a terrific time. We had the UBP and it was the best perk we have ever received. We have taken many cruises on Princess, RCCL, Costa, and MSC but have received nothing close to the UBP. So...my question is this...does getting the UBP have any affect on what cruise line you choose when you plan your next cruise. Paul
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