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  1. vwgolf

    My Time Dining Reservations

    Think I might left it as there are no MDR reservation times available between 5:30 and 7;45. I've booked 7:45 all week and if we change our mind and don't mind queuing I'm sure they'll get us in somewhere!
  2. What protection is their for people with dog allergies? You no longer get nuts on planes because of the fear of nut allergies so why should dogs be allowed on planes?
  3. vwgolf

    My Time Dining Reservations

    Thanks. It's our first time with Royal Caribbean so not sure what the situation is. With P&O, who we usually cruise with, we turn up and register at the desk. They usually ask if we are happy to share, to which we say yes, and then wait for a table to come free.
  4. Thanks - it sounds like I don't need to take my suit if a shirt and tie will suffice. As for dining, I'll look at making reservations now. Beginning to wish I'd not gone for My Time dining now!
  5. We've been on two cruises affected by hurricanes. The worst that happened was a missed port one day as the ship had to sail "round" the hurricane. On the other cruise we had a couple of port changes. Modern cruise ships are big enough to handle hurricanes but you could end up with a bit of rough sea so take your sea sickness pills with you, just in case!
  6. vwgolf

    My Time Dining Reservations

    Just wondering, my wife and I have My Time dining but we haven't made any reservations for the simple reason we are more than happy to share with other people at dinner. I'm assuming this is an option and we won't have to wait for a table for two to become available?
  7. Actually I've thought of one more question. We - that is my wife and I - have booked My Time dining for a bit of flexibility. Just wondering what sort of wait times are typical? We are happy to share, in fact we would prefer to have some dinnertime company!
  8. An excellent report, thank-you. We are travelling to the US next week to take the New England cruise departing 24th August and this has really got us excited! One question that I know has been asked elsewhere but how formal were the formal nights? If I can avoid having to pack my suit then great but I don't want to be the only one in casuals!
  9. I'm on the Adventure next week and am just wondering what the minimum bets at the casino are? I enjoy the odd bet but don't want to put down a fortune! Thanks.
  10. vwgolf

    My 2 cents on cruise attire

    And there's the problem - the "policy" is too vague and open to interpretation. Dress codes at restaurants or functions are normally unambiguous: black tie, white tie, lounge suits etc etc. Either have a clear dress code and stick to it, or don't have one at all.
  11. vwgolf

    Formal night - attire

    Clearly a touchy subject but that's the problems with dress codes, be they on a ship, in a restaurant or at work. If you have one then it needs to be specific (eg black tie) and enforced otherwise what's the point. What's smart to one person may not be to another. As for me, I think I'll just stick a jacket into my luggage along with a tie just in case.
  12. vwgolf

    Formal night - attire

    I'm pleased I found this thread. We are going on our first RCI cruise in four weeks and I've been wondering about formal wear. British cruise lines such as P&O tend to be quite strict on their formal nights whereas our previous cruises on American cruise lines - Carnival and NCL - have been anything but. As we're flying in from the UK and thus limited in our baggage allowance I didn't want to pack full formal dinner wear. It looks like I'll get away with just a jacket and tie, however.
  13. vwgolf

    My time dining and reservations?

    This has been puzzling me. We have booked My Time dining but if you need to reserve beforehand, surely that negates the flexibility that My Time brings? Also, there are only two of us but we would be more than happy to share - in fact we would prefer to. Is it possible to book tables for sharing in advance?
  14. Thanks, that's what I suspected. Our flight doesn't leave until 7pm so I guess it's better than spending hours sitting at JFK, though. I assume you have to be off the ship around 9am?
  15. On a related issue we were thinking of taking the Manhatten highlights and JFK transfer at the end of the cruise as an alternative to taking a taxi. Has anybody done this before? Is it worth it? We are staying in New York before the cruise and I'm wondering if it will just be a repeat of what we plan to do there.