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  1. Something we've noted with sockets is that they are often close together or very close to the desk/dressing table in your cabin. This can make them tricky to use with adaptors, particularly if they have USB cables sticking out of the top or bottom.
  2. Don't use the visa agencies recommended by the cruise lines; they charge a fortune in admin fees. Go to the official government sites which are much cheaper and only marginally more hassle (although India does like its bureaucracy!)
  3. We've just booked this cruise but departing on April 7th. I'd also be keen to hear of any tips, particularly on recommended excursions or things to do whilst in port.
  4. Interestingly we cruised almost exclusively with TUI/Thomson's until around 2013 when we had a bit of a fallout with them because of a noisy cabin. We then moved to P&O but that has gone down hill big time with drunks and louts all over the place, especially on the larger ships, so we decided to give the Discovery 2 a go last October. Despite the AI drinks, there was certainly no evidence of anybody going too far and we were impressed enough to book two weeks on the same ship in the Caribbean in April. As you say above, quietly sozzled folks who keep themselves to themselves are no problem - in fact, I may be one of those myself!
  5. I've just booked a Caribbean cruise flying into Jamaica and read that there's a bonded luggage service where you drop your bags at the departure airport and don't see them again until they arrive in your cabin. This is a new one on me; have others experienced it? Leaving the airport and going through customs without my luggage will feel a bit weird!
  6. We are doing those cruises in April on Discovery 2 and had the same question. Our doctor said that we need to ensure our "primary" vaccinations are up to date (basically MMR I think) along with tetanus and hepatitis A. Others are optional but are probably not needed for the usual excursions taken from ships. Best check with your own doctor, though.
  7. Funny things, cruise prices. You go on the P&O forum and you will see people complaining that P&O is now too expensive compared to other cruise lines! The truth is, you will always find bargains if you shop around. The biggest impact on pricing still seems to be school holidays. We've just booked two weeks in the Caribbean on Discovery 2 in April and as my wife teaches part time, she's changed her working days to allow us to take a few days in term time. Had we taken a similar cruise a few days earlier, the cost would have been £1,000 higher.
  8. Thanks for the tips - I'll give it a go!
  9. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I've just returned from the Carnival Legend where I tried huevos rancheros for the first time - it's pretty well unheard of in the UK! I had them in the MDR at sea-day brunch and I've been trying to find a recipe that replicates what I had. As it contained chicken I don't think it was a standard huevos rancheros recipe, for which I've found many; does anybody have a list of the ingredients?
  10. Yes, I'd forgotten about that. We too had some commentary and a moment's silence when passing Gallipoli. That was on the Thomson Celebration (as was) and the cruise director was named Bram - what a great bloke he was! As you say, appropriate music can work very well on sailaways.
  11. It was a few years ago; 2007, I think. Come to think of it, on another cruise from Venice only a couple of years back, we didn't have music.
  12. The only time I've ever come close to this was on a Thomson's cruise departing Venice. They played Italian opera and it was very moving, especially as it was getting dark and the city was lit up.
  13. More a statement than a boast, I would have said but read into it what you will.
  14. A British sailaway party when we are sailing away from Britain? Seems like too much of a good idea to me!
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