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  1. Yes, it doesn't look like there will be many people going abroad this year. I'm not even sure if we'll get a chance to go somewhere in this country; I can see guards at the Welsh and Scottish borders turning us back!
  2. TUI have a lot to answer for and I've had my fair share of problems this year but this is one where they are right. No cruise line (or any other travel company) will accept responsibility for things you booked independently. My sister's holiday to Florida was cancelled but the travel company (not TUI) wouldn't pay for the theme park tickets she had booked. If you had a poor response from their customer services team that is a different matter - and one many of us have had experience with recently - but to expect them to compensate you for your airline tickets is just pie in the sky. You still have the flights; why not book a hotel stay in Dubai instead? But don't expect the hotel to compensate you if that gets cancelled too.
  3. I fancy some of the US sailings too but I'm going to hold off booking any cruises until I'm convinced the risk is being considerably lower than it is now.
  4. He's probably the most dislikeable man in the travel industry!
  5. She did and received a very apologetic email back. Best keep the conversation to TUI now before I'm arrested!
  6. A pity they don't put this into practice. My daughter went to Tesco last week and said it was hell on Earth with no evidence of social distancing and staff standing by as people pushed and shoved their way around the store. She went to Lidl this week and said it was heaven in comparison!
  7. Thank you! It will remain in my bank account for a few months until we are quite confident the situation is as near back to normal as it ever can be!
  8. Money fully refunded and in my account. Woooo!!!
  9. Thanks . I've waited four weeks from when they first said they'd refund me. Now just another five weeks to go...
  10. Rather a mean thing to say. I've been made redundant twice and wouldn't wish it on the ordinary employees of TUI. Getting jobs after the virus business is all over will be no easy task when the Government bring in massive austerity cuts to pay for everything they are currently spending.
  11. Success - almost! I received an email from TUI yesterday to say they have authorized my refund and it will be made to the credit card I used to pay. Just need to wait for the money to come back now, and then speak to the bank to get the money from my credit card and back into my current account.
  12. Same. I've always ticked the box saying that cruise cover is required. As for refunds, I had an email from TUI on 20th March saying I would receive my refund within four weeks. Needless to say it has not yet arrived. I'm wondering if it's time to contact the credit card company.
  13. I can see this happening, or at least premiums becoming prohibitively expensive for certain age groups. Given the demographics of the typical cruise passenger, then it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts.
  14. I had an email telling me about £200 off of future cruises if I book before the end of April. I didn't want it; I want a refund and I called to ask for it. It didn't take too long to get through and I've since had an email confirming my refund and that I'll get it in 3 to 4 weeks, ie late April time. Assuming I get it, I don't think TUI have been too bad to me under the circumstances although communication could have been a bit quicker.
  15. It was well supported in our road, lots of clapping and cheering. Call me a misery but I couldn't help but think of the years of underfunding that the NHS has suffered. Let's hope their excellent work will be appreciated by more than mere claps and cheers!
  16. That's pretty much the email I had but when I called to talk about it and ask for a refund, they processed it without question. Just waiting for the money to go back into my account now.
  17. Interesting. I had an email several days ago from TUI saying my cruise is cancelled and my "refund should be processed within the next four weeks". I hope they don't use this article as an excuse to welch on their promise!
  18. Just got off from the phone - refund is on its way! It only took 13 minutes to get through which wasn't too bad, considering. I shall probably be booking another cruise with Marella at some time but I feel happier with the money in my account rather then there's.
  19. I've still got my ticket for a cancelled Foo Fighters Wembley stadium show!
  20. I've just received an email from TUI saying my cruise is cancelled (which I knew) and they'd like to offer me all sorts of options and discounts to rebook another one. I don't want that, I want my money back but that's not mentioned on the email. I suppose I've now got to spend hours on the phone to talk to an advisor to say what I want.
  21. Refunds are coming in thick and fast for the excursions and extras I've cancelled. When the cruise money is refunded I'm going to have a whacking great credit balance on my credit card!
  22. That's what I'm thinking. It also depend on what incentive they offer too. This was a two week cruise in the Caribbean so a little bit more money than a week in the Med.
  23. Just this second had a text from TUI. It's pretty standard but it confirms my cruise is cancelled and that for "customers due to travel between 20th March and 16th April we'd like to offer you the opportunity to amend your holiday to a later date if you wish." I think the sensible choice is to take a refund. In all likelihood I'll book another cruise at some point in the future but I think I'd rather my money be in my bank than there's.
  24. "British nationals should avoid all non-essential foreign travel to tackle the spread of coronavirus, the Foreign Office has advised." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51924405 No cruises for at least a month then!
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