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  1. This is reminiscent of starting businesses too early in places like Florida, Arizona and Texas and we see the results. We know why this is important to POTUS - he wants kids at school (public, not necessarily private) so parents can go to work and economy would look a bit better by Nov. The price to pay for this is irrelevant to him. We know that kids know nothing about social distancing or face coverings (heck, even most ignorant adults don't know or follow it) - they will huddle and play as kids do. They themselves may be unaffected or minimally affected but one can't say the same for teachers (who will be there to fill in for them if they get sick?). Kids will carry this "gift" home to their parents (who may take it to work) or to their grandparents who will carry it to their graves. Better to start school later and finish later. Haven't we learned about opening too soon?
  2. Let's hope it all works out for you.
  3. ???? 1/2 of posters on this thread are from UK - do they not count?
  4. Well said FF. We would have suffered only once - although severely and for longer - but would still be better off than we are now going in endless circles of suffering with no end in sight. In essence, that is what 99% of the countries that managed the pandemic well did (Sweden being an exception but not a very successful one). In Denmark, for example, government guaranteed 75% of salaries for those companies that kept their employees and paid them 25% (or was it v.v.) What did we do with our tax payers' money? We gave millions to companies of Jared Kushner and Kanye West and some others like them (because they desperately needed it -sarcasm) while many other small businesses that really needed it were left out in the cold.
  5. Maybe not here on CC but is there some association of British TAs where they can be complained about?
  6. Well, it’s a bit different in a sense that the CC I used(Citi) over a year ago is now closed. Even though it is closed now, they are the ones who filed the dispute. Not sure how Crystal’s refund will be handled by the the bank or Crystal. Probably Crystal will try to send the money back and Citi will send me a check? In either case, I will know when the money was refunded by Crystal.
  7. Glad it worked for you and Carole - not for me so far. I filed the dispute on 6/27 and was told that the merchant has till 8/23 to reply. I was given conditional credit but NOT a refund.
  8. How does one contact the new president (or his office) - does anyone know?
  9. It depends on when the ship leaves. If you disembark at 8AM, have a guide wait for you, you can be in Bath by 10 AM. You can see a lot in 5 hours and leave at 3 PM. If your ship sails at 5PM, that's a different story.
  10. Spend the day in beautiful Bath (if you haven't been there already). Or get tickets for Highclere Castle 🙂 Salisbury with the Magna Carta is close by as well.
  11. St. Lucia may not care but every person in the Terrace should care.
  12. It's a very personal decision. Things may quiet down by then or we may have a second wave. Most importantly, how much risk are you willing to take in relation to your personal health.'. Only you have the answer to that. Personally, I am hoping for the best but not booking anything till there is an effective vaccine/drug for this - but that's just me. Others - Susiesan - is practically anxious to get it so she can have antibodies. That shouldn't be very hard if she is serious about it 🙂
  13. RJB & TB - I have great news for you and I know that you'll be very happy about this because you would have missed me greatly .😀 I was all packed to move to Qatar until I saw this. Close call
  14. You said it better in one sentence what I tried to say in a paragraph
  15. I have a friend who lives in Slovakia - many people have not even heard of this country. Yet, they wrote the book on how to deal with COVID - wish we had been as smart. I am envious. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-28/european-nation-with-least-virus-deaths-proves-speed-is-key It might be easy to say that they only have 5.5 M people - it was easy for them. But a small country like that has proportionately fewer medical staff, med. facilities, supplies, funds, etc, etc. But had the right leadership at the right time and apparently people smart enough to follow the advice of experts. We are supposed to be the richest country with best medical resources,best scientists, etc, etc, etc but apparently lots of dumb people.
  16. Right - I had a heart attack and my neighbor was in septic shock but we thought we'd better wait because we were too scared to be treated. Great plan, except - A quote from local papers: Texas Medical Center hospitals go into Phase 2 surge plans as ICU capacity exceeds 100 percent With the number of intensive-care patients now exceeding capacity, Texas Medical Center hospitals have begun implementing COVID-19 surge plans that leaders thought might not be necessary after numbers fell far short of projections in April and May.
  17. OK - some of those patients didn’t really belong to the ICU - the hospital just put them ther to make more money (sarcasm). Whom do you want to throw out of that ICU Dr.Deadzone - it’s your call. Your next call will be that you need more than the 3 ECMOs that you have. How will you decide who gets one and who doesn’t? That’s even if you decided To throw a heart attack patient out of iCU to make room for a COVID patient.
  18. See my post #46 above. Maybe they didn't actually flip a coin but in essence they did - they had to choose whom to save and whom they could not due to lack of ECMO machines. Are Houston and Phoenix now in SoCal? There are plenty of hospitals all over the country that are not at 100% capacity and have few COVID patients (for now) - that helps very little to those that are.. I don't know where in SoCal you live but these are the top counties in CA in number of cases (all in SoCal) 71% of CA cases are in So Cal and 17% in NorCal. Imperial county is not listed but is next and is also in SoCal. Location Confirmed Deaths Los Angeles County 117K +1,577 3,534 +47 Riverside County 21,511 486 Orange County 19,430 366 San Diego County 17,063 387 San Bernardino County 15,345 269
  19. What I saw on the news last night from Houston is that several ICU destined patients had to stay in the ER as the ICU was full. Even though you are not a physician you will appreciate that the care one receives in ER is not one would in an ICU. Several patients needed to go on ECMO but they only had 3 of them - the unlucky ones will probably die. I am sure all of this is "fake news". Maybe POTUS should watch a little more of that coverage rather than gets all his medical news from Tucker Carlson.
  20. I think I'll move to Qatar first thing in the morning.
  21. Instead I think the doctors should flip coins who will live and who will die. That is what they are doing now as they cannot accommodate everyone. I wish you or yours would pick the right side of the coin if it ever came to it.
  22. Houston, the 4th largest city in US, built all their hospitals for only 1% of their population - scr*w the other 99%. BTW, Houston has THE largest Med Ctr in US but only for 1% of the "lucky" Houstonians. Ditto for many other hospitals all over the country. Poor planning (sarcasm emoji). I think all new built hospitals should be built for at least 1.5% of their population - just in case. (sarcasm emoji - I wish I could find it)
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