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  1. He must have done something right - look where NYC Is now compared to Florida.
  2. I am flying my flag proudly today and any other holiday and wearing my mask every time I am out.
  3. I agree. Yet nobody wore them in Tulsa, Phoenix or Mt. Rushmore from the speaker on down. Do you for a moment believe that everyone at Mt, Rushmore was local? They came from all over bringing their "gifts" with them and others took those gifts back wherever they came from.
  4. That is true - we all tend to go by our own experiences. Are you waiting for a Crystal refund? If so, how long. Did any of your friends have to wait over 120 days on ANY cruise line? Percentage-wise, how much did Princess refund at 90 days vs what you are waiting for now?
  5. Pinot, We have often disagreed on these boards. In fact, I would say we more often disagree than we do agree. Despite that, I never considered you or your posts ignorant. That apparently comes to an end with this post. In fact, it goes beyond ignorant – whatever that may be. How could you possibly be outraged that EU does not want US travelers now. It’s not you personally they do not want – it’s us stupid, ignorant Americans that they do not want. A candidate said 3 ½ years ago that the whole world is laughing at us. That was not true then but it surely is now and deservedly so. Look at how we totally scr**wed up the response to COVID. Just look at this from Johns Hopkins: https://www.gzeromedia.com/the-graphic-truth-two-different-pandemics-eu-vs-us-coronavirus-cases-spike-28-june Do you want another mind boggling stat? China, all of SE Asia, Australia, NZ and all of EU have 26 Billion people (that’s Billion with a B) and Florida has a little over 10 Million (that’s Million with an M). Florida experienced over 10K new cases in a day while the 26 B people a little more than 6K. Can you even imagine that? And that’s Florida only – we are not talking Texas, Arizona, CA, etc Why in the world would people of EU who suffered and sacrificed SO much to get a hold on this virus now want us to bring them another wave of suffering? That is like us inviting citizens of Wuhan, Northern Italy and Spain to come and visit us at their height of pandemic (which at the height was nowhere near as bad as ours is now with no end in sight). How can you not see that? PS As far as I am concerned, everyone that posted a like to your post falls in the same bag with you. Does this mean that you will no longer buy French wine and "spend my obvious filthy dollars, via my unsanitary credit cards, at home here in the States" on wines other than those from EU or SA wines 😀 😀 Somehow I doubt that - "the corporal punishment edit and political jab" isn't that strong when it comes to things you like.
  6. You are my hero (sarcasm emoji). I can't believe the enormous sacrifice you are making for America - keep up your patriotic duty no matter how difficult it may be.. (another sarcasm emoji)
  7. You are right - I do prefer Oceania to Crystal based on my one Crystal cruise. Obvioously I was willing to try them again as I booked a Jan cruise. I received 3 deposits from Oceania (each of $1500) in 43 days and 1 fully paid cruise in 53 days. I feel that they showed me some respect by doing that. Here we have Crystal that someone said Genting has plenty of funds but they refuse to refund money before 120 days (if that). What kind of customer service is that? Is that what people call luxury? ETA - Viking river returned 2 of my deposits in THREE days; American cruises in 1 month; Princess in 60 days. Why can't Crystal come even close to that? All cruise lines are busy, have reduced staff and every other excuse Crystal is using yet they get it done.
  8. Well said - congrats! It's not very often that people get 10 "likes" for a post and you deserved all of them and then some.
  9. Good news Roger - happy sailing.
  10. Some people would call that throwing good money after bad. I would be one of those people. First the least I expect from them is to pay me back what they owe me and then I just might "loan" them some more of my money for free (for at least 2 years).
  11. I am glad you said it instead of me. 1) there will be no cruise in October 2) I would not give them 1 CENT before they had the decency to refund what they owe me
  12. As I cancelled before SB did, I was not expecting money back for the cruise itself - only FCC (which I got). I also got money back for excursions and taxes (finally) and now I will fight to get money back for air changes which they approved but want to pay back in FCC instead of cash.
  13. I have tried that but it’s not their problem. For example, when we had to cancel our Cathay flights via HKG, I had to buy a few extra miles(about $2k worth) to get a Qantas award flight direct to Brisbane. The credit card denied that claim - rightfully so- because AA/Qantas delivered what I paid for. It is SB that promised to compensate us for unexpected air expenses associated with the cruise (& changes).
  14. MQ - thank you. I will try to elevate it as high as I can.
  15. Thanks Dave. I would not even consider small claims court even if I were an attorney. The fact that I am done with SB is a given (after and if I get to use my FCC). While I don't necessarily believe that "a customer is always right" I DO believe that you have to treat a customer fairly and with respect if you expect them to return. That was not a feeling I got from SB this time around during the entire process (compared to some other lines like Oceania).
  16. You are right about that - they do control the purse strings. Before we cancelled the cruise we got a notice that passengers flying in via HKG will not be admitted on the ship (we had Cathay flights) - so we changed those - no choice in that. Then SB changed the itinerary and instead of ending in Bali it ended in Darwin - again if we took the cruise we would have to change our return flights. As it skipped several ports that we were interested in we finally cancelled. This is the notice we got from SB (highlighting mine): We understand this is not the cruise vacation you anticipated, and some guests may prefer not to travel at this time. Should you choose to defer your travel and cancel your cruise you will receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit (excluding independent travel expenses) for the base cruise fare paid that can be used on a replacement cruise that sails within 12 months. The terms and conditions of this Future Cruise Credit are listed below. You will also receive a full refund of any Seabourn pre- or post-cruise hotel packages or transfers, prepaid shore excursions and amenities purchased through Seabourn, and taxes, fees, and port expenses back to the original form of payment. We recognize that these changes may cause you to incur other unexpected expenses, such as air change fees. Reimbursement of reasonable non-refundable expenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A Change Fee Reimbursement Form is available at http://*****/SBN_CHGFEE; please complete this form and submit it, along with any relevant receipts and documentation, for review by our corporate office. If you purchased SeabournShield® or independent vacation travel insurance, please submit your claim through your carrier before submitting a reimbursement request. This specifies that the cruise fare will be compensated with FCC but no such statement is made about other unexpected expenses, such as air change fees. Quite the opposite - it states that "you will receive a 100% FCC for the base cruise fare paid (excluding independent travel expenses") So unexpected expensee, such as air change fees will be consider on a case-by-case basis but are not part of FCC for base cruise fare. That is how I am reading it (as a lay person).
  17. Thanks Kevin, I think I will pursue this as it is a fair amount of money and I believe the facts are in my favor. I can see why they would prefer to pay back in FCC but it should be treated as extra expense (not cruise fare) and thus refundable to CC. They have accepted responsibility for that expense - if that had been denied it would have been the end of it.
  18. Well, the point is that they have "accepted" the responsibility for our extra expenses associated with flight changes we had to make (like avoiding HKG) before we cancelled the flight. They had a special form to claim such expenses and they approved our expenses. I just don't see why we would be compensated in FCC when we paid extra for these in cash (much like for excursions which were not refunded in FCC but in refund to CC).
  19. Thank you both (and others that had to listen to me for all this time). Now I have another question to which I would like to get an honest, unbiased answer. I cancelled our 30 day cruise on 2/27 - a little before SB did. At that time there were no other options for me but a 100% FCC for the cost of the cruise. I would have preferred a refund but I understood the terms & the rules and whether I liked them or not, I accepted them. Since then I received a refund to my CC for excursion (pretty promptly) and finally the taxes and fees to my CC. They also offered a compensation for air fare changes. I filled out the required form and submitted it. With a minor deduction they accepted my claim of $2,447 ($240 less than what I claimed). That part was OK with me but they are offering that amount in FCC instead of refund to my CC. In my opinion this is an extra expense more akin to excursions and not really part of a cruise fare. I believe that I should receive that amount refunded to my CC rather than FCC - especially as they had no objection to the amount of my claim. Am I right or am I off on this? This is not a matter I can dispute with the CC as SB accepted responsibility for that amount but wants to repay in FCC. I think that they are wrong. What say you? TIA
  20. Fingers & toes crossed - hurry up 😀
  21. Maybe they are not as sure about the Dec sailing as they are about Jan sailing?
  22. I know I should know this but what is PIF an acronym for? Final Payment?
  23. Thank you both - glad it’s oveer Way too much effort and time had to be devoted to this relatively simple matter. Shame on SB. It’s hard to be thankfull that something that should have been taken care of promptly - especially as wE cancelled on 2/27, probably among the very first people - took 124 days.
  24. Our deposits were returned much faster than the full fare - less money and less complicated.
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