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  1. Well, I guess we are still batting close enough to 1000 😀
  2. Looks like unbearable hardship 😀 That's the entree - the app & dessert plates are smaller.
  3. OK - you want some COVID stories? I have a few: A Texas hospital says a patient who was a healthy young man died from coronavirus after attending a “COVID” party. The unidentified 30-year-old man died at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, according to the hospital’s top doctor, Jane Appleby. “This is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the COVID virus, and the thought is people get together to see if the virus is real and if anyone gets infected,” Appleby said, NBC 4 San Antonio reported Friday. “Just before the person died they looked at the nurse and they said, ‘I think I made a mistake. I thought it was a hoax but it's not,” she said, according to the station. Appleby said the hospital is treating other COVID-19 patients in their 20s and 30s who are “severely ill,” the station reported. Where do you think this young man got the idea that COVID is a hoax? Take a wild guess. There are other stories like this one (in the South, needless to say): https://www.foxnews.com/us/tuscaloosa-covid-parties Then we are wondering why we are where we are with this virus. PS Dr Deadzone - are you reading this about the young people?
  4. Good point. We always decide early in the day knowing the menus in other restaurants and our program for the day. Also, while you may order from any specialty restaurant, the entire dinner that night is to be from the same restaurant. The exception might be a combination from Polo & Toscana as they share the same kitchen.
  5. What is your tolerance level - when are you willing to resume cruising? Vaccine, drug therapy, much fewer cases?
  6. I don't feel that way - certainly not extremely cramped. The butler places a table top on the small table and when the food is served course by course it is certainly manageable - for us anyway. The trade-off if not able to get an extra reservation at Jacques or not wanting to dress for dinner after a long day out is worth the trade-off for us.
  7. Seems that they have been more cooperative than most?
  8. Roger, sorry to hear about all your problems. I think somehow - don't know how - it has to do with UK or UK TAs. I got THREE deposits of $1500 each in 43 days and our May fully paid cruise in 53 days. I do hope things will work out for you in the end. Working with Amex can only help - let them do the "heavy lifting" for you.
  9. This comes in handy when you want but cannot get extra reservations in your specialty restaurant beyond your minimum. For us it is Jacques and sometimes we do that. Also, on a long day of touring, you may just want to clean up and relax and dine en-suite in your robe. Sometimes when I know they will be serving one of our favorite desserts at afternoon tea but we will be off the ship, we'll ask the butler to get some for us for later.
  10. Send me an email at Paulpepper at comcast dot net
  11. Well, it seems that people had a LOT to say about COVID on other threads - hopefully this one will come alive sooner or later.
  12. As has been suggested by Lyn, this may be the proper place to discuss any topic related to COVID-19 rather than mixing it into other threads.
  13. As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say - Never mind 😀 Then all of the above info applies.
  14. You left out the most important part - what ship? PH on R class ships are very different from PHs on O class ships. That said, all PH are nicer than regular cabins but not all PHs are created equal.
  15. In fact, I would discuss the possibility of transferring the booking to Oceania. I know It would be hard to transfer to another agent at this point as the new agent would not earn the comisssion. Oceania may not care about this.
  16. So does ultraviolet and Clorox & Lysol - have a cocktail or an IV drip followed by a colonoscopy with ultraviolet light - it comes highly recommended by someone.
  17. ???? 1/2 of posters on this thread are from UK - do they not count?
  18. Maybe not here on CC but is there some association of British TAs where they can be complained about?
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